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Super Habit Review – Users Reveal the Harsh Truth!

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Welcome to my Super Habit review!

Today, I want to talk about an app called Super Habit.

Recently, this app has been making rounds, claiming that you can earn a lot of money simply by following some basic daily habits.

The premise is quite enticing: imagine just downloading an app, tapping a button when you wake up, drinking water, and receiving cash.

Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is.

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What is Super Habit?


Super Habit is an app available on the Google Play Store that promises users the opportunity to earn money by completing simple daily habits.

With over 100,000 installs, it’s accessible for Android devices and free to download.

Despite the enticing premise, the app holds a rating of only 2.9 stars out of 5, indicating a mixed reception from its user base.

The app claims that by performing routine activities such as waking up, drinking water, or having lunch, users can earn cash rewards simply by tapping a button to log these tasks.

However, this concept has led to numerous complaints on the Play Store.

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How Super Habit Works


Super Habit’s concept is straightforward yet deceptive.

Users believe they can earn significant amounts of money by performing basic daily activities.

Upon downloading the app, users log tasks such as waking up, drinking water, or having lunch by tapping a button, supposedly rewarding them with cash.

You are prompted to watch an advertisement every time you log a habit.

This is the core of Super Habit’s revenue model: generating ad revenue through user engagement.

Advertising and User Experience


The app showcases screenshots suggesting users can earn up to $192 by logging simple habits.

It claims there are no annoying ads, but that’s not true.

Once inside the app, users quickly realize that ads are integral to the experience.

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For instance, after completing a task like drinking water, users can double their reward by watching an ad.

The interface guides users through logging tasks, displaying dates, completion percentages, and points earned.

However, these points are virtually worthless.

There is no actual cash-out page, and no way to convert these points into real money.

This setup indicates that the app’s primary goal is to generate ad revenue.


The Illusion of Rewards

There is probably a different version of Super Habit with options to cash out via PayPal, gift cards, or other methods.

However, don’t be deceived. Regardless of the version, the core model remains the same: keep the user engaged, make them watch ads, and give nothing in return.

Despite claiming that users can earn real money, the app fails to deliver on its promises.


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Is Super Habit Legit? Does it Pay? 


Despite its enticing promises, Super Habit fails to deliver on its claims of easy financial rewards.

The user reviews overwhelmingly indicate that the app does not pay out as advertised.

Here are the key reasons why Super Habit falls short in this regard:

  1. Unreachable Cash-Out Threshold: Users report that although they accumulate the required $500 to cash out, they cannot complete the process. For instance, Paul shared, “Earned $500, filled out my payment info, then there was no button to complete the order. This problem is widespread, with many users encountering a similar dead end once they reach the payout limit.
  2. Endless Tasks and Ads: As users approach the cash-out threshold, the app often adds more tasks or requires them to watch additional ads, effectively moving the goalposts. Laura’s experience highlights this issue: “You need to watch 77 more ads to cash out, then you are cut off.” This tactic ensures that users continue to generate ad revenue for the app without ever reaching a point where they can withdraw their earnings.
  3. Technical Glitches: Even when users complete all the required tasks, technical issues frequently prevent them from cashing out. The app crashes or fails to register completed tasks, as noted by Nicole: “Scam, got to the task ‘check in 3 times in a row’ to withdraw, and I’ve checked in twice today, but it’s not counting it.”
  4. Non-Functional Cash-Out Features: Several users have pointed out that the cash-out process is fundamentally flawed. After entering their payment details, there is often no button or option to finalize the transaction. Mariam shared, “I reached the $500 cashout. I put in my account details for PayPal, but there is nothing I can click to go to the next step to cash out.”
  5. Lack of Customer Support: When users encounter problems with cashing out, they find little to no support from the app’s developers. The feedback mechanism is often non-functional, leaving users without any recourse.


Why People Fall for Apps Like Super Habit

People often download these apps because they seem harmless.

After all, they’re free, so what could you lose? The reality is, while you might not lose money directly, you do lose time.

And time is valuable. Developers know this and exploit it, making money off your engagement while you gain nothing substantial in return.



In conclusion, Super Habit promises easy money for simple tasks but fails to deliver.

With unreachable cash-out thresholds, endless tasks, technical glitches, and non-functional features, the app leaves users frustrated and empty-handed.

Be cautious and consider more reliable alternatives for earning rewards.


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Final Words

Thank you for reading my Super Habit review!

I hope this review was helpful.

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