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Cash Mafia Review – Does it Pay? What Are Users Saying?

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Welcome to my Cash Mafia review!

Are you tired of endlessly chasing reward apps, hoping to find one that actually pays off?

Let’s face it: the internet is a minefield of these applications promising easy money for minimal effort.

But how many of them genuinely deliver on their promises?

This brings us to CashMafia, another player in the game of reward-based apps.

The platform claims to pay users for simple tasks like playing games and completing surveys.

You might have stumbled upon this app through an advertisement, just like I did.

A convincing testimonial from a woman praising CashMafia, highlighting its ease of use and the potential to make some extra income.

It sounds ideal. But here’s the million-dollar question:

Is CashMafia the real deal or just another app that exploits your time and possibly even your money with no real payoff?

In a world where time is precious and making a quick buck online is increasingly challenging, you must know if this app stands out.

Is it a legitimate opportunity or just another time-waster?

You deserve an app that values your time and rewards you fairly. So, let’s find out!

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Cash Mafia Review


  • Name: Cash Mafia
  • Developer: Rayole Software
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Payout Threshold: $1
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 4 stars


What is Cash Mafia? 


CashMafia is a rewards app developed by Rayole Software, which operates other popular money-making apps like Cash Ninja and mCash.

Here is my Cash Ninja review! 

The platform allows users to earn coins by completing various tasks, making it an accessible platform for anyone seeking extra income.

These tasks range from playing games, downloading apps, taking surveys, and participating in different offers.

What sets CashMafia apart is its user-friendly approach to earning and low payout threshold of $1.

As you engage in activities within the app, you earn coins that can be exchanged for real cash.

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This system is simple and collaborates with numerous companies to provide tasks.

With over 50,000 downloads, CashMafia has attracted a notable user base.

Besides, it’s rated 4.6 stars, indicating a generally positive reception from its users.


How Does Cash Mafia Work? 


CashMafia operates by connecting users with various survey and offer providers.

This creates a bridge between companies seeking consumer insights and individuals looking to earn some extra money.

The developer, Rayole Software, generates income through this model by acting as an intermediary.

When users complete surveys or offers, the companies behind these activities pay CashMafia.

A portion of this payment is then passed on to the users as coins within the app.

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Essentially, CashMafia benefits from the volume of users engaging with these tasks, and the more active users it has, the more revenue it generates.

This business model is quite standard in the world of reward apps, where user engagement directly correlates to the app’s profitability.

By maintaining a wide range of surveys and offers, CashMafia ensures a steady stream of activities for its users, which in turn sustains its income and ability to pay out rewards.


Installation and Registrastion

The app is free to download and can be used worldwide on Android.

Once you’ve launched Cash Mafia, the first step involves selecting your preferred language and agreeing to the app’s Disclosure.

You can only register with your Google account, as this is currently the only sign-up method.

After registering, you’re prompted to accept Adjoe’s privacy policy and terms of service.

Adjoe is a third-party provider integrated within Cash Mafia, offering the feature of downloading and playing games in exchange for coins.

This feature is essential for the app to track the tasks you complete in sponsored apps, ensuring you receive the deserved rewards.

Once these steps are completed, you gain access to the CashMafia dashboard.

Unlike some other apps, CashMafia doesn’t offer a welcome bonus, which might be a slight disappointment for new users.

However, the Dashboard opens up various avenues to earn coins.

Before explaining all the methods to earn coins, knowing their actual value is essential.


How Much Are Coins Worth? 

Understanding the value of coins in CashMafia is key to measuring your potential earnings.

To put it simply, the minimum amount you can cash out is 7,000 coins, which is equivalent to $1.

This means that each coin in CashMafia is worth approximately $0.000143.

However, a more practical way to think about the value of these coins is to consider 1000 coins.

Since 7,000 coins equal $1, if you divide $1 by 7, you get around $0.14.

Therefore, every 1,000 coins you earn in CashMafia are worth approximately $0.14.


How to Earn Coins with Cash Mafia? 

The Dashboard offers different ways to earn coins, including completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and undertaking various tasks.

cash mafia dashboard

Here’s a breakdown of each:


Completing Surveys

When you dive into CashMafia’s survey section, you connect with partners like Wannads, CPX Research, BitLabs, and Timewall.

Before you start, you’ll answer some profile questions to match you with the right surveys.

But remember that sometimes you might get disqualified if you’re not the target demographic or the survey quota is full.

It’s a bit of a hit or miss, but it’s part of the game.

Most surveys on Cash Mafia will earn you less than $1 each.

The longer and more complex the survey, the more coins you’ll get.


Watching Videos

A more straightforward way to earn coins is watching short videos or adverts.

While typically less rewarding than surveys, it’s an easy, low-effort way to accumulate coins.

There are two options:

  1. PiCPuzzle: The first route is through PiCPuzzle, an app CashMafia operates. You must download this app and log in using the same account. Here, your task is to watch adverts, and the payout is meager.
  2. LootTV: The other option is LootTV. This platform offers different categories of videos for you to watch and earn more coins. Again, the payout is minimal!


Playing Games

Through the partnership with Adjoe, you can download and play games to earn coins.

