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Neon City Bingo Review – Can You Make 5 – 10k A Month?

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Welcome to my Neon City Bingo review!

You’ve probably stumbled upon Neon City Bingo, a free bingo game that’s been turning heads with its bold claims of paying out thousands of dollars.

The advert features a woman who supposedly withdrew $15,684 without spending a dime or even watching ads.

Sounds too good to be true.

But wait, there’s more! The game promises rewards ranging from $5 to $250 per gameplay, with cash going straight to your PayPal or CashApp.

And if that wasn’t enough, they claim you can make $5k to $10k per month just by playing for 1-2 hours a day.

neon city bingo advert

I mean, seriously? It’s no wonder many people fall for these claims without searching for reviews.

But not you, my savvy friend. You know better than to believe such grandiose offers unquestioningly.

You value your time and want to know the truth behind Neon City Bingo.

Is it a legit way to earn extra cash or another fake app designed to waste your precious hours?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out!

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Neon City Bingo Review


  • Name: Neon City Bingo
  • Payout Threshold: $500
  • Price: Free
  • Verdict: Fake


What is Neon City Bingo?


Neon City Bingo is a classic bingo game where players daub numbers on their scorecards as they are randomly called out.

The objective is to hit bingo patterns and earn rewards through cash and coins.

However, contrary to the advertisement, players must watch advertisements to collect their cash rewards.

This is how the developer, KPARK ADTECH LIMITED, generates revenue from the free-to-play game.

You accumulate more rewards as you progress through the game and win more bingo rounds.

However, you can only withdraw earnings after reaching the high payout threshold of $500. 


How Does Neon City Bingo Work? 

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Neon City Bingo is your ticket to a world of unlimited scorecards and dreams of big bucks.

It’s available worldwide on the Galaxy Store, and the best part? You don’t even need to sign up!

Just dive right in and start daubing those numbers.

Before you know it, you’ll be swimming in cash and ready to hand in your two-week notice at work. Easy peasy, right?

Well, not so fast. When you fire up the game, a notification pops up with three “simple” steps to earn “100% real cash.”

1 – Play, 2 – visit the hall, and 3 – cash out to your e-wallet. Sounds like a breeze!

All you need to do is collect a cool $500, and you’re ready to cash out. But wait, what’s this?

They want you to send your PayPal email and first and last name. Red flag alert!

Let’s get real here. No platform needs your full name to transfer money to your PayPal.

Download Freecash App 3

So why are these developers so keen on obtaining your personal information? It’s all a bit fishy if you ask me.

And don’t even get us started on the Galaxy Store’s lack of data security info.

Sharing your valuable data could be riskier than a game of bingo in a hurricane.


The Gameplay

Neon City Bingo lets you play with up to two scorecards at a time.

Mark off numbers to earn coins and cash. Hit bingo, and you’ll unlock the slot machine for even more rewards!

neon city bingo gameplay

But beware: collecting those bigger cash prizes means watching advertisements that often promote other “fake money” games, so tread carefully!

After playing for a bit, I stumbled upon something alarming: Neon City Bingo flashed the logo for another bingo game, Bingo Nights.

That name rang a bell – it was a popular game I’d busted as a total fake on my blog!

Curiosity piqued, I dug up my old Bingo Nights review. Guess what? It’s the EXACT same game as Neon City Bingo, just with a different name!


Sneaky Cash Grabs

An easy way to score cash in Neon City Bingo is to visit the hall section.

You’ll find mini-games there, but you don’t even have to play them!

Simply tapping the cash or coin icon on the left side will trigger another cash reward with a button displaying a higher amount.

Of course, clicking this button will trigger yet another video ad.

It’s obvious the developers designed this game to overload you with ads and make a quick buck themselves.


Cashing Out

Think you can cash out easily? Think again. You need a minimum balance of $500 to withdraw cash.

Those coins can supposedly be exchanged for gift cards ($500 to $5,000) from stores like Walmart, Amazon, and others.

The exchange rate is $1 per 500 coins.


Is Neon City Bingo Legit? Does it Pay? 


Alright, it’s time to expose the not-so-flashy truth about Neon City Bingo.

Brace yourself because this isn’t going to be pretty.

Neon City Bingo is another fake cash game that preys on people’s hopes of making a quick buck with minimal effort.

Let’s think about it logically for a second.

If the developers paid out all the cash they claim to, they’d be bankrupt faster than you can shout, “Bingo!”

It’s just not sustainable. The sad reality is that app stores are crawling with these misleading games, all designed to line the pockets of greedy developers through ad revenue.

And Neon City Bingo is no exception. When you start playing, they’ll throw you a bone and give you a decent amount of virtual cash.

But as you keep playing, you’ll notice that your earnings start to dwindle.

Soon enough, you’re barely scraping together a few pennies per game.

It’s a classic tactic countless developers use to keep you hooked while slowly crushing your dreams.

I’ve been reviewing these types of games for years, and it’s always the same story.

Millions of people worldwide are being misled by these apps, and they are pouring their time and energy into a fruitless endeavor.

And the worst part? That $500 payout they keep dangling in front of you like a carrot on a stick?

It’s nothing more than a mirage. No matter how many scorecards you daub, you’ll never see a single cent of that money.




The developers have no intention of ever paying out the advertised rewards.

If you’ve been playing Neon City Bingo or a similar fake cash game, we recommend uninstalling it immediately.

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What sets Freecash apart is its partnerships with the highest-paying offers on the market.

Some of these offers can reward you with more than $100 worth of coins.

Once accumulated as little as $0.25, you can quickly cash out via PayPal, gift cards, or even cryptocurrency.

As someone who has personally used Freecash, I can attest to its legitimacy.

“I’m thrilled to share that I’ve earned over $1,000 through this app, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to earn some extra cash!”

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Final Words

Well, there you have it – the unfiltered truth about Neon City Bingo.

I hope this review has opened your eyes to the nasty tactics these fake cash games employ.

Have you had any experiences with Neon City Bingo or similar apps?

Share your stories in the comments below and help others stay informed.


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