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Brain Power Review – Easy Questions, Fake Money!

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Welcome to my Brain Power review!

Who wants to be a millionaire playing trivia games?

Thousands of people are downloading Brain Power, seemingly convinced they’ve stumbled upon a digital goldmine.

Just like the famed TV show, the premise is simple: answer questions and earn money.

No deposits are needed!

I discovered this app through an advert with a scenario that’s hard to ignore.

In the video, a person is handed a generous $1,000 Christmas bonus!

Then the woman claims you can win all this money and withdraw immediately to your PayPal.

Sure, the questions in Brain Power might start off easy, but is the path to cashing out just as straightforward?

Or is it a winding road filled with dead ends and disappointment? Is it legit or fake?

I’m here to expose whether or not this game lives up to its claims.

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Brain Power Review


best money app
  • Name: Brain Power
  • Developer: Kivflar Ludum
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Brain Power


Brain Power is available in all countries and is rated for users aged 12 and up.

Personally, I disagree with this rating.

As you might know, the game tempts players to keep playing with the promise of insane monetary rewards.

Consider this: a teenager is far more susceptible to online deceptions.

The fact that the game involves money makes it highly addictive, potentially leading to serious negative consequences like addiction, frustration, and unrealistic expectations regarding cash.

Another troubling aspect of the app is its lack of data encryption.

This means that all the information you enter, including permissions, can be leaked and exploited by cybercriminals.

Your personal details, account information, and more could end up on the dark web, posing significant risks.


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The Gameplay

The game is straightforward.

You’re asked fundamental questions, such as “How many months are there in a year?” with just two choices.

So, even if you don’t know the answer, there’s a 50% chance of being correct.

And if you get it wrong? No problem. Just watch an advert, and you will get a second chance.

The game is similar to another trivia game I reviewed called Quiz Brain Buster.

Brain Power starts by giving you a $24 bonus, and as soon as you answer the first question, bam, another $80!

Each correct answer means more money, and you can increase your rewards by watching adverts.

For every three answers, you will be forced to watch a commercial regardless.

It’s essentially an advertising machine, generating a constant income stream for the developer.

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Imagine thousands of people playing this game every single day – the developer is likely making a killing!

After ten questions, you get to spin the lucky wheel for a chance to win even more.


How to cash out

Initially, the cash-out process seemed so simple!

You don’t have to accumulate any amount.

You can withdraw as soon as you collect the first dollars.

This might sound like a dream come true, but here’s a crucial spoiler alert: cashing out doesn’t mean you’ll see an instant transfer of funds.

The game offers you a choice of popular payment platforms for withdrawal, like PayPal, Cash App, and Paytm.

This step might give you a sense of ease and legitimacy. But be careful! It doesn’t mean these platforms are endorsing Brain Power!

Then, you’re asked to enter your name and account information.

Here’s where you need to be extra cautious.

Any information you type there is unprotected.

The lack of data security in this process is a significant concern.

I understand the temptation! But it’s definitely not worth the risk!


Is Brain Power Legit? Does it Pay


Let’s uncover their hidden agenda, shall we?

No, Brain Power doesn’t pay a single dime.

It’s another fake cash game, cleverly designed to exploit your time and attention for big profits.

The harsh reality is that the developer is the only one seeing real cash from this app.

So, what happens when you decide to cash out?

Brain Power throws in a new requirement: answer 30 more questions.

This requirement cleverly exposes you to several advertisements as you strive to meet this new goal.

Now it makes sense, right? But it doesn’t stop there.

In their hunger to prolong your playtime, they ask you to watch five more videos to ‘approve’ your order.

Here’s why jumping through these hoops is a lousy idea: no matter how many conditions you fulfill, the payout you’re hoping for won’t materialize.

The game is set up to keep you engaged, watching adverts in exchange for nothing!




Brain Power is another game that entices players with fake rewards.

It’s alarming how many people are falling prey to these apps!

The allure of quick, easy money tempts many to take impulsive actions.

Deep down, most players know that earning hundreds or thousands of dollars just by playing a free game isn’t realistic.

For such payouts to be feasible, the developer would need to make an astronomical amount of money from each video view or interaction.

This is far from how the economy works!

I strongly discourage you from investing your time in Brain Power.

The stark reality is that you have nothing to gain from it.

Not only that, but you won’t even gain any valuable knowledge from this trivia.

The questions are too easy to provide any actual mental stimulation or learning.

Remember, if an online game or opportunity seems too good to be true, it most likely is.


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Final Words

Thank you for reading my Brain Power review!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment box below. 



best money app
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