Qmee App Review – Is it Legit? Can You Make £100 Per Month?

qmee review

Welcome to my Qmee App Review!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit our Affiliate Disclosure.

Qmee promises to pay you for shopping, and sharing your opinions with marketing research companies.

The platform was launched in 2012 as a browser extension. For many years, the company would only reward users for their online activity.

More recently, the company created the Qmee app and started rewarding members for taking part in marketing research studies.

I know you may be skeptical and wondering if Qmee is a scam or a legit platform.

In this review, I am going to explain everything you need to know about this app and give you my honest opinion.

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Qmee Review Summary


  • Product Name: Qmee
  • Website: www.qmee.com
  • Type: online surveys
  • Price: Free – Use my link and earn 50p! 
  • Recommended? Yes
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5


What is Qmee?


Qmee was launched in 2012 as a web application that only rewarded members for performing searches on Google, Bing, Amazon, and other online stores.

Nowadays, Qmee allows you to complete paid surveys and sharing your opinions with marketing research firms.

Qmee has been growing exponentially in the US and the UK, and it is not difficult to understand why. It provides lots of surveys, fast payouts, and most importantly, they don’t block your account for no reason.


Is Qmee Legit? Does it Pay? 


Qmee was one of the first sites that I used to make money online back in 2015. Since then, I have cashed out through PayPal countless times and never had any issues.

Earn Free Money

Here is a screenshot of one of my recent payment:

My paypal account - proof of payment

The company has been featured on Forbes, CNNMoney, and other important media outlets. Therefore, you can rest assured Qmee is a reliable platform.

Qmee has been rated 8.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot, which is excellent. The Qmee app has also built a solid reputation on Google Play (4.4 stars) and App Store (4.5 stars),

Some people report earning a decent amount of money within a short period. For example, £5 in 2 days, $150 in 2 months, $50 in 2 weeks, and £70 in one month.

Most people think it’s a great platform and highly recommend it!


Pros & Cons



  • No minimum cashout amount.
  • Fast payment through Paypal and Gift Cards.
  • Reliable and transparent.
  • Qmee is available on Desktop, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Low pay.
  • Qmee is only available in the US and the UK.
  • Some surveys are only available on desktop devices.


Registration – Earn 50p


You can create an account via the official website or the Qmee app, which is available on Google Play or App Store. The registration is free and straightforward!

If you sign up through my affiliate link, you will get 50p after you make your first PayPal cashout.

Bear in mind you’re only permitted to open one Qmee account per household.

After signing up, I advise you to click on your profile and complete the challenges to get the most out of Qmee. If you are planning to take part in marketing research studies, I recommend that you complete your survey profile.

The more questions you answer, the better the company will be at finding the right surveys for you. You can also allow Qmee and its partners to use your device identifiers to get more invitations.

qmee profile identifiers


Earn Money By Taking Surveys


Qmee has partnered with leading marketing research companies to provide you with the best survey experience. Some of their partners include Toluna and Samplicio.us.

When you log in, you will see a list of all the surveys that are currently available. What I like about Qmee is that they estimate the survey length based on how long other Qmee users take to finish the survey.

Earn Free Money

On average, most surveys take 10 – 15 minutes and pay less than £1.50.

qmee survey

Many surveys are not available on mobile, so you can make more money by using your desktop.

The key problem with surveys is that you will spend a lot of time answering repetitive questions, only to get disqualified.

Always answer the questions honestly, so Qmee continues to provide more surveys that are relevant to you.

I was reading some recent threads about Qmee on Reddit, and one person said he completed just one survey out of 10. So, you can waste a lot of time!

Some people seem to have more luck while completing surveys. One person claimed he is making over £100 per month with Qmee! 

Recommended read: 10 Survey Apps That Pay Cash Through PayPal


Cashback Offers


Qmee also allows you to get cashback on services and products that you purchase through the app or website.

qmee cashback offers

Here are some opportunities available in the UK:

  • Red Letter Days: Earn 5% cashback when you shop with Red Letter Days.
  • Just Eat: Earn 3% cashback on your first order.
  • Beauty Expert: Earn 5% cashback when you shop with Beauty Expert.

You will also find lots of free trial offers. Here are some examples in the UK:

  • Audible: Earn £2 cashback when you sign up for a 30-day free trial with Audible.
  • Amazon Prime: Earn £1.50 cashback when you take out the free 30-day trial.
  • Now TV: Join NOW TV Broadband and earn £30 when you sign up for a Fab or Super Fibre 12 month contract.

Always read the terms of service before accepting any deal. I also advise that you read the section where they explain the reasons you wouldn’t receive the cashback reward.


Invite Your Friends


Another way to earn money with Qmee is by sharing your affiliate link with your friends. When the person signs up using your link and cash out, you will get £1.

