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BrandBee Review – Is It a Sweet Reward or a Time Sting?

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brandbee review

Welcome to my BrandBee review!

Let’s face it: Who wouldn’t love scoring free gift cards just to share their opinion?

The internet overflows with these “make money online” schemes, but most fizzle out faster than a birthday candle.

As someone constantly searching for real side hustles, BrandBee caught my eye.

This app claims you can rack up gift cards from top brands like Amazon simply by taking surveys on your phone.

Intrigued? Absolutely. Skeptical? You bet.

Can BrandBee genuinely deliver on its promises? Are these surveys quick and easy, or a massive time suck?

Most importantly, is this a legitimate opportunity or a sneaky scam?

I’m diving headfirst into the world of BrandBee to answer all these questions and more.

We’ll crack open the app, explore the surveys, and see if those gift cards are within reach. So, stay tuned!

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BrandBee Review


  • Name: BrandBee
  • Developer: Embee Mobile
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Verdict: LEGIT


What is BrandBee?


BrandBee belongs to a category of apps known as “get-paid-to” platforms.

The main idea is simple: you complete specific tasks and earn rewards.

In BrandBee’s case, the main task is taking surveys about various products, services, and habits.

While the primary focus is earning gift cards, BrandBee sweetens the deal with a few additional features:

  • Daily Points: You can earn points just for using the app daily.
  • Coupons & Deals: The app provides access to coupons and discounts from various brands.
  • Cashback Possibilities: Sometimes, you can earn cashback on purchases through the app.

BrandBee leverages your opinions to fuel market research for companies, and you get a chance to turn your participation into tangible rewards.


How Does BrandBee Work? 


Installation and Setup

If the idea of earning rewards for your opinions sounds appealing, let’s get started with BrandBee.

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Just a heads-up, it’s currently only available for Android devices through the Google Play Store.

Check the Google Play Store in your region to see if you can join the fun.

The first step is easy: search for “BrandBee” on the Google Play Store and install it on your Android phone.

Once you launch BrandBee, tap “Get Started” to begin the setup process.

But before you dive in, take a moment to review BrandBee’s Terms and Conditions carefully.

This is important, as it outlines how the app uses your data and what’s expected of you as a user.

After agreeing to the terms, BrandBee will ask for specific permissions and essential information to personalize your experience.

For example, they’ll ask for location permissions to offer location-specific surveys, which can boost your earning potential.

They’ll also ask to track your app use and collect phone-related data, such as your carrier and network performance.

This information helps them ensure the app runs smoothly on all devices.

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Rest assured, BrandBee won’t manage your phone calls or peek at your call logs.

Your date of birth is also needed so they can target specific surveys to your age group.

Think of it this way: the more BrandBee knows about you, the better they can match you with the most relevant surveys.

You will receive 10 points after you complete this initial setup.


Availability and Requirements

BrandBee is currently available in the United States and Canada.

It’s important to remember that only individuals over 18 years old can join the platform.

Even if you’re located in a region where BrandBee isn’t currently supported, you can still download the app.

However, you won’t be able to complete the registration process.


Quick and Easy Registration

Ready to sign up? BrandBee offers a streamlined registration process.

You can register using your Google or Facebook account.

The next step is to create your BrandBee account and fill out your profile.

This ensures you’ll receive the best survey matches.


Points Conversion Rate

The conversion rate on BrandBee is 100 coins equals $1

This straightforward conversion makes tracking and understanding how much you have earned easy.


How to Earn Rewards with BrandBee


Completing Surveys

This is BrandBee’s bread and butter.

You’ll find a variety of surveys covering topics such as consumer preferences, lifestyle, media, and location-specific experiences.

The number of points awarded depends on the survey’s length and complexity, with longer and more involved surveys typically offering a bigger payoff.

Keep in mind the availability of surveys can fluctuate based on your profile and location.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon to encounter disqualifications.

Sometimes, after starting a survey, you may find you don’t fit the exact profile the company is looking for.

Please don’t get discouraged; it’s simply part of how survey-based platforms work.


How Much Money Can You Earn? 

Most surveys on BrandBee will net you less than $1 worth of points.

However, it’s important to remember that these small earnings can add up over time, especially if you regularly participate in surveys.


Understanding Daily Points

BrandBee provides users with daily points just for using the app regularly.

The number of daily points you get can change based on your profile, location, and possible promotions BrandBee is running.

