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Cake Shop App Review – Does it Pay $1500? No Restrictions

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Welcome to my Cake Shop review!

Another elimination game made with Unity is enticing players with the opportunity to win over $1,000!

Cake Shop is all about connecting identical candies of the same level to merge them and earn incredible cash rewards.

One of the advertisements states that you could make $300 each day, which defies logic!

It’s hard to believe that one can win so much money by playing casual games that are 100% free.

With that in mind, you probably wonder if Cake Shop is legit or fake. Can you withdraw the funds to your PayPal account?

Let’s find out!

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Cake Shop Review


  • Name: Cake Shop: Merge Sweets
  • Developer: My Game Space
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout threshold: $1,500
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Cake Shop? 


Cake Shops is a tempting match-3 game where you merge sweets to unlock great cash rewards.

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The puzzle game is based on the same principle as Candy Crush and has the same appetizing theme!

By placing at least three identical sweets side by side, you will earn virtual cash that will be transferred into your PayPal or Amazon account.

Then, you can supposedly cash out if you meet the conditions in the app.

Cash Shop is still in the Early Access category, meaning you cannot publish reviews and rate the game on Google Play.


How Does Cake Shop Work? 


Cake Shop is available for all Android devices in the Google Play store.

There are no in-app purchases, and the game doesn’t involve any kind of investment.

After launching the game, you will discover a great offer: winning an Apple Watch by checking in for three days.

Next, you will see the special cash page, with the PayPal card and a progress bar that goes from $0 to $1500.

There is also a cash-out button, suggesting you can withdraw this money once you reach the target.

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The goal is to swap and place three or more treats of the same level together. As a result, they will merge into a higher-level candy and generate instant cash rewards.

cake shop gameplay

When you achieve a combo, Cake Shop may trigger a PayPal card worth over $100!

However, you can only receive virtual dollars if you press the “get” button and watch a commercial.

You can also activate more cash rewards by achieving score milestones and opening gift boxes. 

If you open four boxes, you will receive puzzle pieces that may be redeemed for an iPhone 13 Pro.

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How do You Get Paid? 

There are two withdrawal options: PayPal and Amazon gift cards. The former quires at least $1,500, whereas the latter requires $1,000 to cash out!


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Is Cake Shop legit? Does it Pay? 


Not, it doesn’t! Cake Shop will let you accumulate $1500 and submit your payout request within 30 minutes or so. 

However, none of the cash and other prizes you see are real, meaning you have no chance of winning. 

Once you press the Redeem button, Cake Shop will tell you that you must meet two conditions: 

First, reach $1,500, and second, watch 15 videos! 

They did not immediately inform gamers since the plan is to introduce more requirements gradually so they are less susceptible to giving up.

As you watch videos to meet your goal, your Cake Shop will continue to reward you with hundreds of dollars, which will count towards the next payout limit of $2000.

The caveat is that larger cash incentives require even more video videos. So, for example, the $2000 payout is only activated after watching 25 videos. Do you see the pattern here? 

So, what happens after players complete the video condition? Simple! They will put your order under review and ask you to watch an additional 30 videos in 1 day! 

Here is the proof:

order under review

My advise? Uninstall this application immediately and never look back because real money goes straight into the developer’s pockets. 




Cake Shops is just another fake money game meant to keep you hooked for hours with the premise of making money. 

Unfortunately, you won’t receive a dime despite meeting all the video requirements. 

I hope you understand that this is only a marketing tactic to increase the time players watch commercials. 

That’s how developers get compensated by advertisers without having to reward users!

Verdict: Not Recommended


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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my Cake Shop review. I hope it helps to raise awareness! 

Please comment below if you want to share your thoughts about this app. 


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