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Is Inspired Opinions a Scam? Check Out My Honest Review

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is inspired opinions a scamIn this article, I would like to talk about a survey panel operated by Schlesinger Associates. Is Inspired Opinions a scam or a reliable website?

I decided to perform a thorough research and give you my honest opinion. So, let’s check it ou!

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Inspired Opinions Review

  • Platform: Inspired Opinions
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Business Type: Online Survey
  • Score: 6.7/10


What is Inspired Opinions? 

Inspired Opinions is a survey panel owned by Schlesinger Associates, a reputable marketing research firm with offices in the United States and Europe.

As a member, you will be invited to participate in marketing research studies and share your opinions in three different ways:

  • Online Surveys (from your laptop anywhere in the world)
  • Face-to-face focus groups (US residents only)
  • Telephone surveys
  • Webcam surveys

By participating in marketing research studies, you can make some extra cash while helping companies shape the development of new products and services.


Pros & Cons


  • Free to join.
  • There are different and more profitable types of marketing research studies available (focus groups, webcam surveys, telephone surveys).


  • Low-income potential.
  • There are not many surveys available.
  • It can difficult to qualify.
  • Paypal is not accepted. The only way to redeem your points is through gift cards.


How Does it Work? 

The signup is free and very quick. You just have to answers a few basic questions as well as choose the type of survey you want to be considered for and the location to participate in person.

choose the type of research

There are currently 15 local facilities to choose from in the United States.

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You should also complete your profile, which allows the company to match specific surveys to your demographics and interests.

After that, you just have to wait for new survey invitation via email or your Inspired Opinions account.

According to many user reviews, you should expect to get very few of surveys opportunities from this company. 2 per week will be considered A LOT!

Look. I just signed up and saw an empty dashboard. There are no surveys to get started with!

no surveys available


Completing Online Surveys and Earning Points

Before you complete a paid survey, you have to answer pre-qualification questions and be accepted. As you already know, these questions are unpaid and will certainly make you waste lots of time.

PaidViewPoint is one of the few survey panels that rewards you for every single question. So, you might what to check that out!

Inspired Opinions uses a point system in which 100 points equates to $1. If you live in the UK, 100 points = £1. Your points will never expire as long as you complete at least one survey per year.

Marketing research companies pay less than the minimum wage for such an easy task. So, don’t expect to make more than 150 points ($1.50) per survey.

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Focus Groups

Focus Groups will always pay much more than online surveys. The reason being that you will have to spend 1 or 2 hours participating in a personal interview with a group of people.

It’s a much more valuable experience both for the participant and the marketing research company.

You can get paid over $100 for each study. However, there are not so many opportunities available, and it can be even harder to qualify than online surveys.

So, if you want to take advantage of more focus groups, you should register with lots of companies and make sure they are close to where you live.


Cashing Out

You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards once you have reached 1000 points. 

It’s not possible to use Paypal as a payment method, which is very disappointing! Not everyone who takes surveys wants to spend their money on products they don’t need.


Final Thoughts

Inspiring Opinion is a legit survey panel, but it doesn’t look very inspiring!

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One of the best survey platforms that I recommend is PrizeRebel. So, you might want to check that out!

It can be a great opportunity for people who take part in focus groups, but the prospects are not very good for online survey takers. The payout is discouraging and doesn’t give you the motivation to keep coming for more.

Verdict: Legit


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So, have you tried Inspired Opinions? What do you think about it? Feel free to share your experience with us!

See you next time!


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