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Gift Hunter Club Review – Hunt For Something Bigger!

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Gift Hinter Club reviewIn this review, I would like to talk about another GPT (get-paid-to) platform called Gift Hunter Club.

I am going to walk you through the different ways to make money with this site and give you my honest opinion about them.

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Gift Hunter Club Review

  • Product Name: Gift Hunter Club
  • Website:
  • Price: FREE
  • Business Type: GPT – get paid to complete surveys, offers, and simple tasks
  • Owner: Innovative Hall Media Technologies SL
  • Score: 7.5/10


What is Gift Hunter Club?


Gift Hunter Club is a platform where members can complete surveys, offers and simple tasks in exchange for points. After you earn the minimum amount of points required, you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

The website is very similar to more popular platforms like Swagbucks and Cashcrate. You will find many third party companies involved in this business, but the good thing is that the payment is centralized.

This means that you will take surveys from company X and company Y, but the points from both surveys will fall into one account – Your Gift Hunter Club account.


Pros & Cons


  • Free to join.
  • There are lots of surveys and trial offers available.
  • The minimum cashout requirement is only $2.
  • Earn 75 as sign up bonus.
  • Centralized earnings.



  • Low-income potential.
  • It uses a point-based reward system.
  • Both video and radio option don’t work.


How Does It Work? 


The Point System 

The first thing I need to talk about is the point based system.

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Some GPT platforms like to give you points, and Gift Hunter Club is one of them. To be honest, I hate points!

Points are just used to give you the illusion that you are earning something big. But you are not! Trust me, most of the times you will make just cents.

To give you an idea, you can redeem 250 points for $2! Now, this doesn’t mean anything, unless you discover that a 15-minute survey is worth 30.8 points.

online survey

30.8 points is worth only $0.24!

You see. It’s less disheartening to see 30.8 points instead of $0.24 cents. Don’t you agree?


Signing Up

The sign up is very quick as you don’t even need to confirm your email address. You will get 75 points just for signing up. Which is cool!

sign up bonus of 75 points

You can also download the APP if you want to use Gift Hunter Club on your smartphone.

Once inside, all the different opportunities to make money will be found on the left sidebar. Let’s talk a little bit about the most relevant categories now.

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When you click on Offerwalls, you will open a HUGE selection of sub-platforms owned by third party companies.

offerwalls inside Gift Hunter Club

There are surveys, trial offers, and tasks to complete inside each offerwall. As you can see, it is as though you were using another GPT website.

Completing trial offers may seem like an easy way to earn points. However, you should be very careful with the different types of offers you will encounter.

There are harmless offers such as those that require a simple sign up to a survey platform. But you will find trial offers that will ask you to submit credit card information and subscribe to a service.

The first 14 or 30 days are usually free, but the company will automatically renew your subscription and charge you for the service after that. So, you need to keep track of all the offers you accept and read all the terms and conditions carefully.


Daily Surveys

Online surveys is certainly the most popular strategy to make money online.

Now, because they need many people to take part in a study, the payout for each survey turns out to be very small!

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Not only you get paid less than $1 most of the times, but you also have to answer unpaid pre-qualifying questions that usually takes 1 or 2 minutes. That is because each study often requires a very specific group of people – Women/ men, car owners, pet owners, etc.

It’s disappointing the fact that Gift Hunter Club doesn’t provide its own list of survey opportunities. When you click on “Daily Surveys,” they will direct you to the survey list of Wannads, which is a third party Offerwall.



Gift Hunter Club partnered with a popular crowdfunding company to give you the tasks. The platform is called CrowdFlower, which recruits people all over the world to clean, label and enrich data.

There are many different types of micro jobs available in CrowdFlower. One very common is the categorization of products.

CrowdFlower assigns level badges according to your level of accuracy. The higher your level badge, the more job opportunities you will find and the higher the payout will be.

crowdflower - level badges

The drawback is if you have no badge at all, you will find very few job opportunities. You need to start from the bottom and carve your way to the top if you want to get paid more for each task.

The payment is usually too small, especially for people living in first world countries.


Video and Radio

I tried to earn some points by watching videos (propaganda), but none of them worked for me. Each video was supposed to give just 1 point.

The same for the radio option. The platform responsible for that is called Radio Loyalty, but it was not running for me. In case it works on your end, you will get 0.5 points every 10 minutes of listening.

This means that you will earn 2 cents for every hour. Crazy huh?


Invite Friends

By referring people to Gift Hunter Club through your unique link, you will you will get 10 % of the points they earn. It would be awesome to make money on autopilot using this method. However, it’s tough to refer lots of people to earn a decent income from that 10% commission.


Weekly Contest

If you complete Crowdflower tasks LIKE CRAZY, then there is a chance to make more money via the weekly content. Here is the reward for the top 10:

  1.  $5 
  2.  $2
  3.  $1 
  4. to 10. $0.10


Cashing Out

It’s possible to redeem your points via Paypal or Gift Cards.

Note that you will need more or less points to redeem the same amount of money according to the option you select. The minimum cashout requirement also depends on the payment option.

For Paypal, you need is 250 points, which gives you $2. For the Amazon gift card, the minimum payout threshold is 1030 points, which is exchangeable for $10.

Gift Hunter Club payment


Final Thoughts

Gift Hunter Club is a legit platform for those who want to make extra cash online. I like the fact that there are many offers and online survey opportunities available. This is a strong positive point.

The drawback is the imbalance between time vs. reward. You will need to spend lots of hours to finally reach $10.


Hunt For Something Bigger!

I used to complete surveys in the past, and I know how discouraging it is to make less than $1 per survey and get rejected over and over again.

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So, have you used Gift Hunter Club? What is your opinion about it?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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