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Tubemate Video Review – Is it Fake? Ludicrous Cash Rewards!

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Welcome to my Tubemate Video review!

I was playing one of those fake money games when a promotional video for Tubemate popped up.

It was the kind of advert designed to evoke your inner instinct for easy cash, showcasing several $100 transfers and a flashy PayPal logo.

As I suspected, this is one of those apps that allow you to withdraw ludicrous amounts of money just by watching videos.

Considering the degradation of the human race, it’s only natural to wonder: Is Tubemate just another plague preying on the gullible?

Or could it actually be a legitimate money-making opportunity?

I didn’t want to jump to conclusions because we all deserve to know the truth, don’t we?

But with so many similar fake money apps out there, I can tell you the prospect of landing on something real is close to zero!

So, is Tubemate legit or fake? Can we trust the developer will transfer the money to our PayPal accounts? Let’s find out!

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Tubemate Video Review 


  • Name: Tubemate Video 
  • Developer: Lucky Dog Videos Studio
  • Price: Free (no financial risk)
  • Payout threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


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What is Tubemate Video? 


Tubemate Video is one of many clones that try to lure people in with the prospect of easy cash like Tik Tube.

The app rewards users with coins for watching videos, reading the news, and completing simple tasks.

And when you meet the requirements, you can exchange those shiny coins for actual money, redeemable via PayPal, BTC, or ETH. Talk about options!

But there is more! Tubemate Video also allows users to collect virtual dollars by completing app offers.

So, imagine sitting on your comfy couch, raking in the rewards without breaking a sweat. Ah, the good life!

The question is: is this all just smoke and mirrors, or is it the real deal?


How Does Tubemate Video Work? 


The app is available on the Play Store and requires no registration – how convenient! Plus, there are no in-app purchases to worry about.

As soon as you launch the app, it will ask for consent to collect some information from your device, like IMEI, MAC address, and version, to provide a “better experience.”

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It’s essential to know the app doesn’t encrypt your data. This is concerning because it makes you more vulnerable to hackers and misuse.

Moving on, once you’ve entered the dashboard, you’ll be greeted with a whopping $200 bonus. Tap the “get more” button and watch the first commercial to claim it.

But fair warning, this app is like an ad-palooza! Videos, banners, you name it – they’re coming to you non-stop.

After all, the goal is to collect those “precious” coins and virtual dollars.

The dashboard offers several options to collect these virtual items.

For instance, a video section with coin bubbles will trigger a commercial before grabbing your reward.

In the rewards section, you can collect coins by checking in daily, playing lucky scratch, and trying your luck with the slots.

But wait, there’s even more! You can download third-party apps in the task section and earn virtual dollars or extra coins.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Tubemate Video installs an annoying lock screen on your phone and nags you with pesky notifications when you’re not using the app.

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How to Cash Out

Head over to the rewards section and tap coin balance to convert your coins into cash.

Remember, you’ll need at least 10,000 coins to turn them into $1.

Now, once you’ve hustled your way to $1,000, you can supposedly withdraw your not to hard earned money.

They give you three popular options: PayPal, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.


Is TubeMate Video Legit? Does it Pay? 


TubeMate Video won’t let you cash out a single dime! Shameful, indeed.

The developer have crafted a master plan to exploit people’s precious time, while profiting from all the adverts.

Imagine dedicating countless hours to reach the $1,000 mark, only for them to pull the rug out from under you with some flimsy excuse.

Maybe they’ll suggest watching even more commercials or throw some other curveball your way!

One thing is certain, though, the $1000 reward is just a pipe dream… Or, if you prefer, a carrot on a tick!

These kinds of applications are masers in psychological manipulation. They lure you in with the opportunity of easy money, only to leave you hanging after pressing that cash out button!


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Final Words

Thanks for checking out my TubeMate Video review! I hope you found it helpful.

Did you use the app? We’d love to hear your personal experiences and thoughts about it, so feel free to share your review in the comments below.


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