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Alpha – Play and Earn Rewards Review – Legit or Fake?

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Welcome to my Alpha app review!

I have recently found an Android application claiming to play real money for playing games!

The advert showcased a woman scrolling through a list of sponsored games, each offering different cash prizes.

She chooses one that awards 1000 Astra points – the equivalent of $1.

Moments later, she looks astonished at her smartphone and says:

“Oh my God! $53 just got transferred to my PayPal!”

alpha advert

She’s visibly shocked and urges everyone to download the Alpha app.

You might have been let down by countless reward apps that promise the world and deliver only disappointment.

So, the question is: Is the Alpha app legit? Will it let you cash out as effortlessly as the advert claims and make you jump through hoops?

Dive into my review to uncover the truth!

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Alpha Review


  • Name: Alpha – Play and Earn Rewards
  • Developer: alpha games world
  • Company: Astra Games Ltd.
  • Payout threshold: 10000 Astra coins ($10)
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 2 stars


What is Alpha?


The Alpha app is an Android application promoted as the ultimate play-to-earn money app.

What caught my eye was their claim that you can earn a substantial income while having fun and tackling different tasks.

There are many ways to earn coins that can be transferred to your PayPal account.

The tasks typically involve reaching certain levels in a game or making in-game purchases.

However, you can also find other tasks like installing different applications and taking short surveys.

Alpha has already been installed over 100,000 times from the Play Store and rated 3 stars.

Such modest ratings often indicate the app might fall short of its claims!


How Alpha App Works

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Getting Started with Alpha App


Eligibility and Installation

To use Alpha, you must meet the age requirement of 18 years.

The app is available worldwide and can be easily installed for free from the Play Store.

Setting Up Your Account

Logging in is a breeze with Alpha App. Users can use their Google or Facebook accounts for a seamless experience.

Upon signing up, you will need to grant permission to collect and process your personal data.

This is primarily used for personalized advertising and analytics.

No Welcome Bonus

Unlike many reward apps, Alpha App does give users welcome bonuses.

This is one drawback, but it’s worth considering that many apps with such bonuses often fail to meet users’ expectations.

Navigating the Offers with Tapjoy

Alpha App collaborates with TapJoy, a well-known third-party provider, to present an extensive offer wall listing various game offers.

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Why TapJoy?

The partnership with TapJoy benefits both sides.

By hosting these game offers, Alpha App attracts users, increasing app usage and engagement.

In return, game developers get more exposure and possibly more players.

Alpha App makes money from the advertisers as people engage with the games, allowing it to operate and offer rewards.

Accessing Offers

To explore these opportunities, tap the “Earn Coin” button.

alpha home

Alternatively, the “Play Now” tab serves the same purpose.

Notably, the list of offers is extensive, especially for users in the UK.

On the other hand, the availability of offers might be reduced in other countries due to lower advertising budgets.

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Earning Astra Coins


Understanding the Coin System

Alpha operates on a coin-based system, and the conversion rate is simple: 1,000 Astra coins are equivalent to $1.

Selecting and Completing Offers

After choosing an offer, Alpha will display the tasks available alongside their respective coin rewards.

alpha - tapjoy offerwall

For instance, in the game “Ant Legion,” you must upgrade the Queen level to earn multiple coin rewards.

To start any task, tap the ‘Earn’ icon, download the game or app from the Play Store, and aim to hit the milestones.

Web Tab Tasks

The Web tab at the top provides various non-gaming tasks.

These include completing surveys, visiting websites, and taking quizzes.

Companies value consumer insights, so they’re willing to pay users for their opinions.

Through surveys, businesses get valuable feedback to enhance their products and services.

Cashback through Shopping

Under the shopping tab, you’ll find a cashback program.

After selecting an offer, any purchases you make grant you a cashback, converting directly into coins.

However, always read the terms and conditions meticulously to ensure you meet the requirements and avoid surprises.

Referring Friends

Like other reward platforms, you can boost your coin balance by inviting friends to join the Alpha App.

Share your referral link via social media, email, or any other method.

Once your referred friend completes their first task, you’ll be credited 1,000 coins.

Missing Rewards?

If your earned rewards don’t appear, navigate to the specific offer and tap “Contact Support” under Reward Status.

Next, initiate a chat, and follow the instructions.


Cashing Out Your Rewards

When you’re ready to enjoy your earnings, head to the profile section and click the ‘Withdraw’ button.

Remember, you can only cash out once you’ve accumulated at least 10,000 coins.

You can transfer your funds to your PayPal account upon reaching this threshold.

Bear in mind there’s a 1.5% fee for PayPal transfers, which is a bummer!

Before getting your earnings from Alpha App, there’s an essential step you need to complete: verifying your identity.

This process involves providing your full Social Security Number (SS#).

However, sharing the SS# is a matter of concern for many.

Given its importance and the potential risks associated with identity theft, many hesitate to proceed.

Alpha App works with a company called Tilia to handle your money when you cash out through PayPal.

Tilia acts as the middleman that helps move your earnings safely.


User Feedback


Alpha has been rated 3 stars out of 5, which is not great.

Many users have expressed concerns about the decreasing coin rewards over time.

At first, reaching the required steps to maximize coins might take weeks.

But the rewards start to dwindle once users put in the effort. In some cases, it’s almost negligible.

One user shared that he began with decent earnings. Everything appeared on track until, suddenly, his rewards plummeted to mere pennies.

Another user, hoping to earn more, completed an in-app purchase deal. 

The outcome? Not only did she not get her anticipated reward, but her app also stopped working.

When she reached out for help, she received no response from the other side.

Her frustration was evident when she said, “The app was supposed to make me money, not take it from me.”

Adding to this, another user noticed that after her 3rd cashout, the reward rates for games were slashed.

What was once a $2-$3 reward per game dropped dramatically to $0.10-$0.30, with some even lower.

Despite these issues, some users appreciate Alpha’s vast list of offers.

But, this positive note is overshadowed by the recurring theme: diminishing rewards.

The consensus is that the effort users put in to cash out isn’t worth it.

Most of these games are full of advertisements, so you are trading your time for pennies.

As for the developers? They earn substantially more since they capitalize on the high volume of users engaging with the offers.


Is the Alpha App Legit or Fake? 


Alpha App appears to operate a legit play-to-earn model, and users earn rewards, albeit inconsistently.

However, “legitimate” doesn’t necessarily equate to “worthwhile.”

As users progress, the rewards they earn from games decrease drastically.

This is a classic bait-and-switch model where users are initially lured with higher rewards only to see their earnings dwindle.

Therefore, users might find it increasingly difficult to reach the cash-out threshold.

That’s a smart strategy developers use to increase your engagement and maximize profits.




Alpha offers a variety of games and potential earning opportunities.

But unfortunately, the reduced rewards have left many users disgruntled.

For an app that promises substantial income, the return on time and effort is very disappointing!

Anyone considering the Alpha app should know that and proceed with realistic expectations.


Is There an Alternative to Apha? 


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Final Words

Thank you for diving deep into my Alpha review! Your time and interest are greatly appreciated.

I’d love to hear from you! If you have opinions, experiences to share, or any questions about the app, drop them in the comments below.


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