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Treasure Cutter Joy Review – Fake? Cutting Through the Hype

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Welcome to my Treasure Cutter Joy review!

This game is another addition to the knife shooting genre and comes with some pretty hefty financial claims!

You’ve probably stumbled upon this game through its eye-catching advertisement.

It features a woman rhythmically swaying her hips while highlighting enticing phrases we all love to hear:

“Earn extra money from home” and “Make $3000 in a day playing this game.” It sounds too good to be true, right?

The ad for Treasure Cutter Joy tantalizes with a dreamlike offer: no ads, unlimited withdrawals, no need for top-ups, and zero pressure to invite friends.

Invest just two hours of play, and you could earn a staggering $1000! 

It’s a scenario that seems straight out of a fairy tale. But is it even real? Could they be luring you into a trap?

I am here to warn people about this game as this is my mission in life – to help the world steer clear of unscrupulous developers.

So, is Treasure Cutter Joy legit or fake? Will they transfer the money? Let’s find out!

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Treasure Cutter Joy Review


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  • Name: Treasure Cutter Joy
  • Developer: Game genius
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold:£704.10 (UK); $1000 (US)
  • Overall Rating: 0 


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What is Treasure Cutter Joy? 


Treasure Cutter Joy is a straightforward knife-themed game available for Android devices.

The gameplay involves tapping your screen to shoot knives at flying banknotes.

As you hit and slice through these banknotes, you supposedly accumulate cash.

Once you’ve eliminated all the banknotes, the game entices players with the prospect of a substantial cash reward.

To claim this, players must tap the “Collect” button and watch an advertisement.

That’s a classic strategy exploited by clever developers who want to maximize their profits!

Adding to its allure, Treasure Cutter Joy also dangles the possibility of winning an iPhone 14.

This is achieved by collecting enough jigsaw pieces and watching a certain number of videos within the game.

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Despite its enticing offers, the game remains under ‘early access’ on the Play Store, where it has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

This early access status conveniently prevents users from publishing reviews on the Play Store, which could otherwise serve as warnings to potential new players.

What further fuels skepticism is Treasure Cutter Joy’s notable similarity to other dubious ‘cash games I’ve exposed on this blog.

One example is Royal But Money, which offered identical gameplay and prizes.


How Does Treasure Cutter Joy Work? 


Treasure Cutter Joy is available worldwide on Google Play, and it’s marketed as suitable for teens.

That’s a bit of a head-scratcher! A game focused on earning cash, aimed at a teenage audience?

That’s like handing them a “get-rich-quick” manual; we all know how those stories usually end.

Mixing teens and games with financial incentives is like adding pop rocks to soda – unpredictable and potentially messy.

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This combination can cause short and long-term implications for the young, including addictive behavior and financial irresponsibility. 

Then there’s the whole no-data-encryption thing.

Playing a game that treats your personal data like it’s no big deal is like leaving your diary open in a crowded café.

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Gameplay Mechanics and Hidden Catches

The gameplay itself is straightforward.

Enter your PayPal email for payments, watch some videos for bonuses, and try to reach the magic balance of £704.10.

There’s even a 24-hour countdown to add some drama!

In Treasure Cutter Joy, your main task is to tap and slice through floating banknotes.

For each PayPal banknote you successfully cut, a small virtual amount is added to your in-game PayPal balance.

Then, there are the green banknotes, which earn you ‘cash tokens.’

These tokens are like golden tickets, supposedly redeemable for real cash later.

Treasure Cutter Joy gameplay

Then, when you eliminate green banknotes, you earn ‘cash tokens,’ which can be exchanged for real money later.

The rest of the banknotes accumulate in the wallet. You will receive a generous PayPal bonus once you cut through all the notes.

But the trick here is that the developer wants you to tap the Collect button to trigger the advert.

You can only receive the prize if you watch this clip until the end. This will probably promote a fake money-making app, so tread carefully.

If you miss a target, you can watch an ad to carry on or start from scratch.


Chasing the iPhone 14 Prize

In Treasure Cutter Joy, a tantalizing side quest pops up now and then: the chance to open boxes and collect puzzle pieces to win an iPhone 14.

You’ll need to successfully open all four boxes to collect the ten puzzle pieces required for the prize.

But there’s a catch – you must watch an advert to open each box.

To secure this tech trophy, you must gather 350 jigsaw pieces and endure 240 videos. 


Cashing Out Your Earnings

Withdrawing your funds in Treasure Cutter Joy comes with its own set of rules.

As mentioned earlier, accumulating £704.10 in your virtual PayPal balance is one way to cash out.

This amount is for UK residents, but the requirement is $1000 in the US.

Alternatively, the game offers another route for cashing out – using your accumulated coins.

If you choose this path, you must gather at least 68,000 coins, which can be exchanged for £140, paid through PayPal.


Is Treasure Cutter Joy Legit? Does it Pay? 


Here is the not-so-joyful truth about Treasure Cutter Joy – No, it doesn’t pay a dime!

The whole setup is filled with digital dollar and pound signs that won’t translate into real cash in your bank.

So, you breeze through the game, watching adverts here and there, and boom – you hit that £704.10 mark.

The feeling of anticipation for easy money takes over you, and you can’t wait to press that Cash out” button.

Unfortunately, this is where the dream starts to unravel.

The game changes the rules when you try to claim your earnings.

Instead of a straightforward cash-out, you’re greeted with a new requirement: watch 30 videos to ‘activate’ your order.

Treasure Cutter Joy cash out

It’s like reaching the end of a marathon only to be told you’ve got another 10 miles to go.

This bait-and-switch tactic is a common ploy in such games.

It’s cleverly designed to keep you engaged for longer, luring you in with the promise of easy cash.

Simultaneously, it bombards you with advertisements, effectively increasing their revenue.

This bait-and-switch tactic is a common ploy in such games. It’s cleverly designed to keep you engaged for longer, luring you in with the promise of easy cash.

Meanwhile, the odds of a tangible reward stay firmly at zero.

But let’s say you’re persistent, or maybe just curious, and you watch those 30 videos.

You’re probably expecting a well-deserved prize. Nope.

The game then demands another 80 video views!

Even after jumping through all these hoops, there’s no pot of gold waiting.

Regardless of their claim, that payout is just a digital carrot on a stick.




Treasure Cutter Joy is a stark example of how some online games exploit players’ aspirations.

Initially, it may seem like a fun and profitable venture, but this game goes beyond mere play; it manipulates players’ expectations and desires.

It manipulates your desire for quick gains, dangling rewards that never materialize.

The only real winners are the developers, who turn your playtime efforts into real profits.

Your time and effort are valuable resources that should be invested wisely.


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Treasure Cutter!

If you’ve played the game, I’d really appreciate hearing about your experience.

Your feedback could help others who are considering playing.


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