Big Win Hunter Review – No PayPal Money! Just Coins!

Big Win Hunter app reviewBig Win Hunter was one of those “money” games where players could supposedly cash out via PayPal.

One of their adverts showed a simulation where the player was making hundreds of dollars in a short period. Here is a screenshot that proves that!

big win hunter advertising

The result? Well, thousands of people installed and played the game to get a slice of the pie.

Such an aggressive marketing strategy has been used by many app developers for the past three or four years.

Unfortunately, most of them do not live up to people’s expectations and cause extreme frustration.

Big Win Hunter is a nice and addictive game, but is it legit? Does it pay or not?

Keep reading to get all the answers and make sure you bookmark this website for the latest app reviews!

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Big Win Hunter App Review


  • Name: Big Win Hunter
  • Developer: Rechard John
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 2.3/5

How Does Big Win Hunter Work?



Install the game for free on Google Play for Android devices. It does not require sign in or any permission.


How to Play?

Big Win Hunter is essentially a merging game with excellent graphics!

Your job is to combine the same level weapons (turrets) to upgrade and make them more powerful.

Big Win Hunter gameplay

Next, drag them to the attack position so they start shooting on the fishes automatically.

Whenever you kill a fish, you will earn gold, which you can use to buy more weapons.

Keep on upgrading your weapon to kill stronger fishes and collect more coins.

Activate the acceleration will give you double attack speed for 1 minute. You can also use the auto arrange tool to make your life easier.

When you complete the green bar, you must fight the boss to pass the level.

There is no other challenge in this game, which is why it becomes very boring after half an hour.


Does Big Win Hunter Pay Real Money?

No, it doesn’t!

In the past, Big Win Hunter enticed players with the opportunity to earn cash rewards, which explains why the app went viral!

Every time you unlocked a new Turret and watched a video, they would give you some fictitious PayPal money (Golden Fish Reward).

golden fish reward

However, you could only cash out after collecting $80, being active for 10 days. Later, they increased the minimum payout to $300, and required players to kill 2000 bosses.

That would take ages!

Big Win Hunter showed a list of users who had recently cashed out, but no one knows if they were real or not!

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No Cash Rewards

Recently, the developer has removed the cash incentive from the game, so now players can no longer accumulate virtual dollars.

I don’t believe Big Win Hunter was processing payments via PayPal because it just seemed too good to be true.

Game developers simply cannot afford to pay $50 – $300 to every user who reaches milestones.

Maybe there are some rare games that reward a few lucky players from time to time. But in that case, the odds of winning are usually very low!

For example, WINR Games organizes legit giveaways, but there are millions of entries. So, most people prefer to convert tickets to cash, and hopefully, withdraw via PayPal.


Final Thoughts

Big Win Hunter became viral by claiming people could make real money just by merging weapons and killing fish.

The game is nice, but it gets boring after a while. Therefore, its main attraction was the cash incentive, which doesn’t exist anymore. Nowadays, it’s only a normal game without dollar signs and PayPal icons.

You should not play Big Win Hunter with the expectation to exchange coins or virtual cash for money. It just won’t happen!


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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my Big Win Hunter app review!

As you may have noticed, the developer has launched the game in “Early Access”, which makes it impossible to leave a review on Google Play. So, use the comment box below if you want to share your experience!

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23 thoughts on “Big Win Hunter Review – No PayPal Money! Just Coins!”

  1. I strongly agree with you that this game takes too much of my time i played for 5 days straights without getting enough sleep just to earn money from this game but it was just another waste of my time.

  2. I am waiting for the payout for less than an hour…I am really hoping this is real. If not, may God bless them and I hope they are true and they won’t fool people.

    Hope and praying to get that cash out.

    1. condition #1 wait for three days and the money will be ” trasnfered to ur paypal.
      condition #2: after 3 days nothing happended but you have watch 100 videos.
      condition #3 after 100 videos youll have to play up to level 100. but upon reaching level 63 you cant kill the boss anymore. cannons also drop seldomly.

      1. After you reach requirements level, you have to login 100 days. That’s for $300. 150 days for $400, 200 days for $500 and so on
        It’s a scam

        1. When I was testing this app, it didn’t give me any virtual cash. I guess it depends on your location.
          So, yeah! Very frustrating! And even if you reach these requirements and log in for 200 days, there is no guarantee you will get your money. It’s possible, but not 100% guarantee!

      2. Condition#4 After killing all bosses and get to level 100
        Condition#5 check in everyday to play the game for the next 100 days to get payout.
        Condition#6…..loading 😄

  3. Please, I hope this game is real because I have input my PayPal wallet and they reply that money will drop in the next 72hours. I pray so!

  4. Ernest chimaroke

    I just don’t get it. What then is the purpose of advertising the app and when downloaded, it gives supposed PayPal virtual cash.

  5. I think it’s time for google play to review first their clients specially for those app who use a lot of promises to the people regarding how to earn money in an easy way, but sadly they are only using people for their own benefits..

  6. Ramon De Mesa Jr

    I redeemed my winning accumulated dollars of $300; $400; $500; $600 & $700 and waited for 72 hours to activates the payoff transfer to my paypal… “Wha…laa” no money was transferred to my paypal account… the massage says I should login 100 days to activate the transfer… Developer: Rechard John you fool many users of this app of yours…recommend to ban all his developed app as well… %$%%^%T!

  7. Felipa Quiñanola

    I just actually redeemed $300 through paypal. They gave me 3 days to watch 100 ads. I’ll try to watch it and will update everyone what will happen. If nothing happens, then better report this app and leave a bad review. 🙄

  8. I redeemed $300, $400, and $500 and they gave me 3 days to complete and watch the videos 100 videos for $300, 150 videos for $400 and 200 videos for $500. I finished it in less than 24 hours. Another conditions shows. I must login for 100 days ( $300 ), Reach Lvl 150 ( $400 ). I gave my leisure time to lvl-up ’til 150 ( $400 ) but another condition show. Want me to at least login for 150 days.
    Thoughts: A big waste of time and data. Will wait for 95 days more to know the result.

    1. Same here. Already in the 100days waiting phase. Will watch and see what happens then. Will surely give feedback here.

    1. No, I don’t think so. They give you hope to win if you collect enough puzzles, but there is no guarantee of winning any reward from this app.

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