Mood to Merge App Review – Legit or Fake? Full Details Here!

mood to merge app reivewWelcome to Mood to Merge app review!

You may have found Mood to Merge, a match-3 game that supposedly let players receive cash directly to their PayPal account.

In one of the video ad, they entice people with the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars just by combining emojis.

I know excited about it and willing to reach the cashout requirement as soon as possible. But at the same time, you don’t want to fall flat on your face. 

That’s why you are here and wondering – is Mood Merge legit? Does it pay or not? Keep reading as I will reveal everything you need to know about this game below!

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Mood to Merge App Review


  • Name: Mood to Merge
  • Developer: funnytaskst
  • Eligibility: Wordwide
  • Payout threshold: $300
  • Overall rating: 1/5


What is Mood to Merge?


Mood to Merge is a match-3 puzzle game developed by an individual or company based in Shanghai, China.

The entity presents itself as “Prize Games”, but there is no other information about it except the trading and email address in the Privacy Policy page.

The developer also operates other popular “money” games such as Merge Emoji and Block Legend.

There is nothing new Mood To Merge. The game mimics candy crush, but instead of matching candies, players match emoji icons.


With so many similar competitors on Google Play, they try to go viral by saying users can earn cash and even an iPhone.


How Does Mood to Merge Work? 

Mood to Merge is available on Google Play for people in all countries.

You will get a check in bonus of $10 right after launching the game and tapping the “collect” button.

They show you all the cash rewards if you play the game for consecutive days. For example, there is a prize of $100 on the 7th day.

Just wipe your finger to move a cartoon and match at least 3 identical emojis. Whenever you put the same cartoons side by side, they will merge and form one higher-level emoji.

mood to merge gameplay

Mood to Merge awards you virtual PayPal cards whenever you accomplish multiple merges (combo).

The first time you do, you can just tap “Collect” to get credited. But the following cash rewards can only be added to your balance after you watch a video ad.

There are three tools available when you feel stuck. For example, you can use up arrow to increase the level of an emoji or the hammer to eliminate any of them.


Earn Coins

Mood to Merge awards coins for completing simple tasks, spinning the wheel, and inviting friends.

For example, if a person installs the app through your link or invite code, you will get 800 coins. In turn, your friends will win 300 coins if they input your invitation code.


Once you have enough coins, you can redeem for PayPal, and gift cards depending on your country.


Big Prize

Mood to Merge also allows you to collect puzzle pieces to win an iPhone 12 Pro. You need to collect 100 fragments by signing in or playing the Lucky Spin.


How Do You Get Paid? 

You need at least $300 to cash out via PayPal. However, you can also redeem different amounts up to $3,000.


Once you reach the payout threshold, tap the amount and insert your PayPal email.

Coins can supposedly be exchanged for cash rewards, too. You need to select your nation and choose the payment method available in your country.

For example, in Brazil, you can redeem R$40 once you collect 225,000 coins.


Is Mood to Merge Legit? Does it Pay? 


I cannot make any accusation here without solid proof, but I strongly believe you won’t receive any money.

This belief is based on my knowledge and experience testing hundreds of similar games over the last 3 years.

Mood to Merge will make it extremely hard to reach $300 because the goals is to get you to watch as many ads as possible.

But there are usually two outcomes when playing these games. They will either stop giving virtual dollars when you are close to $300, or they will simply ignore your payment request.


Mood to Merge may let you cash out and you will get “transaction success”, but they won’t transfer any money to your PayPal account. It’s outrageous!

To make matters worse, the developer has launched Mood to Merge as “Early access”, meaning users cannot publish honest reviews on Google Play.

So, in order to find feedback from players, I had to check the comment section of some YouTube videos.

One player said the money stopped before $450, but when he tried to redeem $400, it said he had to watch 150 ads. To his disappointment, the ad count reset when he had watched 100 videos. WTF?




Don’t play Mood to Merge with the expectation to withdraw money to PayPal. The developer doesn’t seem to pay anyone because he has no obligation to do so!

The virtual dollars collected in the game have no monetary value, and you have no right to demand payment transactions.

In other words, the developer can ignore your existence while filling up his pockets with advertising revenue.

These game developers from the other side of the world don’t deserve your time and ad views. If you want to play a game for fun, give preference to apps that don’t offer any cash incentives.

Verdict: Not Recommended


Final Words

Thank you for reading my Mood to Merge app review. I hope it helps!


So, what are your thoughts about this game? Are you waiting for the payment? Let us know in the comment box below!



25 thoughts on “Mood to Merge App Review – Legit or Fake? Full Details Here!”

