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WalkWard Review – Can You Win $100+ For Walking

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Welcome to the WalkWard review!

Who would have guessed that something as simple as a walk could become a source of income?

Welcome to the intriguing world of WalkWard, a step-tracking app that boldly claims to pay you real money for your everyday steps.

Can you imagine? In an era where fitness apps are a dime a dozen, this one dares to stand out with an offer that seems almost too good to be true.

Perhaps you’ve encountered WalkWard through a captivating advertisement, much like the one that caught my attention.

A man casually approaches a young boy on the street and asks – “Want to make some money?”

Naturally, who would decline such an offer?

He then suggests, “Give me your phone, download WalkWard, and sign in to claim your $100 bonus.”

The next scene? The young guy proudly displays his PayPal account, now $100 richer, claiming, “It really paid off.”

So, here you are, reading this review because maybe you’re getting skeptical about the legitimacy of such an enticing offer.

With so many deceptive cash games and misleading promotions, your skepticism is pure gold.

So, is WalkWard the real deal or just another fake cash app?

Does it genuinely reward its users, or is it a clever facade?

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These are the questions that need answers, and I’m here to bring them to light.

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WalkWard Review


  • Name: WalkWard
  • Developer: Fitness Dev Team
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: N/A
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is WalkWard?


WalkWard is an Android app that claims to turn your steps into cash.

It’s a free application that boasts over 1 million installations on the Play Store.

The brains behind WalkWard are the Fitness Dev Team, known for developing popular money-making games like Chubby Garden, Dots Connect, and Block Puzzle Master.

Check out my Chubby Garden Review! 

However, it’s crucial to highlight that these games have a dark history. 

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I have personally exposed many of these games in the past, revealing their true nature as they failed to pay even a single dime to their users.

Moreover, I have reviewed countless misleading pedometers that, under the guise of health and fitness, exploit users for profit.

Given this background, things are not looking particularly promising for WalkWard.


How Does WalkWard Work? 


WalkWard is available worldwide and does not require user registration.

However, a significant red flag arises immediately: the app demands that users activate telephone permission. 

This requirement is unusual and suspicious, especially since the app does not explain the need for such access.

It’s not a common practice for apps, particularly those focused on fitness or step tracking, to request this specific permission.

Given the lack of transparency, I would advise caution and recommend against granting such access.

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Once past this initial hurdle, WalkWard entices users to walk and redeem their steps for rewards.

As a sign-up bonus, the app generously offers 20,000 free steps.

What’s the actual value of your steps?

The app’s conversion rate is 50 steps to 250 cash tokens.


Earning Cash For While Walking

WalkWard tracks your movement through its sensor and counts your steps as you walk.

You need at least 50 steps to tap the conversion button to convert your steps into tokens.

However, each tap triggers an advertisement, which is how the developer monetizes the app.

You can boost your earnings by tapping on ‘cash bubbles.’

These can be multiplied by five by pressing the “claim 5x” button and watching another advert.


Playing Games 

WalkWard also features three additional games – Scratch Card, Lucky Wheel, and Knife Master – which promise more earnings.

In the “game” tab, several mini-games are available.

While these games don’t directly reward players, tapping on the cash icon on the right of these games leads to the familiar routine.

An advertisement pops up, which you must watch until the end.


Cashing out

Tapping on the cash balance in WalkWard reveals four levels, each with a specific token target that you must reach to cash out supposedly.

The first level requires accumulating 140,000 tokens. But how much do you withdraw?

Well, buckle up because you will be shocked!


Is WalkWard Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, WalkWard doesn’t pay out a single dime. The developers cleverly avoid using any real currency to represent the balance you earn in the app.

This is why I refer to the earnings as “Cash tokens.” Essentially, these tokens are worthless!

You diligently collect the minimum requirement of 140,000 tokens, anticipating a reward.

But what happens when you select the level 1 reward to redeem?

You’re met with a notification displaying a crying emoji. Here is a screenshot:

WalkWard crying emoji

It’s their sarcastic way of saying – “We fooled you, and you won’t be receiving any money in your PayPal account.”

What a joke!

It becomes evident that the promise of cash rewards is merely bait to lure users into an advertising trap.

Every action within the app, be it converting steps, tapping on cash bubbles, or engaging with the mini-games, leads to adverts.

The app exploits the allure of easy money to encourage continuous interaction while providing no real financial return.



WalkWard is not what it claims to be. The promise of turning steps into cash is, unfortunately, an empty one.

The application intends to generate advertising revenue for the developers rather than paying you.

Therefore, I strongly advise against using WalkWard!

For those seeking a legitimate step tracker that rewards you, there is an alternative: WinWalk.

This app actually rewards its users for their steps, albeit modestly.

If you’re interested in a genuine step-to-reward app, I encourage you to check out my review of WinWard here.

There, I explore its functionalities and how much money you can earn.


Final Words

Thanks for reading my WalkWard review! If you have any questions about this app or want to express your opinions, please feel free to leave a comment below.



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