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Quiz Brain Buster Review – The 300-Dollar Illusion!

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Welcome to my Quiz Brain Buster!

Quiz Brain Buster is the latest sensation in the world of mobile trivia games!

The developer claims to offer real cash for correct answers.

The best part is that there is no need to make a deposit.

Just answer a few straightforward questions, and watch your balance grow with every correct answer.1

It sounds too good to be true, right?

I stumbled upon Quiz Brain Buster through an advertisement featuring people holding massive paychecks worth hundreds of dollars.

The ad promised that players could easily withdraw their earnings via PayPal.

Now, as someone who has reviewed numerous trivia games making similar claims, my skepticism was instantly piqued.

Star Quiz was a popular game offering a whopping $500 for answering ten questions correctly.

Such enticing offers naturally raise eyebrows, given their unrealistic nature!

So, is Quiz Brain Buster the real deal or just another game preying on hopeful gamers?

I’ve taken a deep dive into this game to bring you truths and sincere opinions.

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Quiz Brain Buster Review


  • Name: Quiz Brain Buster
  • Developer: Plusm Games
  • Payout threshold: $300
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 0 


What is Quiz Brain Buster


Quiz Brain Buster is an Android-based trivia game where you supposedly win cash rewards for playing!

This game challenges your knowledge across various domains like technology, science, and travel.

As you answer questions correctly, you accumulate cash in your game balance.

Additionally, the ‘hall’ section of the game presents a variety of other games, providing more opportunities to increase your earnings.

A significant highlight of the game is the promise of fast cash withdrawals via PayPal.

However, players must amass at least $300 in their account to be eligible.

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It’s crucial to note that Quiz Brain Buster is currently in its early access phase.

This means the app is still in the developmental stages and hasn’t been fully released.

Consequently, there are no user reviews available on the Play Store.

This absence of user feedback makes it difficult for players to verify the game’s claims and assess the overall experience.


Quiz Brain Buster Work? 


Quiz Brain Buster is available globally without needing registration.

It’s important to highlight that the game is available to teenagers, as stated on the app store.

Let’s be frank: a game offering real cash rewards, marketed to teenagers, is a tricky area.

Targeting teenagers with a cash-earning game can have several negative impacts.

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Young minds are still developing their understanding of money and work ethics.

A game like this might lead them to believe that earning does not require much effort, fostering unrealistic financial expectations.

They might start to believe that financial success can be achieved with little effort, which, as you know, isn’t how things usually work in real life.

Then there’s the matter of data encryption, or rather, the lack of it.

In simple terms, not encrypting data is like sending a postcard instead of a sealed letter — anyone who intercepts it can read your information.

This means if players enter sensitive data like names or bank details, they’re practically leaving it out in the open.

This could lead to nasty scenarios, like identity theft or unauthorized access to personal accounts.

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The Gameplay

The game kicks off with a tempting offer: make $100 in three simple steps:

  1. Passing quizzes
  2. Visiting the ‘hall’
  3. Cashing out.

Before proceeding, you are required to link your PayPal account.

The personal information you submit during this process will be final and unchangeable.

Tap “Start,” and you dive straight into Quiz Brain Buster to face the quizzes.

Each quiz presents five questions in different categories: brands, travel, movies, and technology.

Quiz Brain Buster gameplay

Initially, you are given access to only three category options. If you wish to unlock additional categories, you must watch an advertisement.

There are only two choices for each question, simplifying the decision-making process and increasing your odds of success.

This design makes the game more accessible and less intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with a particular topic.

It’s a strategic approach to keep you motivated to continue playing.

Once you provide the correct answer, $1 – $2 will instantly be added to your balance.

After completing the challenge, you can triple your winnings by viewing an advertisement.

That’s how the developer is raking in real money from this game!


The Hall 

The ‘hall’ section represents another avenue to potentially earn money.

When you enter the ‘hall,’ you’re greeted with a list of in-app games.

However, you won’t get money for playing them.

Instead, you must tap the banknote icon on the right side, which will trigger an advert.

Then, you should wait for a few seconds before activating it again.

Unlike reward apps like JustPlay and Testerup, Quiz Brain Buster wants you to watch advertisements instead of playing.

Watch another video, and you will multiply the prize by 5!

Unfortunately, your cash reward decreases drastically as you approach the payout threshold.


Withdrawing Funds

You need to reach a $300 balance to withdraw money from Quiz Brain Buster.

Once achieved, you can cash out directly to your linked PayPal account.

But the question is – will the developer honor their promise and actually pay you?

We will discover the answer to that question in the following section.


Is Quiz Brain Buster Legit? Does it Pay? 


No! Quiz Brain Buster turns out to be another deceptive cash game.

The truth is, it doesn’t pay out at all.

The journey to reach the $300 threshold is not only lengthy but increasingly frustrating.

That’s because the rewards per quiz plummet to mere cents.

Even in the ‘hall’ section, which is suggested as a fast way to earn, you’re essentially earning pennies.

Interestingly, the game offers a seeming shortcut to this laborious process – tapping cash bubbles that appear on the screen.

You’re confronted with yet another hurdle when you finally hit the $300 mark and attempt to cash out.

They want you to complete 20 missions in the hall, which means watching 20 more adverts. 

However, even fulfilling this condition doesn’t guarantee payment.

The game might impose additional requirements, moving the goalposts further each time you think you’re close to cashing out.

But the end result is inevitable – disappointment!

Despite your dedication and the countless hours spent tapping away, the reality hits hard:

Quiz Brain Buster is another game enticing players with fake cash rewards! 


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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my Quiz Brain Buster review!

Feel free to share your experiences with the game or ask questions in the comments box below.


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