  1. Yes they definitely do not pay out…I racked up to several hundred and redeemed at multiple levels ranging from 300 to 1000, after redeeming it says it will send you money in 4 days but will not be activated until you watch so many adds… The 1000 dollar one is like 500 adds. The 300 one is only like 150, which i completed in a few hours and i kept wracking up money to redeem. After completing the adds it said wait gor timer to run out and then after it did it just changed to now requiring to watch 500 ads and waiting another 10 days… So it is fake. I am not understanding how they do not have to honor pay requests when they promise it unless they do not have similar laws here in the USA cause if you pulled that here you would be hit with all kinds of lawsuits…

  2. I’m still waiting for my $1200 I cashed in and my $10 in coins pay out. Been two months. Totally fake. Gonna look into a lawsuit

    1. HI Bill, thank you for sharing. I am sure your comment helps raise awareness into how these apps work. People need more information to understand the disadvantages of playing these games.

      1. I agree, I should be paid out for several thousands of Dollars and watching all the required ads, and instead of a payout, all I get is. Failure. written in the comments, and underneath. Failure for some reason.
        No explanation, nothing.

    2. Ive been waiting for $3500. That says sending. Will receive when possible. Did u file a lawsuit cause that’s what i want to do, but know which attorney that would take the lawsuit. Any suggestions would be gladdly appreciated.

  3. I’m currently waiting on a 300 pay out filled all add requirements so I’ll update in 92 hrs is up we will see. I also say at points like this is where the app store need to step up and take credit and not let developers make false content like scam apps. I use google play I do know of a couple of games where they do pay out but it’s small ranging from .50 to 20 Dollar like gold miner or the scratcher lucky day that has real prizes

    1. I know they are telling me that I can cash out too for Amazon and PayPal, but they have not is also another game called gem merge and they also think you can cash out too and it’s early access to people and you can get iPhone if you get the puzzle pieces but they have not cashed out either they said I have so many people ahead of me and then it tells me I failed so please do not download this game either

  4. Cynthia C Allen

    I played this game and watched a couple hundred videos for the $300 payout. I continued to watch those videos until it actually said that my payment was transferred to my Paypal account. It said to check my PayPal account and the money would be there but it is not. It’s going on 12 hours so we’ll wait and see, but I doubt it will show up..

    1. HI, Cynthia

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that, but I also doubt you will get this payment from the Mood to Merge app. They made you watch hundreds of ads to profit from you, but now, they just ignore your payment request and keep the profits for themselves. That’s how it works!

  5. Patrick Mormant

    Hi Patrick l was waiting to hit over a 1000 and it still say sending… thanks for the comment. l know its not real.

  6. I supposedly won the following amounts
    I Got ABSOLUTELY Nothing to my PayPal
    Account. THIS A SCAM YOU GET NOTHING. on four of my “winnings” it said failure something didn’t go right. Write and leave negative reviews until your paid or they send the money.

    1. Im currently waiting for over $2000. It was around $13000 but i never fulfiled ad requirements so those said failed. however i do have several that are pending, 2 that are verifying and 2 that are apparently sending… if i actually receive any then i will let you know

  7. It does not pay out, definitely fake.
    I played until collected my $ 1000 watched ads, then watch another 50 ads for an immediate withdrawal and all I got was a big written __ failure.
    A disappointment and all lies.
    Don’t waste your time.

    1. Fake. I have 3 pending and 3 verifying payout to paypal and when the timer gets below 40 hours it hard 100 more hours to the counter and all of my cashouts to Amazon failed for some unknown reason even though I completed the requirement. I have left cont as ct after contact to the developers with no response. Does anyone know how to contact Google play maybe doing so will get the app removed.

  8. I’m So P*ssed Off, I Did Everything They Asked, Including Watching Over 200 Videos, Then My Money Was Pending, Then Processing, Then A Big Fat Failure, Because They Decided To Add Another 150 Videos Without Telling Me Until It Said FAILURE!!! I Was Supposed To Get Over $15,000!!! DONT PLAY THIS GAME, THEY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM INTERNET!!

  9. yep told me the same thing, and i had more pay offs than you. i’ve been playing a few games for a few months, and haven’t gotten anything from any of them, this is not right. when i try to collect and they say, something went wrong, what went wrong is that they dont want to pay, and ive spent a lot of time on these games. do any of you know what games pay out? if so, could you pls let me kmow, im 60 years of age, and i love playing these games, but if they aren’t going to pay me, ill find other games that will if i can, Thx for all your comments. i have 852.77 for amazon 2,452.84 paypal and 7,122 with the coins, and i have to watch a video after every single play, so ive watched to many videos this is SICK

    1. Hi Mary, it feels great to know you are earning money while playing games but most of the time, it’s just an illusion. Try an application called JustPlay.
      They connect you with third-party games that actualy pay!

  10. pls let me know what games do pay out if there is any Thx for your comments and time everyone i Appreciate your replys.

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