1. Thanks for your comment Pedro. IN my opinion, plug-in profit site does not offer a good value for money for those who want to create a profitable business. I mean, you don’t need to pay for either hosting or domain until you decide that you really want to work on your site for the long term. In the meantime, you can create as much content as you want, which will be available on Google and Yahoo.All the best stefan

    1. Hi,

      PPIS is not a scam and it is real free.

      Why? Because Stone give you website and downline builder for free.

      But if you start doing business you must invers money for promote it.

      PIPS gives you tools and advice on how to start your profitable business.

      and where did you see the business without investment?
      And why did you decide that someone should pay for you for hosting costs, domain name, etc.?

      No need to lie to all and mislead the newcomers, who are already so difficult to understand online business …

      God see everything!

      Best regards,

      1. No, I haven’t seen any business without investment, but the sales page is clear when it says:

        “I also give you free hosting for your website, so you’ll never need to worry about paying any hosting fees!”

        So, how do you explain that?

        Not only that, people will be encouraged to buy products from MLM companies so they can promote the same products to other people. There is no need to partner with these companies and pay a high price to become an affiliate. There are many free affiliate programs out there.

        I am not lying. This is my honest opinion about Plugin Profit Site. It’s not right to make people think they will start making money quickly with a ready-made site with shallow content. It takes a lot of time and effort to make money online, and you know that because you are a blogger as well.

        So, why do you come to my blog and tell I am a lier?

  2. Trying to find out what was this program about. I’m lucky I found your site. A good advice is that before purchasing anything on the internet, you should investigate it first.

    I’m currently looking for legit programs to work online, can you let me know which do you recommend?

    Thanks for putting this information online.

    1. Hi Kevin, I am glad to help you out. In my opinion, the best way to start make money online is to create a website and promote products as an affiliate. You will make commissions from many companies and this can build up to a full-time income. The best place to educate yourself and build your business is Wealthy Affiliate. They offer an excellent step by step training program that will put you on the right track to succeed. Everything you need for your business is there – hosting, website builder, keyword research tool, not to mention the unique and supportive community of thousands of other online entrepreneurs. I hope that helps, but feel free to contact me if you need more help. All the bestStefan

  3. James, it’s really hard to resist especially if people are in a really difficult financial situation. In my opinion, Plug-in Profit site is very ineffective as the ready-made website doesn’t provide much value in terms of content, and therefore, it can’t rank on Google. So, people have no choice but invest in paid advertising or promote it on social media. Paid advertising is risky if you are not experienced marketer and as for social media, well, you will need to work hard to build a big audience and trust.

  4. Yes, I 100% agree. It’s actually just promoting through him, he’s makes money off your site. I have signed up for MLM and paid for trafficking. I have been doing this 1 year. I’ve made NOTHING!!!!!!!!! Not a penny. I believe that without a padlock on your website, obviously people will not consider. I’ve SSL, but no padlock. He does offer support, but it’s minimal, unless you pay up for co-op. It’s funny I was just fixin to Blog on my site regarding this exact topic. I am in an abusive relationship and need to get out, I was hoping that I would be able to make just enough that I can survive on my own in this economy. A year later, I’m still here. The beggars on the corners of every intersection make more money begging than I do bustin my ass or with this PIPS website. So disappointed. I do have another website, but I don’t know how to add products on it, so it’s under construction to say the least. If you’re broke, this is NOT beneficial to you. You’re better off promoting affiliate links on FB! Just sayin. I don’t feel so alone now. Thanks Stefan!

    1. Hi Michelle, I feel for you Michelle, and trust me you are not alone in this journey. Many people are lead to believe that making money online is quick and easy but it isn’t. There is no such thing as setting up your site and start making money overnight. You need traffic that converts, and you can only build traffic by providing value over a long period of time. In my case, I write reviews that rank on Google, but I promote another program that taught me how to get high rankings and scale my business. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform where you can connect with many online entrepreneurs and get support 24/7. They will give a realistic approach to building your online business and give you proper training to achieve your goals. No hype and false promises!

  5. Hi i want t give My honest comment about pips as a member of it.what i can say that pips is not a SCAM,what make difficult our succes is that pips provides MLM program that
    seem to be useless such as traffic authority that does not realy deliver traffic.
    The idea of pips is very good but we need more succès Story

  6. i been doing affiliate marketing many years , its not as easy as what the landing page makes it sound

    if I were the seller myself I would be too busy making money then sharing it with the public and selling it for 10+ bucks

    affiliate marketing is not easy work , hard work , time put in .

    but with the right tools , good traffic sources and willing to pay customers , then u will have a great affiliate business

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