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Tile Bank Review – Stack Your Cash High, Too Bad It’s a Lie!

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Welcome to my Tile Bank review!

Tile Bank is sweeping the Play Store with a staggering half a million downloads.

You already know that the developers are promoting it as an opportunity to win real cash beyond your wildest dreams!

These guys have crafted a marketing masterpiece, hoping people will get hooked on the possibility of cashing out!

I found Tile Bank through an advertisement that features a guy and his sister cruising on a convertible and living a high life.

The script goes like this:

“I never thought I could earn real money. Now, my sister and I have a good income.”

Then, the guy stacks piles of cash in his bed —questionably hygienic, but who’s focusing on cleanliness when there’s money on the line, right?

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The allure is further amplified by bold claims: no ads, top-ups, or withdrawal limits.

It feels like you have just turned your phone into an ATM, where each tap takes you closer to a life of abundance.

The possibility of cashing out real money to PayPal and Cash App is dangled like a golden carrot, with the audacious claim of winning up to $3000 per day.

But as the dust of excitement settles, critical questions arise.

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Is this a genuine opportunity, or just another fake cash game? Will the promised money materialize in your bank account or leave you empty-handed?

Stay tuned as we uncover whether this viral sensation is a genuine goldmine or just fool’s gold.

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Tile Bank Review


  • Name: Tile Bank – Match Puzzle Game
  • Developer: Funny7 Game
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: 
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Tile Bank


Tile Bank is an Android game that combines the classic, addictive appeal of a tile-matching concept with a unique twist.

In this game, the “tiles” players match aren’t the typical innocent images of fruits and candies like in Tile Triple. 

Instead, they’re banknotes from various countries, adding an intriguing global finance flair to the gameplay.

Players must tap to move these banknotes to the display bar, and when three banknotes of the same denomination align, they vanish.

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Players who successfully eliminate these money tiles receive cash rewards accumulating in their balance.

After clearing a stage, you receive an even more substantial cash reward.

The truly enticing aspect of Tile Bank is the promise that these in-game earnings can translate into real-world money.

You can supposedly withdraw your earnings by meeting specific requirements.

The app has been installed over 500k times and rated four stars out of five.

However, it’s important to approach such ratings skeptically, as they can be manipulated.

Thankfully, the developers have not hidden the app behind an ‘Early Access’ classification.

Therefore, we can read many genuine reviews and determine whether the developer is honoring payments.


How Does Tile Bank Work? 


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The app is available worldwide for Android users of all ages, which raises some concerns.

Games that offer real money rewards should ideally not be accessible to individuals under 18.

Young people are more vulnerable and often lack the financial insight to navigate such incentives responsibly.

This lack of maturity can lead to impulsive financial decisions and an unhealthy focus on earning money through gaming.

As soon as you launch Tile Bank, the game greets you warmly, informing you that 1 ‘cash’ in the game is approximately equivalent to $1.

It boasts that 93.7% of players have won $100 in just 5 minutes, and you can win up to $5000.

The screen even displays pictures of supposed winners, adding a sense of credibility before you hit the Start button.


How to Play? 

The game board is scattered with banknotes, and your task is to tap these notes to move them to the display bar.

When you align three identical banknotes, they are eliminated from the board.

tile bank gameplay

Each successful match adds a few cents to your in-game balance.

After clearing all the tiles, you’re awarded a significant bonus of over $10.

But here’s the catch: you must watch an advertisement by tapping the ‘Claim’ button to claim this money.

This is a classic strategy game developers use to increase video views and boost revenue.


How to Cash Out? 

The game has set parameters for withdrawing earnings: the minimum cashout requirement is $300, and you must pass level 10.

For higher amounts, like $5000, you must reach level 100.

The game offers various withdrawal options, including PayPal, Cash App, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

It prompts you to enter your account details for the transaction.

However, caution is paramount here. You should be extremely careful when entering bank account details in such apps.

There’s a real risk involved – if these developers have nefarious intentions, accessing your bank account could lead to disastrous financial consequences.

You should always prioritize your personal data and financial safety when engaging with apps that require sensitive information.


Is Tile Bank Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Unfortunately, Tile Bank turns out to be a classic example of a fake cash game.

The money that seemingly accumulates in your balance is, in reality, entirely fictitious.

Despite meeting the requirements, the developer does not transfer real money to players’ accounts.

This harsh reality becomes evident, particularly as you near the minimum payout of $300.

The game is cunningly designed to reduce cash rewards as you approach this target, dropping to less than a dollar after watching each video advert.

This tactic is a deliberate ploy to keep players engaged, encourage them to watch more adverts, and thereby increase the developer’s revenue.

Numerous players have reported that upon finally reaching the $300 mark, they were asked to wait for three days.

However, this wait becomes an endless loop of “withdrawal processing” with no actual payout.

Some players find themselves stuck in a queue with over 5000 others waiting for their reward—a queue that is 100% fake!

Here is my experience with the game. After diligently playing until my balance reached $200, the adverts suddenly stopped playing.

Attempting to resolve this by relaunching the game only led to a more shocking discovery: all my accumulated ‘earnings’ had vanished.

The game removed my balance and stopped offering any further cash rewards.




I strongly advise against playing Tile Bank!

While initially enticing with its promise of easy money, the game quickly proves to be both boring and unrewarding.

The truth is stark and simple: players do not earn any real money, regardless of the time and effort invested.

The only one benefiting from this devilish setup is the developer, who profits from the increased video views driven by false cash incentives.

It’s clear that without the lure of cash rewards, Tile Bank would struggle to attract attention.

The gameplay lacks visual appeal, and the promised financial payouts are entirely fabricated.

Besides, the developers could never realistically afford to dispense the amounts of money they advertise.

The suggestion that players could earn thousands is nothing but a well-crafted illusion.

Furthermore, I must emphasize the importance of protecting your personal and financial information.

Under no circumstances should you enter your bank account details into the game!


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Final Words

Thank you so much for reading my Tile Bank review!

If you want to share your personal experience with this game or ask any questions, please do so in the comment box below.


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