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Tile Triple App Review – A Game of Tiles, Not Real Cash.

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Welcome to my Tile Triple review!

I recently stumbled upon this tile-matching game with over half a million downloads on the Play Store.

The game’s rise to fame isn’t because of how entertaining it is!

As you probably know, it’s all about the MONEY!

Tile Triple has been making bold claims in its marketing campaigns, promising players the chance to earn lots of money.

You probably discovered this game through an intriguing advert featuring a woman who claims to be the boss.

She then offers a $10,000 monthly income for game testers, which is insane!

As a seasoned reviewer of money-making platforms, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I heard this.

So, is Tile Triple a rare opportunity for easy earnings, or is it following the familiar path of other deceptive apps?

In this review, we’ll closely examine its gameplay and reward system to uncover the truth.

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Tile Triple Review


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  • Name: Tile Triple
  • Developer: ZHAO JIANG YAN
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: No limit
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Tile Triple


Tile Triple is a free tile-matching puzzle game that provides a straightforward and engaging experience.

In the game, players are presented with a grid populated by tiles with various symbols or images.

The goal is to identify and match three tiles of the same type by tapping them.

When matched, these tiles disappear from the grid, opening space in the display bar.

The gameplay, familiar to many puzzle enthusiasts, requires strategic foresight.

However, what makes Tile Triple so appealing is the opportunity to earn real cash rewards. 

Marketing pictures on the Play Store portray some girls holding cash alongside PayPal and Amazon logos.

The app is operated by ZHAO JIANG YAN, who is also behind games like Country Life, Lucky Town, and Fruit Crush.

I have reviewed Country Life and concluded their cash prizes were fake. So, that’s not good news for Tile Triple.

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How Does Tile Triple Work? 


Tile Triple is available for Android users worldwide and is 100% free to play.

This means there’s no risk of losing anything except time.

However, if you value your time, paying close attention to how the game operates is crucial.

Upon launching the game, it instructs you to complete level 20 to withdraw money immediately.

To begin, you tap the “Earn Money” button. The gameplay involves a screen filled with squares, each displaying different food images.

tile triple gameplay

Your task is to click these squares to transfer the tiles to the display bar.

The goal is to match three identical tiles, which then get eliminated.

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The challenge lies in the fact that only the squares at the top are available for selection, and the display area can only fit seven tiles at a time.

Each level brings new challenges and patterns, keeping the game exciting and progressively more challenging.

However, the levels here are relatively easy compared to other tile-matching games.

You’re greeted with a $30 welcome bonus as a new player.

After completing each level, you earn more cash rewards, typically around $5.

You must tap the “Collect” button to collect these rewards, which triggers a commercial.

It’s important to note that you only receive the reward if you watch the advert until the end.

Many of these advertisements promote other fake games, luring people with the potential to get rich quickly.

And each time you watch an advert, the game’s developer earns money. Pretty clever, right?


Withdrawing Funds

As mentioned earlier, you can only cash out after reaching level 20.

Completing levels quickly helps you advance the progress bar, and once it’s complete, you can tap the gift icon.

The game offers three withdrawal options: PayPal, Amazon, and Mastercard.

Next, enter your account information and select “Full withdrawal.”

After submitting your request, the game asks you to wait for a review, which supposedly takes about 24 hours.


What are The Red Flags? 


Below, we uncover a series of red flags that suggest players should approach Tile Triple with caution.

These warning signs shed light on the game’s true nature, revealing the potential pitfalls hidden beneath its surface.

  • Unrealistic Earnings Claims: Tile Triple makes bold claims about earning large sums of money, which are very unrealistic.
  • Excessive Advertising: The game’s primary focus is to expose players to an overwhelming number of adverts.
  • Early Access Classification: This status prevents users from leaving reviews on the Play Store, hindering user feedback.
  • Suspicious Developer History: The developer, ZHAO JIANG YAN, operates other cash games that don’t reward players.
  • Exploitative Business Model: The game’s model is based on exploiting players’ aspirations to earn money.


Is Tile Triple Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Tile Triple is another fake cash game that misleads users with a fictional cash balance.

The game asks players to wait for 24 hours for a review after they request a withdrawal.

This period is used to encourage players to continue playing and viewing more advertisements, which is how the developers earn revenue.

Those who wait may even find additional requirements or excuses to keep them playing.

These can include watching a specific number of adverts or reaching higher levels.

Despite the time and effort you put into the game, the developers do not transfer any money to the players’ accounts.

The business model is based on false promises and exploiting players’ hopes of earning money.

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Despite its immense popularity, Tile Triple doesn’t transfer any money to the player’s accounts.

Like many tile-matching classics, the game’s mechanics and presentation makes it a great pass time activity.

However, the temptation of significant earnings is just a cunning bait to bombard players with ads.

Therefore, I strongly advise against investing time playing Tile Triple!


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Final Words

Thanks for diving into my Tile Triple review!

Always do your due diligence before jumping into any money-making ventures.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments to help others navigate these waters.


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