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Animal Tap Review – Cash out After Level 20? Fake?

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Welcome to my Animal Tap review!

Do you want to earn easy money from your smartphone?

Animal Tap is another Android game where you can supposedly cash out money.

And I’m not talking about chump change here, but hundreds of dollars.

It’s important to share how I stumbled upon this app because that’s precisely how they’re attracting thousands of people.

The story is always the same: promising easy and quick cash.

The advertisement starts with a woman advising that if the app you’re using has a complicated withdrawal process, you should uninstall it immediately.

It goes on to say that to prevent fake apps from mimicking Animal Tap, they’ve eliminated the withdrawal process.

So, supposedly, the cash out happens automatically.

They even claim that for every level you pass in the game, you will receive 50 dollars.

Moreover, they promise to instantly give you $200 just for downloading the app through their video.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

But as someone who’s sifted through countless too-good-to-be-true offers, I can sense when something smells fishy.

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To find out if Animal Tap is legitimate or fake, Will it actually transfer the money it promises?

In this review, I’ll delve into the mechanics of Animal Tap and offer a word of caution.

Things aren’t always what they seem in the world of money-making games, so stay tuned.

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Animal Tap Review


  • Name: Animal Tap
  • Developer: Come Enjoy Diddo Chat
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Animal Tap


Animal Tap is a casual, elimination-style game that’s simple and addictive.

It’s a free-to-play app where you tap on groups of identical animals to clear the board.

The real hook is the prospect of winning fantastic cash rewards.

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As you play, the money supposedly accumulates at a lightning-fast pace in your balance, making each tap feel like a step closer to a cash windfall.

The catch, however, is that you can only cash out once you reach level 20 — which, on the surface, seems pretty achievable.

Now, here’s where skepticism starts creeping in.

Animal Tap is classified as ‘Early Access,’ a label that should make any savvy gamer pause.

Being in ‘Early Access’ means the game is still in development.

While this might sound innocent enough, many developers exploit this status to sidestep negative reviews on the Play Store.

By hiding behind the veil of ongoing development, they can conveniently brush off complaints about the game.

This status is a big red flag; it’s a common tactic to conceal their lies.


How Does Animal Tap Work? 


Download Freecash App 3

Animal Tap is available worldwide through the Play Store and requires no registration to play.

However, a significant concern arises because it is recommended for all ages, including young people.

And why is this worrying? As we already know, Animal Tap offers nearly surreal cash rewards.

Youngsters are particularly vulnerable to being misled by scams!

Besides, this game can give young players a misleading idea about money.

It suggests that earning cash can be quick and effortless, which is far from the truth in real life.

This misconception could prevent them from understanding the real value of hard work and thoughtful financial planning.


The Gameplay

Upon first opening Animal Tap, you’re encouraged to reach level 20 to make an immediate withdrawal.

So, right off the bat, you realize that the ad pulled a fast one on you.

Yeah, because they promised automatic payouts without the need for any manual withdrawals.

When you start the game by clicking on ‘Start Making Money,’ you’re given a whooping $66 bonus.

The game mechanics are straightforward: you need to tap on groups of two or more identical animals to eliminate them.

animal tap gameplay

Clearing all animals from a level rewards you with dollars.

However, from the third level onwards, they require you to click ‘claim’ and watch an advertisement to receive your reward.

Even if you opt not to claim the reward, the game forces an advert on you.

This is a common tactic in games promising fake money: the developer aims to maximize profits by making players watch countless videos.

You can click on a chest at the bottom of the screen to earn more.

It claims you can get $100, $150, or even $200 for completing certain milestones, like passing stages.

Thus, you keep playing level after level, nurturing the dream of eventually cashing out hundreds of dollars.


How Do You Cash Out? 

The process to withdraw your earnings seems pretty straightforward.

You’re supposed to tap the ‘Withdraw’ button located at the top of the screen.

You can select a withdrawal method like PayPal, Amazon, or Mastercard.

The next step involves entering your recipient account details.

However, it’s crucial to be wary of entering sensitive information into such apps.

In fact, I strongly advise against providing any personal data, even something as basic as your name.

The reason for this is simple: it’s unclear how these developers manage your personal data.

The risks of sharing personal information with potentially untrustworthy apps can’t be overstated.

Misuse of data, identity theft, and privacy violations happen more often than you’d think!


Animal Tap Legit? Does it Pay? 


The harsh truth about Animal Tap is that it doesn’t pay out a single dime.

So, what happens when you hit level 20 and enter your account details?

They’ll tell you to wait for a review process that supposedly takes about 24 hours.

But here’s the catch – they’ll never transfer any money to your account.

To make matters worse, they might give you some weak excuses and ask you to complete more levels, leading you to play even more.

It’s a classic tactic to keep you engaged without any real payoff. Don’t fall for it!

The sad reality is that you have zero chances of seeing any money from this game.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stay vigilant, and don’t let these unrealistic adverts lead you astray.

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Verdict: Avoid 


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Final Words

Thanks a lot for diving into my Animal Tap review!

We’re itching to know: What’s your take on this game? Did you wait for 24 hours to cash out?

Go ahead and spill the beans in the comments below. Your thoughts matter, and we’re all ears!


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