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Is Trunited a Scam or a Legit Business Opportunity?

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You discovered an opportunity to get paid for shopping at brand sites you love, but you are very skeptical of it. I am talking about a website called Trunited. Is Trunited a Scam or legit?

In this review, I will expose how everything works and give my honest opinion about this site. So, get informed before you join.

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Trunited Review


  • Name: Trunited
  • Websites: /
  • Founder: Nicolas Porter
  • Price: Free to join. BUT you must pay $99/year to qualify for payment.
  • Overall Rating:  2/5


What is Trunited?


Trunited is a website that offers cash back (e-currency) when you purchase products at online stores through the platform.

Earning cash back is made possible because the site earns commissions every time people click on their links and buy the products. The commissions are then passed on to customers as cashback incentives.

It differs from other sites like BeFrugal, Quidco, and Topcashback, in that it adopts the concept of socialized commerce. This means money is distributed among those who shop and invite (refer) more people to join Trunited. is the creation of Dr. Nicolas Porter (Dr. Nico), who established the company in 2016.


How Does Trunited Work?

Hold tight because it’s a bit complicated!

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You can buy almost anything you need through the platform, as it connects you with many popular brands, including Amazon, Walmart, and Groupon.

As I said, these companies will pay a commission to Trunited every time members purchase the products. They say 100% of all the profits are paid back to the participants through a profit pool.

Trunited is free to join, but I discovered a catch in one of their videos on Youtube. Before I get into that, you must know the compensation structure called Pay Plan 360.


The Pay Plan 360

The compensation structure is similar to an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. The difference is that you earn a commission from your downline (people you refer to) and from all the purchases made by the entire network.

But how is the money distributed?

They use an algorithm to calculate your earnings, which will be proportional to how much commerce you, your downline, and the entire network generates.

Each product is assigned a reward point value, which is determined according to the size of its contribution to the piggy bank.

So, the higher the commission a vendor pays Trunited for a particular product, the higher the reward point value you will get for purchasing that product.

One thing I don’t like about Trunited is they haven’t made the algorithm public. At least, I haven’t found it on the official website or in any of the YouTube videos on their channel.


You Will Have to Qualify and Pay a Membership Fee

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You can sign up for free and use the platform to buy products and invite others. During this time, you are considered a customer.

However, you can only get paid from the piggy bank every month if you go from being a customer to a contributor. And to qualify for that, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up for and purchase an item on (no minimum order)
  2. Invite at least one person who must buy at least one product.

Then, after you qualify, you must pay a $99 annual fee.

It’s a bit strange because, in another video, the owner claims that Trunited is a not-for-profit business. But, at the same time, there is no explanation for what this money is used for. Is it all going to cover the business expenses? I really don’t know.


Terms and Conditions

Have you read Trunited’s terms and conditions? Well, I did, and I must confess it worries me a LOT.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

We do not warrant that the results that may be obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable.

You agree that from time to time we may remove the service for indefinite periods of time or cancel the service at any time, without notice to you.

We are not responsible if information made available on this site is not accurate, complete or current

TOS like these create distrust because they explicitly say that they do not warrant that the results will be accurate and reliable.


Final Thoughts – Is Trunited a Scam?

I don’t believe Trunited is a scam. However, considering the foggy compensation structure and the unfriendly T&C, I still don’t feel confident enough to join and promote this business opportunity.

Also, I don’t like that I have to refer other people and pay a membership fee to be eligible for cashback and commissions.

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Thanks for checking out my honest Trunited review. You can ask in the comment section just below if you have any questions.

Stay safe!

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