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Bingo Oasis App Review – Is it Fake? Don’t Believe the Hype!

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Welcome to my Bingo Oasis review!

Over 100,000 people have eagerly downloaded Bingo Oasis, drawn in by the promise of winning real money.

This game claims you can withdraw substantial sums by playing with free Bingo scorecards—no deposits required.

Even better, they promise that all rewards are redeemable after just one hour of playtime, potentially earning you hundreds of dollars!

But is it too good to be true? Is Bingo Oasis legit, or just another trap?

In this review, I’ll explain everything and share my honest opinion.

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What is Bingo Oasis?


Bingo Oasis is a straightforward Bingo game with an enticing proposition.

The game offers the thrill of winning cash prizes when you daub numbers adorned with banknotes or when you hit Bingo by completing a line, column, or diagonal on your Bingo card.

The allure doesn’t stop there—you’re also encouraged to watch video ads to claim even higher prizes.

With its simple gameplay and the tantalizing prospect of real cash rewards, Bingo Oasis promises an exciting experience.

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However, it’s crucial to note that the game is still in early access.

This means users cannot publish reviews on the Play Store, which raises some concerns.

Without the ability to share experiences, players are left in the dark about whether anyone has received the cash rewards.


How Does Bingo Oasis Work? 


Bingo Oasis is a globally accessible game that requires no registration, making it incredibly easy to start playing.

Plus, it’s completely free to play. When you launch the app, you jump straight into the action with two scorecards.

Each card has 24 numbers, and the game starts by randomly drawing numbers you need to daub on your scorecards.


Gameplay Mechanics

The main objective in Bingo Oasis is to daub numbers on your scorecards as they are called out.

It’s very similar to countless Bingo games I exposed in this blog such as Neon City Bingo and Bingo Nights. 

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Each scorecard has a grid of numbers, and you aim to complete a line, column, or diagonal to hit Bingo.

bingo oasis gameplay

The excitement comes from some numbers being marked with banknotes or coin symbols.

When you daub these numbers, you collect virtual cash or coins.

You can exchange your accumulated coins for money, with 1000 coins translating to $1.

The game’s dynamic nature keeps you engaged, especially with the prospect of hitting a Bingo.

Completing a Bingo—by daubing all numbers in a line, column, or diagonal—unlocks the chance to win higher prizes.

This is when the real fun begins, as it triggers either a gauge to multiply your earnings or a slot machine that can boost your rewards even further.


Earning and Collecting Rewards

To claim these higher prizes, tap the claim button, which prompts you to watch a video ad.

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This is a critical aspect of Bingo Oasis, revealing how developers monetize the game.

By offering the lure of significant cash rewards, players are more than willing to watch these advertisements, creating a revenue stream for the developers.

Another exciting feature is the collection of puzzle pieces.

As you play, bubbles occasionally float across the screen, containing puzzle pieces.

Tapping on these bubbles collects the pieces, but again, you must watch an ad to claim them.

The developer claims that by collecting 50 puzzle pieces, you can redeem amazing gifts like an iPhone 14, AirPods, a MacBook Pro, and even Bitcoin.


Redeeming Your Rewards

At the top of the screen, you can see your cash balance.

Bingo Oasis claims that all rewards are redeemable after a countdown of one hour.

This means you can withdraw your earnings via several payment methods, including PayPal, Cash App, Paytm, Coinbase, Alipay, and more.

The countdown refreshes every hour, allowing you to withdraw more money continuously.


Is Bingo Oasis Legit? Does it Pay? 


The harsh truth is, no, Bingo Oasis does not pay out real money.

It’s yet another fake cash game, similar to countless other Bingo games available on Android.

The advertised cash prizes are fictitious, and there is no real chance of making money from this game.

The promise of luxurious prizes is simply unrealistic, especially considering that the developers’ only source of income is advertisements.

So, what happens after the one-hour countdown?

Here’s the reality: once the countdown ends, you are met with a hidden requirement.

The game suddenly demands that you watch 12 ads to “approve” the order.

This tactic is designed to make you believe that you will finally receive your payment after watching these ads.

However, these are nothing but empty words!

Once you fulfill this ad requirement, the game will likely impose even more hurdles.

No money will ever be paid out despite how much time you spend playing and watching ads.

The cycle of demands to watch more ads continues for a very long time, ensuring that only the developers benefit from the ad revenue.

I’m very familiar with such games that use the lure of fake money to profit from ads, and Bingo Oasis is no exception.

It’s a well-crafted trap that exploits players’ hopes for financial gain, but only the developers reap the rewards.




Bingo Oasis is a cleverly disguised ad machine designed to line the developers’ pockets, not yours.

Forget about dreams of withdrawing hundreds of dollars or snagging an iPhone 14 for a few hours of gameplay.

These rewards are as real as a leprechaun’s gold!

But wait, there’s a better way! Instead of wasting time on a rigged system, explore Freecash.

This platform offers a genuine path to earning real money by completing tasks like surveys and offers.

Unlike Bingo Oasis’s fictitious claims, many Freecash offers pay well over $100.

Plus, with a low payout threshold of just $0.25 for crypto and $5 for PayPal and gift cards, you won’t be stuck endlessly grinding for fake rewards.


Final Words

Thanks for reading my Bingo Oasis review! So, have you played it? Did you try to cash out?

Kindly share your experience in the comments, and let’s help others avoid misleading games.


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