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StepSync Review – Make an Easy $100 by Walking?

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Welcome to my StepSync review!

Ever dream of getting paid to walk? That’s the golden promise behind StepSync, a new app that claims you can earn real cash for every step you take.

You’ve seen the video ads, right? A stranger walks up to someone on the street, uses their phone, and suddenly – bam! – a hundred bucks appear in their account.

stepsync advert
stepsync advert

Easy money, right?

Hold on a second. We’ve all seen our fair share of “too good to be true” reward apps, and StepSync smells a bit fishy.

Sure, they say you can withdraw anytime, but is that really the case?

We’ve reviewed countless fake pedometers that lure you in with promises of riches and leave you watching endless ads while they rake in cash.

So, what’s the real deal with StepSync? Is it a legitimate path to easy money or just another empty promise?

Let’s dive in and find out.

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StepSync Review


  • Name: StepSync
  • Developer: Walk Pal
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Verdict: FAKE


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What is StepSync? 


StepSync is a step tracker app that supposedly pays real money for walking.

It displays your daily step count and gives the impression that you earn money through your steps.

Like any good fitness app, it boasts daily step goals, reports on the distance walked and calories burned.

Heck, it even includes hydration reminders.

But StepSync goes a step further (pun intended) by letting you “clock in” to different daily activities.

Sounds great, right? Especially considering the app has over 500,000 downloads!

Here’s the thing, though: StepSync is still listed as “Early Access” on the Play Store.

This means that despite having many users, the developer is keeping reviews under wraps.

Why hide behind an “Early Access” curtain for so long with so many downloads?

That, my friend, is what we call suspicious. Could this be a way to avoid negative reviews before people realize the truth?

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How Does StepSync Work? 


StepSync is available worldwide for Android users and promises to transform your steps into cash.

But before you lace up those sneakers with visions of dollar signs, let’s dig into the truth.

StepSync wasted no time requesting consent to collect my data for “personalized ads.”

They followed that up with an instant, full-screen ad before I even had a chance to start walking.

The dashboard seemed standard enough – the usual step counter, calories burned, etc.

They even have a report section for your weekly progress and a hydration reminder that prompts you to drink 8 cups of water at specific times.

However, I was bombarded with another ad whenever I tapped to “clock in” my water intake.

Things get suspicious here: unlike similar apps like WalkBoost, there’s no sign of coins or cash.

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So, where is the money StepSync advertises so heavily for? You will discover that in the next section.


Is StepSync Legit? Does it Pay? 


Alright, here’s where we rip the mask off StepSync. Ready for the disappointing truth?

It doesn’t pay you a single dime! I dug around the app, expecting at least a coin system or some pretend cash balance. Nothing. Zilch.

Now, some apps are tricky and have different versions floating around out there.

Other versions of StepSync may exist with those tempting dollar signs.

But here’s the deal: even if that’s the case, you’re not seeing a cent of that money.

My guess? The developer’s probably running a sneaky operation where these dollar-promising versions exist in countries where they can monetize with ads.

Think of it this way: They bait you with the promise of cash, force you to watch tons of ads to get “coins,” and then set an impossible target for you actually to cash out.

The money you see is entirely fake. It’s a cruel illusion designed to keep you glued to the app while they rake in the real cash.


Legit Apps That Reward Your Steps


Are you feeling bummed out after your disappointing experience with StepSync?

Don’t worry—you’re not alone. The good news is there are real step-tracking apps that offer actual rewards.

Here’s a look at some of the most reliable options:

  1. Sweatcoin: Sweatcoin is one of the most popular options. You earn “sweatcoins” for your outdoor steps, which you can redeem for various rewards in their marketplace. These include fitness gear, workout classes, electronics, and even PayPal vouchers or charitable donations.
  2. Winwalk: Winwalk is another free pedometer app that rewards users with gift cards for reaching daily step goals. It’s a more straightforward reward system than Sweatcoin, mainly focused on gift card options.
  3. Achievement (Evidation): Achievement connects with various health and fitness trackers. You accumulate points by walking and logging other healthy activities like sleep, food intake, and health surveys. These points can then be redeemed for cash via PayPal or charitable donations.


Final Words

Thanks for reading my StepSync review! Have you tried StepSync yourself?

What was your experience like? Or, if you have any questions about these alternative apps, don’t hesitate to ask!



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