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2do Brainy Review – Can You Redeem 10,000 Robux?

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Welcome to my 2do Brainy review!

Are you tired of forking out huge bucks on those in-game currencies that just seem to vanish as quickly as you can say “Robux”?

Well, today, I’ve got an interesting tidbit to share with you.

Have you ever heard of 2do Brainy? This app claims to be your golden ticket to earning game currency on popular titles such as Roblox, Free Fire, and Brawl Stars.

Now I know what you’re thinking – “That sounds too good to be true.”

We’ve all seen apps promise the moon and the stars only to leave us with nothing but ads and disappointment.

These game credits can hit the wallet, and not every user can afford them!

That’s why apps like 2do Brainy pique our interest – the potential to boost our gaming experience without breaking the bank.

But here’s the catch: not all apps are created equal.

Many of them lead you down a rabbit hole of endless ads, leaving you feeling like you’ve been scammed.

So, today, we’ll dive headfirst into the world of 2do Brainy.

Is it legit or fake? Will they transfer Robux to your account? Let’s find out!


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2do Brainy Review


  • Name: 2do Brainy
  • Developer: SinCos Play
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: 10,000
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is 2do Brainy?


2do Brainy is an app that claims to reward users with game currency, such as Robux and diamonds, for completing offers.

It boasts over 1 million installations, indicating a significant user base.

SinCos Play operates the app and is still in its early access phase, so the developer doesn’t allow user reviews on the Play Store.

The app’s Play Store description doesn’t mention anything about earning game rewards, which is strange.

The fact that 2do Brainy doesn’t clearly explain how it works makes it hard for users to know what to expect.

Users usually have to install sponsored apps and play them for some time to earn points in reward apps.

However, 2do Brainy appears to operate differently from the norm.

Once users have gathered enough of these coins, they can supposedly redeem them for game currency.

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How Does 2do Brainy Work? 


2do Brainy apparently operates by earning money from advertisers and passing on a portion to users who complete the tasks.

Unlike many similar apps, it doesn’t require users to register, allowing quick and easy access.

However, one significant concern arises – the app doesn’t encrypt data, posing a severe vulnerability to user information.

Data encryption is crucial for safeguarding personal and sensitive information.

Without encryption, your data is exposed to potential risks, including identity theft and privacy breaches.

Upon launching the app for the first time, they prompt you to select a game for which you want to redeem coins.

The three options available are Roblox, Free Fire (FF), and Brawl Stars.

This selection sets the stage for the ultimate goal of collecting 10,000 coins to unlock the redemption process.

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To entice users, 2do Brainy offers a Lucky user bonus of 2000 coins, which adds to the initial appeal.


How do you accumulate coins?

The app outlines a seemingly simple process consisting of three steps: picking a game, playing, and completing tasks for cash prizes.

At first glance, I expected 2do Brainy to work similarly to apps like Cash Mafia or Just Play.

However, that’s not how exactly it works!

When users tap “Go” to start a task, instead of being directed to the Play Store, 2do Brainy opens another section filled with advertisements and more free game options.

This page continuously refreshes to display various adverts.

Here, you can indeed collect coins, but not by playing the games.

Instead, you must tap the coin icon on the left side of the screen to trigger the coin reward.

The reward can be multiplied by five by selecting “Claim 5x” and watching a video advertisement.

Notably, these video ads often promote questionable “get rich quick” cash games, revealing the developer’s strategy of exploiting users’ time to generate revenue.


Redeeming your coins

To initiate the redemption process, you must accumulate 10,000 coins, equivalent to 10,000 Robux, 10,000 Free Fire diamonds, or 2,000 Brawl Stars gems.

You can access the redemption feature by tapping the last icon, represented by a wallet symbol.

Within this section, you can select one of the three games available and proceed to redeem your coins.

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Is 2do Brainly Legit? Does it Reward Users? 


2do Brainy doesn’t deliver on its promise of transferring game currency or any substantial rewards.

For instance, the notion of receiving 10,000 Robux, which is worth around £100, is entirely unrealistic.

The simple reason behind this is that the developer doesn’t generate enough revenue to offer such generous prizes.

It’s a classic bait-and-switch tactic.

The app’s primary design is to maximize profits, and it does so by enticing users with an appealing offer – whether it’s cash or game currency.

They make you believe these rewards are attainable by reaching a specific target, in this case, accumulating 10,000 coins.

However, reaching this target proves to be a monumental task!

You are compelled to watch many advertisements in exchange for virtual rewards.

Here’s where 2do Brainy employs a strategy identical to other fake Robux games – the closer you get to the 10,000-coin mark, the less you earn.

At some point, the app starts doling out fractions of a coin, rendering your efforts increasingly futile.

Unfortunately, no matter how determined you are to reach that milestone, the app will never deliver.




2do Brainy is an app designed to trap users with the allure of substantial rewards.

It leads users on a fruitless journey, luring them with the prospect of earning game currency or cash prizes that are simply unattainable.

Although earning 10,000 coins to unlock rewards may sound appealing, the developer cannot deliver on these promises due to limited resources.

The core strategy behind 2do Brainy is to exploit users’ time by bombarding them with advertisements.

They lure you into watching their videos by promising to increase your earnings.

But as you inch closer to the elusive 10,000-coin goal, the app becomes increasingly stingy with rewards.

You get stuck in a never-ending loop of diminishing returns.

The app aims to line the developer’s pockets, leaving users disillusioned and frustrated.

Therefore, you should avoid 2do Brainy at all costs!


Is There a Legit App to Earn Game Currency? 


You can get free game currency and rewards through a reward app called Freecash. 

This app lets you earn points by doing tasks or offers. You can exchange these points for game skins in popular games like League of Legends and Fortnite.

They used to have Roblox gift cards, but not anymore. If your game isn’t on their list, no worries!

You can convert your points into cash using PayPal. With money, you can buy game currency for any game you want.

You can even withdraw crypto and several gift cards like Amazon and Steam.

It’s a flexible way to earn cool gaming stuff, and it’s legitimate.

If you’re interested, click here to check it out and start earning rewards for your games! Don’t forget to use my code to receive your free case with a prize of up to $250! 


Final Words

Thanks for reading my 2do Brainy review! Please comment below if you have any questions or want to share your story.

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