Earn Free Money

You get to choose what happens to your commission. There are three options:

  1. Keep 100% to yourself. How greedy! Joking… 😛
  2. Share 50p with your friend. Fair enough!
  3. Give £1 to your friend. You are amazing!


Does Qmee Respect Your Privacy?


When you click on the ad to earn cash, they will also collect information about how you behave on the advertiser’s website. For example, they will know which link you visited and for how long you stayed on that page.

In my opinion, I think this is not a big issue. After all, our internet activity has been tracked for years without your authorization, and for free!

Nevertheless, companies should always comply with regulations and respect our privacy. Qmee claims that it doesn’t share your data with anyone else without your permission.

If you check Qmee’s Privacy Policy, you will notice they have taken the rights steps to comply with GDPR, which sets high standards for data protection and privacy in Europe.

Qmee is very transparent regarding all the data that will be collected from you and why they are collecting them. As importantly, they give you the right to delete, access, and correct your data.


How do You Get Paid?


Qmee allows you to cash out via PayPal and Gift cards.



What I really like about Qmee is that there is no minimum payout threshold! This is amazing because you can withdraw any amount (even £0.01) anytime you want.

Most reward sites and apps require that you reach $5, $10, and even $20 before you can request the payment. Therefore, a large percentage of members give up on their rewards and end up working for free.

I also need to praise Qmee for their fast payment! Usually, the money will be transferred to your PayPal account in just a few minutes.

Before you get paid, don’t forget to link your Paypal account in your profile area.


Gift Cards

You can also withdraw the money via Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes gift cards. The minimum cash out amount is $5 in the US and £5 in the UK. After you request the payment, the code will be sent to your email within just a few minutes.

Earn Free Money




Qmee provides an excellent opportunity to earn a little extra cash from home.

You can make a decent amount of more money by sharing your opinions. Depending on your profile, can you qualify for lots of surveys and make an extra £100 per month!

Qmee stands out from most reward sites, as you don’t need to reach any specific amount to request your payment. You can cash out even if you have 1 penny in your account!

Besides, there are no transaction fees!

Verdict: Legit 


Earn a Full-Time Income Online

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Today, I make a living out of sharing my opinions and providing information through my website. You can do the same if you know the right strategies to achieve high rankings.

This step-by-step program gave me proper training and support to create a lucrative affiliate site from scratch. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

Earn Free Money

The good news is that you can join for free and start building the foundation of your business today!


Final Words

Thanks for reading my Qmee review. if you have any questions or comments, leave me a message below, and I’ll be more than happy to help! 😉

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6 years ago

Great post!
I had never heard of qmee before now but your review is positive so I was willing to give it a try.
However I live in Ireland so I was disappointed to read only people from US and UK can join!
It’s great that it’s free to join and it sounds quite fun especially if you enjoy internet browsing!
A very well written review of qmee you covered all the important points readers would like to know!

6 years ago

Your article on Qmee is interesting for I’ve never heard of this particular company. On the average, how many ads come up during a search and is each point equal to one cent. And do you have to just click on the add or you have to write a review article, or get to spend X amount of time reviewing the product. Are there any stipulations to getting paid… Thanks for the article. I enjoyed it and I will click on Qmee and check out who they really are.

6 years ago

Hey Stefan, nice to finally see an online money making program that’s not a scam! Although you won’t be able to generate enough income to actually make it worthwhile it seems… If they only paid more than a few cents, it would be worth the effort and also make sure you stay on the pages long enough. Oh well, I’m just happy to see a legit program 🙂 Thanks for the info Stefan!

5 years ago

Oh this is interesting. I have never heard of it. I tell you what I am installing it now. Might as well I guess, although I do understand it won’t’ pay much. I might just give it a try.

So thanks for this. Although I will look at your recommendation too of how to make a proper online income as Qmee payouts are not even close to a decent online income!


5 years ago

I am going to give Qmee a go. I have been using survey sites to earn a bit of extra money to spend on stuff for my affiliate site. This one sounds quite good. I do always like it when the payout threshold is very low so that’s perfect!

I’ve surprisingly never heard of this before!

Thanks very much for sharing. I’m gonna go sign up now!

5 years ago

I must say, A very thorough review. I myself will not be downloading the app as I see more benefit in your your other pledge, to help people online and gather authority. I believe you will succeed in this as I too realise the benefit of the internet community. People are so sick of scams and it is refreshing to learn there are those of us who wish to implement best practice.

I used to think differently before I joined WA because I thought the whole net was just a big con to get people to buy useless products – now Im converted

5 years ago

Hi Stefan. Interesting article on Qmee. Pretty sure I would have by passed this as yet another scam if I hadn’t read your page. But you explained how it works very well and I can see how it’s a win win. You won’t ever be able to quit your day job with it, but if your expectations are realistic it’s probably worth a try. Shame it’s not available in NZ.