The most common range seems to be 5-15 points per day.

These points accumulate over time and can be redeemed for gift cards from top brands like Amazon and Starbucks.

You can earn points effortlessly by simply having the app running in the background on your phone.


How to Find Coupons & Deals in BrandBee


To discover coupons and deals within BrandBee, you can navigate to the app’s “Shopping” tab.

Here, you can explore a variety of brands offering cashback rewards and discounts on their products.

You can earn points and benefit from additional savings through coupons and deals by activating the cashback feature and shopping with these partner brands.


Can I Really Get Cashback Through BrandBee?


Yes, users can indeed earn cashback through BrandBee by shopping with leading brands available on the platform.

Each brand displays the amount of cashback users will receive when making purchases through the app.

This cashback feature allows users to accumulate rewards that can later be redeemed for free gift cards from a wide range of popular brands.


Turning Your BrandBee Points into Rewards

Ready to cash in those hard-earned points? Good news: BrandBee makes it a breeze!

First things first, you’ll need a minimum of $1.00 (~100 points) in your account.

Once you’ve hit that target, it’s time to choose your reward!

You can expect gift cards from popular brands like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more!

Or, if you prefer more flexibility, opt for a prepaid credit card instead.

Locate the “Cash Out” section in the BrandBee app and select your preferred reward type.

Now for the best part: BrandBee aims for a super-fast turnaround.

Expect your reward to hit your inbox within 0-1 days of hitting that “Cash Out” button!


User Reviews – What Are People Saying? 


It’s always wise to see what actual users think before trying out a new app.

Let’s take a deep dive into reviews of BrandBee on the Google Play Store.

The overall sentiment is mixed, showcasing both the potential for rewards and the frustrations that can come with survey-based apps.


Key Takeaways


  • People Are Getting Paid! Many reviewers who have successfully redeemed points for gift cards or prepaid cards feel satisfied, which confirms that BrandBee fulfills its promise of rewards.
  • It Takes Time. BrandBee doesn’t promise instant riches, but many users describe it as a way to earn a little something extra on the side. Surveys tend to be short and lower-paying, while daily points add up slowly over time.
  • Survey Disqualifications Abound. A major source of annoyance is getting disqualified from surveys partway through. It’s frustrating to spend time answering questions only to be told you don’t fit the desired profile.
  • Glitches and Technical Issues. Reviewers mention app crashes, freezing, surveys not loading correctly, and rewards taking longer than promised.
  • Customer Service Varies. Some users rave about BrandBee’s support team resolving issues quickly, while others complain about slow responses or being left hanging completely.

Some reviewers mention specific amounts they’ve earned through BrandBee.

Here are some example snippets from the Play Store:

  • “Been able to claim a $5 VISA gift card every month without having to do anything…”
  • “…I just bought $3 worth of gift cards for Target.”
  • “I got my first gift card a few minutes ago, a $5 Google Play gift card.”
  • “…I had over 5000 points, which is more than enough for a $50 gift card.”

It’s important to remember that these are individual experiences.

Earning potential with BrandBee depends mainly on these three factors:

  1. Survey Availability: How many surveys you qualify for depends mainly on your demographic information and location.
  2. Survey Length and Payout: Shorter and simpler surveys tend to offer lower rewards.
  3. Consistency: Regularly checking the app for new surveys and logging in for those daily points increases your earnings over time.

Pros and Cons



  • Legit rewards
  • The app is easy to navigate.
  • Earn points just for having the app.
  • Decent selection of popular brands.
  • Helpful support


  • Low earnings – Best for small rewards, not primary income.
  • Survey disqualifications – It is common to be disqualified halfway through.
  • Glitchy app – Bugs can cause survey errors and technical issues.
  • Payouts can occasionally be delayed.
  • No PayPal




Overall, BrandBee is a legitimate app that allows you to turn your opinions into rewards.

However, its potential is best realized if you go in with these expectations:

  • Modest Earnings: Consider this a side hustle, not a significant income source.
  • Expect Some Frustration: You won’t qualify for every survey, and hiccups are likely.
  • Patience is Key: Points accumulate gradually; reaching the payout threshold takes time.

The Bottom Line: Your Experience May Vary

Everyone’s journey with BrandBee will be slightly different.

However, if you enjoy sharing your opinion and have some free time to fill out surveys, this app could be worth trying.


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