2048 Balls Merge App Review – No More Cash After $99.98

2048 balls mergeapp reviewWelcome to my 2048 Balls Merge app review!

I have recently watched an ad promoting 2048 Balls Merge, a mobile game that supposedly let players win real money and cash out via PayPal.

The ad was showing a fictitious PayPal balance growing quickly while the game was running. It makes people think they can make a killing just by playing games on their smartphones!

lots of money

Google Play is jam-packed with extremely addictive money-making games. They give you a lot of cash in the early stages of the game to hook you and get you to watch a ton of ads.

Then, they start dishing out pennies once in a while so you can never reach their required payout amount.

You are probably wondering – Is 2048 Balls Merge a legit or another scam? Will they let you cash out and receive the payment?

Let’s find out!

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2048 Balls Merge App Review


  • Name: 2048 Balls Merge
  • Developer: Gold Win Studio
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Minimum payout: $100
  • Similar apps: Lucky 2048, 2048 Balls 3D
  • Overall Rating: 2.2/5


What is 2048 Balls Merge?


2048 Balls Merge is a cool game with a simple rule: Merge balls with the same number until you reach 2048. It’s very similar to Lucky 2048, and 2048 Balls 3D.

Every time you collide two balls with the same number, they will be replaced by one ball with double the previous number.

Also, every time you merge two balls and form a new higher number, you will earn virtual cash that will accumulate in your account.

The game says you need to have 100 USD to cash out, which seems easy to reach when you get $66 on your very first merge. But as you will see, this is just a bait!

2048 Balls Merge is a game operated by Gold Win Studio, which has another even more popular “cash” app called Gold Win.

Keep reading the next section if you want to understand how to play the game and whether you can really make money.


How Does 2048 Balls Merge Work? 


After installing 2048 Balls Merge on Google Play, you can start playing without creating an account. 

First, you just have to swipe your finger and drop the ball number 2 anywhere. Then, the goal is to combine two balls of the same number or colour.

2048 merge balls game

Once two balls collide, they are replaced by another ball which has double the number. You can continue merging the balls until you finally unlock the last ball 2048.

It requires some strategy as the balls keep piling up and you cannot let any of them reach the top.

Watch this video to see how to play the game:

You can use the 10t or multi-colour ball to blast multiple balls or any balls respectively.

When you blast lots of balls at once or unlock a new ball, you will see a PayPal logo and a “get” button. After you tap on this button and watch the ad, you will receive virtual cash rewards.

paypal reward


Is 2048 Balls Merge Legit? Does it Pay? 


Just like hundreds of games on Google Play, the closer you get to cash out, the cash rewards get smaller and smaller. 

2048 Balls Merge will give you $66 after your first ball merge, but once you reach $90, you will be making pennies.

The more you play the game, the more difficult it gets to unlock the next number, and you will watch hundreds of ads!

Many people pushed forward and reached $99.98 only to find out the game is not willing to give them the last $0.02. When you get the PayPal reward after watching the video, it says $0.00. Nice reward, huh?

negative review

So, it’s possible that you will unlock the last ball of the game (2048) before they let you reach $100, which means you may never get paid.

The game is cool, but I believe the only person who is making money is the developer. As you can see on Google Play, lots of people have rated it 1 star for the lack of 0.

1 star reviews


Pros and Cons



  • It’s a fun and addictive game.
  • It’s free.


  • There is an excessive amount of ads.
  • You will probably get stuck at $99.98.
  • The advertising is deceptive because it makes people think they can make lots of money.




2048 Balls Merge is a very addictive game which is great for killing time. However, it’s very unlikely that you will make $100.

I doubt the app developer has enough funds to pay everyone, operate the app and still make decent profits. The reason is that they don’t make so much money with in-app advertisement.

You can see the same frustrating pattern in most “money-making” games on Google Play such as this puzzle word game and this trendy balls game.

They will dish out lots of virtual dollars during the first 10 – 30 minutes to make you happy and willing to watch the ads they throw at you.

Sadly, the rewards get smaller and smaller, forcing you to play a lot longer than you previously thought you would. This infuriates lots of people who were playing and watching lots of ads in hopes to cash out.

So, here is my advice: If you want to play 2048 Balls Merge, do it for the gaming experience and forget about the dollar signs. If you want money, then you need to avoid wasting time with games and other reward apps.


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Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my 2048 Balls Merge review. If you have any questions or would like to share your results after playing the game, let us know in the comment section below!

Stay safe and peace out!

32 thoughts on “2048 Balls Merge App Review – No More Cash After $99.98”

  1. I also got to $99.98 and it will not give you the last two cents. I feel scammed for sure . Don’t use this app if you think your getting a payout from Pay Pal.

    1. Hi Shannon,

      I can feel your frustration with this game. So many people are getting stuck at $99.98! The virtual cash doen’t mean a thing because you don’t own the money. That’s why it’s very important to read reviews before installing and using any app. 2048 Balls Merge is not an app to make money.

    2. I thought that at first to I was so mad I was 2 cents away
      After 2months I opened the app and played I recived those last 2 cents. The game can in fact be won.
      I’m now waiting for the $100 to hit my PayPal.
      Don’t believe anyone who says it stoped at $99.98
      I might believe $199.98
      Because the next pay out is $200
      And I haven’t made it that far yet.

      1. Hi, thank you for sharing! It’s good to know that you can collect those two cents, but I think the game’s algorithm should not freeze earnings, otherwise people will not only stop playing but also leave a negative review. Please, let us know when you receive the payment.
        All the best

      2. Only problem I have found is now I have reached $100 it wont let let cash out. I have $100 and it keeps saying I need $100 before I can cash out. It’s stuck on stupid.