5 years ago

I’ve come across so many schemes promising easy cash that I was initially very cynical when I read your article. However, having investigated this further, I can see how it is a great way to earn some extra money. I wouldn’t advise people to expect a full time living from this, but every source of income is worthwhile. Why not try it for yourself?

5 years ago

Hello Stefan!
I’m glad that I read this article before I wrote myself up. The writing here seems much more realistic than the other things I’ve read about the tool.
As you say is a free tool hard to call Scam.
But I am a little skeptical about to add software to my browser toolbar.
You think probably why I say that but I’ve tried to be hacked down the road and it is not a fun experience to contend with another person on your curser when you are online.
I have decided that it is still not worth the risk.
Can I ask whether you have heard that it has happened to some of the users of this system or is it a completely secure software?

5 years ago

I have actually never heard of Qmee before, but I think after reading your review it really isn’t worth it unless you have other things you are doing as well because if you are looking to make money than you probably don’t have much of it, which means you aren’t going to be doing a whole lot of searches for things that would actually produce ads you would be inclined to click on. This is just like trying to do surveys to make money.

However, I am quite interested in your training course and will be coming back to read more on that.

5 years ago

I had never heard of Qmee before seeing this review. I have run across activities like this before but hardly ever pay them much attention. You are right the earnings potential are so low that if you are looking for more aggressive compensation you will need to find a different activity. I suppose if you sat in front of a pc all day and signed up for a ton of these programs possibly they could create an ok decent income but that is not likely. Programs like this are easy to catch on to, earn what you can while getting your feet wet. Extra is always extra.

5 years ago

I, too, had never heard of Qmee and will probably not use it. But this kind of information is truly valuable to inform users about the validity of sites such as these.
Glad to see Wealthy Affiliate at number one! WA members will vouch that this is really where we should all be heading if we are serious about making money online.


5 years ago

I came across this program qmee in the past but was never too convinced about it. Your positive review really has encouraged me to give it a try but with these type of programs is the same thing. You are only bound to make cents. I’m aware they track your activity to see what advertisements they can place and etc. Is there a whole pie for you or are you just getting a piece of the pie?

I’ve tried swagbucks before which seems like a better option but I am gonna give it a try.

5 years ago

I can certainly see how you would consider this as a win-win situation for making some money on an activity you are already doing. As you mentioned this is legit and you will get paid just not a lot of money due to the type of system it is.

Your number 1 method is more inline with what I feel is the best course of action to take to make money online. Great detailed article and update.

5 years ago

Good review and it is good to see that the Qmee is not a scam, but a legitimate company. But can you really make any decent money with them? Or the money is so small that it isn’t worth the effort? I think learning affiliate marketing and making money online as an affiliate is a much better option. I really like the Wealthy Affiliate which you’re promoting. I’m a member of WA.

5 years ago

That is amazing, I would have never thought that there is a way to make money from just searching things. I search information on a regular bases even if its 5 cents a search its still worth it. You can just build and build! Its always a good idea to do your resaerch thanks for providing some insight I will keep this site in mind!

5 years ago

I had never heard of this product e but it does sound interesting and I really wanted to try it out!I do face the same issue that I’m from India and can’t try out the program due to non availability of the program in this region.
However I think this program would prove to be pretty good and hope to see more posts in the future!

Reply to 
5 years ago

Stefan I could really do with your help please I am looking to make money online as I have recently broken both legs on a building site and I just need money what are the safest ways to earn 100 quid a week it will also keep my mind busy,

cheers brother

5 years ago


Thanks for the great review of Qmee. I have been using it for awhile and have cashed out about $5. Now I am getting notifications that surveys are available. Have you tried the newsurveys on Qmee and would you recommend them? Thanks for the info.

4 years ago

Hi Stefan, great article overall, I’ve been using Qmee in the last few months and am quite enjoying it, good to way to get a bit of extra money! You do need to update the cons section of the article, in it you say they don’t have mobile versions and only accept UK and USA users. But you can now use Qmee on smartphones (not tablets) and lots of other countries are now accepted 🙂

Hope that helps!

4 years ago

Hi, Stefan
Thanks for sharing this review! I’ve been tried to find a reliable easy to earn money website similar to Qmee. I haven’t heard of it until today. I’m definitely giving it a shot and will see how good it is to me. I like the fact that you don’t waste time at all! This is so convenient to everyone!

3 years ago

I have made money using qmee you have to be diligent though,sometimes you don’t get picked for all surveys and you might get rejected halfway through,but I use it like a savings ive made a 150$ abd retrieved some of that easily,.59 is probably the most ive received for a survey but it adds up,the time ive would een on fb ive made 2-3 $and more. and some of the surveys are really cool

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