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Bobo Tube Review – Is it Fake? They Think You Are a Bobo!

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bobo tube reviewWelcome to my Bobo Tube app review!

I was testing a fake cash game when an ad suddenly popped up, grabbing my attention.

A woman appeared on the screen, urging me to download Bobo Tube from the link below.

As a native Portuguese speaker, the word “bobo” caught my eye, as it means “silly” in my language. Coincidence?

Well, the ad continued with clips of happy girls making bold claims – new users would receive a $1000 reward, and you could earn cash by watching videos.

The more you watch, the more money you’ll make. The logos of PayPal and Cash App added to the allure.

I reviewed countless fake apps that promise easy money for watching videos.

Therefore, I wondered if Bobo Tube was just another addition to the long list of “Tube” apps, such as TikTube, BuzzTube, and FunTube.

However, the question lingered: could Bobo Tube be the exception that actually pays?

Is it a legitimate way to earn money, or is it just another fake app designed to waste your time and get your hopes up?

Let’s find out!

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Bobo Tube Review


  • Name: Bobo Tube
  • Developer: GoodSoundStudio
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Verdict: FAKE


What is Bobo Tube? 


Bobo Tube is an app that promises to pay users for watching YouTube shorts.

The concept is simple: swipe through videos, earn coins and diamonds, and eventually cash out for real money.

The developers, GoodSoundStudio, claim that users can even win high-value prizes like a Galaxy S23, Macbook Pro, or iPhone 14.

The app has already been installed 50,000 times and has managed to accumulate 150 reviews.

However, with an average rating of just 2.9 out of 5, it seems that many users are not entirely satisfied with their experience.

Bobo Tube is funded by advertisements, which means users must watch video ads between the YouTube shorts they’re viewing.

This is a common monetization strategy for the so-called “money-making” apps.

But Can this app really deliver on its claims?

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Let’s dive deeper into the app’s features and user experience to uncover the truth!


How Does Bobo Tube Work? 


Worldwide Availability and Easy Access

Bobo Tube is a free Android app available worldwide, and users can start earning rewards without even registering.

As soon as you launch the app, you’ll be greeted with a generous welcome bonus of 130,000 coins.

To begin watching videos and collecting rewards, tap the “start” button.


Generous Welcome Bonus and Reward System

The app’s interface displays your coin and diamond balances at the top of the screen.

According to the progress bar, you need to accumulate 3 million coins to withdraw $300 and 600,000 diamonds to cash out $600.

Bobo Tube offers payment options through PayPal or Cash App.

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It’s incredible to think that they’re giving away nearly $150 just as a welcome bonus, but how exactly do you collect these coins and diamonds?


Collecting Coins and Diamonds

The process is simple: keep swiping and watching short videos.

Bobo Tube dashboard

After each swipe, you’ll receive a random number of diamonds.

While you’re swiping, you’ll also trigger video advertisements.

By watching these ads, you’ll earn coins. You can also manually activate ads and win more coins by tapping the coin icon on the right side of the screen or the floating chest.


Winning High-Value Prizes

In addition to cash rewards, Bobo Tube offers users the chance to win great gifts, such as a Galaxy S23, iPhone 14, MacBook, and more.

To participate, you need to tap the heart bubbles that fill up the heart bottle within the given countdown.

Once the bottle is complete, you can supposedly redeem the reward.

However, tapping these heart bubbles activates even more advertisements.


Constant Bombardment of Advertisements

It seems that every aspect of the app is designed to bombard you with ads, and there’s no way to avoid them.

This is because the more ads you watch, the more money the developer makes.

Many people suspect that this high volume of ads is necessary for the developer to afford to pay out the app’s insane cash prizes.

But is it the case?


Cashing out

Bobo Tube claims to pay users $0.10 to verify the authenticity of their account holder.

However, you can only withdraw further if you reach the payout thresholds of 3 million coins for $300 or 600,000 diamonds for $600.

These payments are supposedly processed via PayPal and Cash App.


Is Bobo Tube Legit? Does it Pay? 


Well, brace yourself for a wild ride of disappointment and shattered dreams!

You might be lucky enough to receive the first payout, a whopping $0.10, which you can’t use to buy a gumball from a vending machine.

But hey, at least you can tell your friends you’re a “paid” app user now!

Now, let’s get real. Those enticing cash prizes and gadgets worth hundreds of dollars? FAKE!

They’re just shiny bait to keep you hooked, watching endless advertisements until your eyes glaze over.

As you get closer to the payout threshold, you’ll notice the coins and diamonds you earn dwindle.

It’s like trying to fill a leaky bucket with a teaspoon!

Countless fake cash games employ this classic bait-and-switch tactic.

They’ll keep you engaged, thinking you’re just a few swipes away from cashing out.

But when you’re tantalizingly close, earning less than 200 coins per ad, you’ll realize you’ve been duped.

Sure, the $300 reward is tempting, but you’ll have a better chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Even if you miraculously reach the payout threshold, prepare for extra requirements that’ll make you want to pull your hair out.

Don’t fall for it – it’s a trap!




The developers may think you’re a “bobo” for falling for their misleading schemes.

But you no longer have to be a victim of their tricks!

It’s time to wake up and realize that apps like Bobo Tube are designed to exploit your desire for quick cash.

They keep you hooked on watching endless advertisements while dangling the carrot of big payouts and fancy prizes.

You’ll never see a dime beyond the initial $0.10 if you’re lucky enough to get even that.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Bobo Tube review! Have you fallen for this or similar apps?

Please share your experiences in the comments, and let’s expose these developers together!


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