      1. Me too. I have reached $100.01 and it wont let let cash out. I have $100.01 and it keeps saying I need $100 before I can cash out. It’s stuck on stupid.

    3. Shannon, SAME THING here. I only WISH I had read the reviews! It’s SAD that these app owners are allowed to do this and get away with it. I too got to $99.98 and wouldn’t let me get ANY further! WASTE OF TIME!!

  2. Mischelle. Marie dela torre

    I am one of thoae who hoped to get money. I. Was totally broke because I was scammed by investments on line. All. I have is 2 dollars left… I played megsd balls hoping to earn to answer our expenses at the middle of. This crisis. But only to be diapaites upon reaching 99.98 dollars. I hope there will be somebody to help. Me.

  3. I have experienced the same with this so called money making app as well as many others, I honestly should have done some research before using any of these apps; not looking to get rich by any means, but wondering if there’s any that you can legitimately make a few extra bucks via PayPal?

  4. I am also left with 99.98 and won’t let me go further find this extremely upsetting as I needed the money.

  5. I also got a 99.98 on 2048 merge ball app. The cash payout is 100 dollars, I saw the penny’s go to the calculator but it did not calculate the penny’s. If yall are not intended to pay out the cash as shown yall should not be posting it. That is false advertising, and against the law. Yall should pay everyone who has took their time and just lost it because of your calculator. I enjoy your game but a scam for the money. I have a PayPal account on my phone.

  6. i got to $99.98 on the game and it won’t give me my money and i do have paypal on my phone and i want my money now

    1. Hi Lisa, it’s a very frustrating experience when you get stuck and cannot cash out. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. Just turn the page and avoid playing games with the expectation of making money.

  7. I also reached $99.98 and would not let me go any further I think you should not scam people with lies I would like my money and would like to file a claim for false advertisement.

    1. Hi Fredrick, thanks for your comment. So, that means the game asked for other requirements to cash out. Is that correct? How long did you take to reach $100? Another person said he reached $100 and cashed out, but he is still waiting for the payment.

    2. Me too! It’s stuck on 1 day and I’ve played for days and the envelope thing was on day two once and bounced back to 1. I have over 114 dollars s on mine. This is a scam and I’m really upset that I wasted many nights doing this so I can get my children school clothes and supplies since they are going back to school next week. 😟


  8. I spent a few sleelpess nights thinking, this is going to be the night that I reach the $100 mark but after reaching $99.90, I saw approximately 30 pennies disappear between the leaving point and my balance (on screen) through out an entire day. I became frustrated and decided to get some sleep. The next day when I returned and ta-da, my balance read $100.21, I go to “CASH OUT” but instead I get an error message that reads you have to have 100 UD $ to cash out. I was never told that we were counting Japenese Yen all along (smile). Today is the second day and I have not been able to or speak with any one, any suggestion?

    1. Hi Harold, sorry to hear you are struggling with this game. I think it’s very unlikely to make money, which is why I wouldn’t bother. As I said to Donna, it’s much better to build an internet business, which allows you to grow an online audience and make affiliate commissions. That’s what I do for a living, and I know it works for people who are patient and work hard to achieve their goals. Click here to learn about this type of business and how you can get started! If you have any questions, just let me know, and I will be more than glad to help!

  9. I am up to $99.98 on three different versions of 2048. Have played for hours over many days at that level, and it doesn’t budge. One of them actually rolled back to $99.80 twice, but still stops at $99.98. One of them turned solid blue screen, then green, as soon as I got to $99.98. One let me get to $100.21 but would not let me cash out. Talk about a scam. Two of the word games I have played for a very long time also, make you win 50 levels for each 1 cent after you get within $10 of cashing out.
    Is there even ONE honest game among these money games? I doubt it.

    1. Hi Dona, thanks for your valuable contribution to this post. You are right, there are different version of this game, but none of them seems to pay out. It’s sad that people are wasting so much time just generating ad revenue for app developers. If you want to make real money online, use your time to build an online business and make your thoughts and opinions work for you. This excellent training will show you the way. I am part of the community and I can personally help you achieve your goals.


  10. I have been stuck at 99.98 as well for months. I have contacted the company 5 times. Reread the fine print… even though you dont sign or consent to anything….
    They have 2 different contact sites… sketchy… they say they cant share info without consent… my bank has traces 3 separate website this game SPECIFICALLY SOLD MY INFORMATION. I DID NOT CONSENT TO ANY OF THAT. THANKFULLY I HAVE BEEN REIMBURED FOR THE SITES THEY SIGNED ME UP FOR (CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENTS). I HAVE NOT received a reply from the 2 contact support information given by this game… and I can not longer rate or find the app in the play store…. Time for a class action suit??


  12. I’m in the same boat I got to 99.98 and couldn’t earn the last two cents.

    If I try to open the app now, I get a green screen and nothing else. I think I found the right company and emailed them. I can’t find the app in the Play Store at this time. So frustratingly. 😠

      1. I reached the $100, in fact, I am over. Won’t let me cash out. Just keeps saying I need $100 to cash out. Its stuck on stupid. One would like to think these games have validity but I never started playing believing I’d get anything. I took it as a challenge just to see if it’s one more scam. Careful folks, they’ve got the same app with a different name, i.e., Balls Merge without the 2048. It’s the same with same problem.

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