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Ocean Crush Review – Is it Legit or Fake? The Full Breakdown!

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Welcome to my Ocean Crush review!

Ever dream of scuba diving through a sea of cash?

That’s the promise of Ocean Crush, a new Android game that tempts you with adorable sea creatures and, supposedly, the chance to earn real money.

Sounds like a win-win, right? Relax on a virtual beach, tap some cute critters, and watch your bank account magically inflate.

But hold your horses! We’ve all been bombarded by those flashy ads promising riches for playing a simple game – only to discover they’re ad traps.

So, is Ocean Crush legit, or another ocean of disappointment destined to leave you feeling like a shipwreck survivor?

Will this game allow you to turn those virtual fish into real-world funds?

It’s hard not to be skeptical when countless fake apps are lurking on the Play Store.

The concept of earning cash by playing a casual game seems too good to be true, and our gut instinct tells us to approach it with caution.

So, in this review, we’re about to set sail to find the truth!

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What is Ocean Crush?


Ocean Crush is an elimination game that claims to pay real money.

Developed by newX Studio, the game has been installed over 1 million times and boasts a 4.4-star rating on the Play Store.

Although it’s rated PEGI 3, the cash reward aspect of the game makes it inappropriate for children.

The gameplay involves tapping on groups of identical sea creatures to eliminate them and progress through levels.

After each level, you can open a treasure chest to win coins, which can be converted into real money.

How Does Ocean Crush Work?


Ocean Crush is available worldwide and is free to play without requiring registration.

The gameplay is simple: you tap on groups of identical sea creatures to eliminate them.

The goal is to eliminate as many creatures as possible to complete each level.

It’s very similar to countless cash games I exposed in this blog!

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Interestingly, you don’t even need to play the game to trigger the rewards.

By simply tapping the “Get Money” icon, you can access the treasure chests.

Once you tap the icon, you get the chance to open a treasure chest. Each chest promises a decent cash prize of up to $14 or even more.

You are then enticed to tap the “Open” button, which triggers a video advertisement.

After watching the video, the game reveals how many coins you’ve earned.

Furthermore, you can tap the “Double” button to earn more coins, but this action will trigger another ad.

While the “Double” button may imply that your earnings will double, it actually won’t!


How to Withdraw Funds

Withdrawing your earnings from Ocean Crush is straightforward.

To begin, tap the “Cash out” button at the top of the screen. The game offers three withdrawal methods: PayPal, Polygon, and Binance.

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Before cashing out, it’s essential to understand the conversion rate between in-game coins and real money.

In the United States, 10,000 coins are equivalent to $0.01, and the minimum amount you can withdraw is $0.05.

It’s also important to note that depending on the cash amount you wish to withdraw, you can only make a certain number of withdrawals in a day.

You can cash out up to five times a day for amounts of $0.05, $0.10, and $0.50.

However, you can only cash out $1, $5, $10, and $50 once a week.

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Is Ocean Crush Legit? Does it Pay?


Ocean Crush has been available on the Google Play Store since 2022, and it seems the game has undergone some changes since its initial release.

To determine whether Ocean Crush is legit and actually pays, I delved into user reviews on the Play Store to gather insights from real players.

It’s clear that experiences with Ocean Crush vary widely. Many negative reviews suggest that people have struggled to make money with the app.

Some users report issues with the game crashing, not receiving rewards, or being unable to cash out their earnings.

For example, one user wrote, “Fake money app! Even after hours of play, it refuses to give the last thing you need to earn the money. Takes forever to even earn $.35, and then when you do, it never actually withdraws the money to PayPal…. all sorts of error messages, and I was never able to make a withdrawal.”

However, amidst the sea of negative reviews, there are some glimmers of hope.

In my personal experience, I was surprised to find that I could successfully cash out $0.05 three times.

This suggests that the game does indeed pay, albeit in small amounts.

Another user shared a similar experience, stating, “Fell in love with it the second I had my first PayPal cash out.

“The app is fun and easy to use. Yes, there are ads, but who cares? All you have to do is pass a level, watch a short ad, and get coins, and that is REAL MONEY!!

It’s important to note that while Ocean Crush may pay out initially, it’s unclear how long this will continue.

Some users have reported that the game eventually stops paying or limits their account after a certain point.

One recent review from April 2024 mentions, “It’s working for a few days, then it starts to give limitations. The amount paid is too small, not worth spending a lot of time.”




Based on the mixed user reviews and my own experience, Ocean Crush seems to pay, but the amounts are minimal, and there’s no guarantee that it will continue to do so.

Unfortunately, many users have had issues with cashing out or find the rewards not worth the time invested.

If you decide to try Ocean Crush, do so with the understanding that it may provide a very small amount of cash.

To be honest, I doubt anyone was able to make more than $1 with it!


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