The coins you earn depend on your level of engagement and the time you spend playing.

It’s essential to set realistic expectations about the earnings.

Take, for example, the game “Water Sort Puzzle.”

When you play this game through CashMafia, you can earn 32 coins for each level you complete.

Once you select the game you want to play, tap “Play Now” and download it from the Play Store.

Always open the game via CashMafia’s “My Apps” section to ensure your gameplay is tracked and your coins are credited.



The task section of CashMafia is where you can explore a wide range of opportunities through various offer walls.

Currently, eight options are available: Lootably, OfferToro, AdGateMedia, Timewall, Youmi, AyeTStudio, Adscend Media, and Wannads.

Each offer wall contains many tasks, providing diverse ways to earn coins.

You can earn coins by installing apps, registering on websites, creating new accounts, accepting free trial offers, playing mobile games, and much more.

This section is appealing because it often allows you to earn substantial coins.

However, it’s crucial to approach these tasks with a discerning eye.

Always read the Terms of Service (ToS) carefully for each task you consider.

It’s essential to fully understand what you’re subscribing to or signing up for.

While many tasks are straightforward and rewarding, others may involve commitments or conditions that are not worth your time or effort.

The high-paying offers usually ask you to make a deposit. Be extra cautious with those!


Referral Program

The referral program in CashMafia is an excellent way to boost your earnings by simply sharing the app with friends.

You can invite friends to join CashMafia by sharing a unique referral link using social media.

When a friend signs up using your referral link, you’ll receive 10% of their earnings.

This doesn’t mean your friends will earn less!

Not only do you benefit, but your friends also receive a coin bonus for joining through your referral.


How Do You Cash Out? 

Start by tapping on the ‘Redeem’ option, which you can find at the top of the app.

This will take you to the section where you can initiate the withdrawal process.

First, you must select your country because CashMafia has specific cash-out conditions that vary depending on your location.

For instance, in the UK, the minimum amount you can withdraw is 7000 coins, which converts to $1 in your PayPal account.

You can also withdraw $2, $3, $5, and $10.


User Reviews – What Are Users Saying?

After reading numerous reviews on the Play Store, it is evident that CashMafia has received mixed reactions from its users.

Here’s a synthesis of the overall sentiment, highlighting both the positives and negatives.

  1. Mixed Experiences with Earning Potential:  Users enjoy the app, finding it fun and user-friendly to earn extra cash. Games and watching videos are popular for casual users. However, some users feel that the effort to complete surveys isn’t adequately compensated.
  2. Technical Issues: A common struggle for some users involves technical glitches. Reports of apps not working correctly, showing black screens, or having issues tracking progress have been mentioned.
  3. The Referral Program and Coin Earnings: The referral program seems to be a hit, with users appreciating the extra earnings from inviting friends.
  4. Trust and Legitimacy Concerns: While many users find CashMafia enjoyable and legit, a few have raised concerns about its legitimacy, especially regarding payouts.
  5. Satisfaction Amongst Casual Users: On a positive note, users like how easy it is to make money and the variety of tasks available

Is Cash Mafia Legit? Does it Pay?  


Cash Mafia mainly works as promised for the majority of its users.

Most people who’ve left reviews, in fact, over 90%, don’t mention any severe problems with getting paid.

They often talk about how user-friendly the app is and how they’ve earned some extra cash through various tasks.

This suggests that Cash Mafia is generally doing an excellent job at paying out as it claims.

However, a minor but notable portion of users – less than 10% based on the reviews – have run into payout issues.

These range from delays in receiving their money to some users not getting paid at all.

A few even question the overall reliability of the app when it comes to payouts.

So, what’s the takeaway? Cash Mafia appears to be a legitimate app for most who use it, offering real ways to earn money.

But, it’s not without its flaws, as a small group of users have faced challenges in getting paid.

It’s wise to go into it knowing that while you’re likely to earn some money, there might be a few bumps in the road regarding cashing out.


Cash Mafia vs. Cash Ninja vs. mCash


If you’re thinking about joining Cash Mafia, Cash Ninja, or mCash, remember that all these apps are run by the same company.

This means they basically offer the same deals and tasks.

So, there’s no real benefit in downloading all three.

Here’s the thing: the offers in these apps come from the same providers.

These providers can tell if you’ve already done a task or offer in one app, which means you can’t earn more by doing the same thing in another app.

So, it’s best to just pick one app that you like most. Stick with that one, and you’ll make the most out of what Rayole Software offers.

If, for some reason, you don’t like this app, I highly recommend Prizerebel and Freecash.


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They’re not the path to achieving the ‘laptop lifestyle’ – where you can earn thousands monthly and work 100% online.

The real key to unlocking this level of success is building your own online business.

Internet marketing is a powerful strategy that can help you achieve this, just as it helped me.

But how do you start? Where do you learn the skills needed to succeed?

This is where a comprehensive, step-by-step program comes in.

I highly recommend a specific program that does precisely that.

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So, if you’re ready to take that leap and commit to making a real change, this program is the way to go. 


Final Words

Thanks for reading my Cash Mafia review! I hope it was helpful!

Please comment below if you want to share your thoughts about this app or ask any questions.


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