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Chubby Garden Review – Does it Pay $100 For Matching Animals?

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Welcome to my Chubby Garden review!

Today, we dive headfirst into another match puzzle game adorned with adorable animals and outrageous cash prizes!

Chubby Garden has attracted over half a million people on the Play Store with its cute faces and dollar signs.

I discovered this app through a crazy advert. The scene?

A girl at a bustling market was doling out a substantial sum of money to an astonished vendor.

The poor guy asked how on earth she got all that money.

Then, she replies that she is playing Chubby Garden and winning $500 a day! OMG! 

chubby garden advert

The advert goes on to say you can safely cash out to your PayPal account.

The best part? The game is completely free to play, so you are not risking your hard-earned money for a chance to win.

You just swipe to connect three or more identical animals and collect cash rewards as you progress.

It’s no wonder many people are wondering if Chubby Garden is legit or fake. Does it pay or not? Is it another wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Let’s find out!

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Chubby Garden Review


  • Name: Chubby Garden
  • Advertiser: Fitness Dev Team
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: $100
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Chubby Garden?


Chubby Garden is another addictive match puzzle game available on the Android platform.

It features an array of adorable animals with one common goal: merging and evolving into higher-level creatures.

The gameplay is simple and resembles the famous Candy Crush. All you need to do is slide and group together at least three identical animals of the same level.

Once grouped, these cute creatures merge into a new animal of a higher level.

The more combos you execute and levels you conquer, the more coins you accumulate.

And yes, these coins can supposedly be exchanged for real cash via PayPal.

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Surprisingly enough, despite the actual cash on offer, the developer claims Chubby Garden was designed for both the young and old.

Given the addictive nature of this game, I believe they should be limited to an adult audience.


How Does Chubby Garden Work? 


You can install and play Chubby Garden on any Android device without registration.

Anyone over 12 can quickly install it for free from the Play Store and dive right into the gameplay.

The moment you launch the game, it explains how to convert your hard-earned coins for cash.

Curious about the conversion rate? It’s pretty straightforward: 1000 coins translate into $10.

You can check your coin balance at any time, and it shows both the amount of coins you’ve earned and their equivalent value in dollars.

PayPal is your go-to option if you’re in the UK or the US. And for new players, the cash-out process begins at a minimum of $100.

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There are several cash-out options stretching up to a mind-boggling $100,000! It makes you dream big, right?

As for the gameplay, it’s all about strategy and combos. You’ll earn coins by achieving multiple merges (combos) and by unlocking new-level animals.

chubby garden gameplay

You will also get coins when a new animal is unlocked. However, the game pushes an advert down your throat whenever you collect the coins.

It’s a cunning strategy by the developers to drive their profits while keeping players hooked on the promise of big winnings.

But the virtual winnings don’t stop at the coins. Once you reach level 8, you’ll trigger the daily tasks feature.

Stay consistent for 30 days, and you could rake in an astounding $900—that’s $30 per day just for merging cute animals!

It seems like something straight out of a fairy tale! 


Is Chubby Garden Legit? Does it Pay? 


Here is the truth behind those adorable animal faces and tantalizing cash rewards:

Chubby Garden doesn’t pay a dime! It’s another fake cash game cleverly designed to milk the player for advertising revenue. Learn how to spot them like a pro in this post! 

The developer’s agenda is clear: they want to keep you playing for as long as possible.

This intent is glaringly apparent in the high cash-out target that players must reach before withdrawing their supposed winnings.

You’ll need a hefty 10,000 coins to cash out $100.

Initially, coins flow in abundance, and reaching 4000 is a breeze! 

However, once you pass level 8 and the daily reward feature kicks in, the coin rain ceases.

Instead, the game switches up the rewards, offering virtual dollars.

These dollars accumulate separately, and the catch is you can only cash them out after 30 consecutive days of play.

As a result, there is a sharp decrease in your coin rewards, and reaching the payout threshold becomes daunting. 

But even if, by some miracle, you manage to hit the target, don’t expect to see a single dollar in your bank account.

The developers might toss additional requirements so you can activate your order, but you will never get paid. 

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Sadly, Chubby Garden’s incentives are fake, just like countless mobile games on the Play Store. 

My advice? Save your time and energy for something that can really on your best interest! 

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Final Words

Big thanks for reading my Chubby Garden review! If you want to share your thoughts or ask questions about this application, drop a line in the comments below.


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