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CashPlay Review – No Minimum to Cash Out? Does it Pay?

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Welcome to my CashPlay review!

I recently stumbled upon CashPlay, attracted by its enticing claims.

The app advertises the opportunity to earn money simply by playing games, offering daily payouts with no minimum to cash out.

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It reminded me of the popular JustPlay, which uses a similar marketing script.

This combination seemed too good to ignore, so I decided to take a closer look.

With over 100,000 installations, CashPlay is gaining traction among users.

This substantial number of downloads often signals a degree of reliability and user satisfaction.

After reading some user reviews, a hint of concern crept up on me.

Besides, I found surveys instead of games as the primary source of earnings.

This surprising discovery raised several questions about the company’s advertising accuracy and ability to reward players.

So, in this review, we’ll dissect CashPlay’s features, examine its earning potential, and evaluate the overall user experience.

Is it legit or fake? Can you really withdraw real money for playing games and completing simple tasks?

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Let’s find out!

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CashPlay Review 


  • Name: CashPlay: Earn Money & Rewards
  • Developer: CashPlay Apps
  • Price: Free (no financial risk)
  • Payout threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is CashPlay?


CashPlay is a rewards app where you can earn small amounts of PayPal cash by playing games and taking surveys.

With a simple interface, you collect coins you can supposedly withdraw once you meet the requirements.

The highlight is the super low cash-out minimum of just $0.15.

With over 100k downloads, the app is becoming popular for people who want to earn cash effortlessly.

CashPlay claims to offer instant and daily payouts, which reminds me of the same proposition of JustPlay.

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But does it truly deliver a hassle-free experience as advertised?

Let’s dive into the details in the next section to find out.


How Does CashPlay Work? 


CashPlay is currently open only for Android devices and operates worldwide.

However, the availability of offers and surveys heavily depends on your location.

In some countries, finding opportunities to collect coins may be difficult or even impossible.

Individuals in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe have an advantage.

Advertisers invest heavily in these countries, resulting in more offers and, as a result, higher earning potential.

Once you launch CashPlay and tap ‘Start,’ a welcome message greets you, promising a $0.15 bonus directly to your PayPal.

Download Freecash App 3

You get a starter bonus of 4899 coins right off the bat.

With a low cash-out limit set at 5,000 coins ($0.15), this app lets you withdraw sooner than many others.

So, you’re just 101 coins away from getting your first payout!



CashPlay has partnered with Pollfish, a notable player in the marketing research field.

Depending on your country, you will find the “Take Surveys” button, where you can access and apply for Pollfish’s studies.

This step is crucial since it ensures you get surveys matching your interests and background.

It’s important to mention that earning coins by taking surveys requires patience.

That’s because you won’t be qualified for every survey available.

Surveys are typically designed for specific groups of people; sometimes, your profile might not be a match.

Most surveys pay very little, resulting in a low-income potential.


Play Games

For users in certain countries, an additional option labeled ‘Earn Money’ will be visible alongside the ‘Take Surveys’ button.

Clicking on ‘Earn Money’ redirects you to a third-party platform known as Adjoe.

Here, the earning process is slightly different; you accrue coins by installing and playing sponsored games.

Similar to apps like Daub Farm and mRewards, you’ll earn coins for every minute you spend playing these games.

Read my in-depth review of mRewards here! 

However, you must open the game through the ‘My Apps’ section within CashPlay to ensure you receive your coins.

Failing to do so means the app can’t track your playtime, and you won’t earn any coins.


How to Cash out

Cashing out with CashPlay is pretty straightforward.

You need a minimum of 5,000 coins in your account, which equals $0.15.

Here are the simple steps to cash out:


  1. Go to the Payout Tab: First, open the app and head to the payout section. You’ll see your coin balance and the various amounts you can withdraw.
  2. PayPal Option: CashPlay only pays through PayPal.
  3. Choose Withdrawal Amount: The withdrawal amounts start at $0.15, but you have options going up to $15. Bear in mind that the more you decide to withdraw, the fewer coins you’ll need. This means cashing out in larger amounts gives you slightly better value for your coins.
  4. Confirm: Once you pick your amount, confirm your choice and wait for the transaction to process. CashPlay claims to offer fast transactions.
  5. Receive Payment: Your earnings will land in your PayPal account shortly. Be mindful of any fees that PayPal might deduct.

While CashPlay advertises there’s no minimum amount required to cash out, this isn’t entirely accurate.

There is indeed a minimum, albeit a low one – $0.15 or 5,000 coins, to be exact.

So, while it’s a small amount, claiming there’s no minimum is misleading.


Is CashPlay Legit? Does it Pay? 


Indeed, CashPlay is a legitimate app, but it doesn’t come without its share of user frustrations and disappointments.

While many users, including myself, have successfully cashed out—some multiple times without any hitch— the experience isn’t consistent for everyone.

Initially, CashPlay appears promising, with some users able to cash out up to five times in two days, as one user shared.

The app starts strong by letting users play games to earn, which is an engaging and enjoyable method.

Users love the app for its fast cashouts and game selection.

However, a slew of issues soon followed this honeymoon phase for many users.

After a while, the app often experiences technical glitches, like not loading or having connectivity issues unrelated to the user’s Wi-Fi.

These glitches aren’t just minor inconveniences; they hinder the cash-out process, with some users waiting long periods without receiving their earnings.

Furthermore, users have noted a significant shift in the app’s structure and offering.

What was once a gaming app suddenly transitioned into a platform that primarily offers surveys.

In the process, the method of earning coins may change, and the app may also stop providing them.

A user was pleased with CashPlay until the first cashout, after which he stopped earning coins.

Because of these issues, many have decided to uninstall it!




Although CashPlay is a legitimate platform that does pay out, it’s not without its flaws.

The app’s technical issues, combined with its shift from gaming to surveys, have led to widespread disappointment.

Besides, the compensation received does not adequately reflect the amount of time and energy invested by the user.

You may receive payments, but there is a high probability you will eventually hit a roadblock.

Therefore, I cannot recommend the CashPlay app after considering its significant drawbacks.

There are much better options for people who want to earn money playing games and completing surveys.

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It works seamlessly on your smartphone, even though it isn’t an app!

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Final Words

Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my CashPlay review!

I trust you found it informative and enlightening.

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts about this game, please drop a comment below.

Peace out!

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