Step Master App Review – Can You Turn Steps Into Money!

step master app reviewWelcome to my Step Master App Review!

The Step Master app has been advertised as an opportunity to earn easy money while walking.

They go as far as to add a growing PayPal balance on the video Ad implying that you can make over $400.


misleading ad

I have seen the same story many times while testing other reward apps!

They claim you can make lots of cash by doing the easiest of tasks, but after watching hundreds of ads, you never get paid a dime.

You are here because you don’t want to want more time with useless applications. In his review, I explain exactly how Step Master works so can make an informed decision. Should you join Step Master? Is it a scam or legit app?

Let’s find out!

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Step Master App Review


  • Name: Step Master
  • Developer: NewmanVictor
  • Type: Reward app
  • Minimum payout: N/A
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What is Step Master? 


Step Master is a reward app that allows you to earn coins by tracking your steps as well as playing the lucky wheel and the scratch card games.

The company claims that you can redeem your coins for cash once you reach the minimum payout threshold.

As of writing this review Step Master has been installed 50,000 times, so it’s not as popular as other step counter apps like Sweatcoins or Winwalk.

However, the way the app has been advertised will probably entice more hundreds of thousands of people.


Is Step Master App Legit? Does it Pay? 


The ad promoting Step Master makes people think they will make hundreds of dollars just for walking and playing games on their phones.

The problem is that it doesn’t give any information about the cash out requirements. They don’t say how many coins you need to redeem for PayPal or gift cards.

Nothing will happen if you click on your coin balance, so I assume there is no option to cash out!

By using the Step Master app, you will watch lots of ads and accumulate useless coins that may never convert to real money.

Nevertheless, I cannot call Step Master a scam because its Terms and Conditions don’t make any promises.


Coins have no monetary value! 

According to the Terms of Service, the company says that your Coin balance does not reflect any stored currency value.

Besides, you have no property to any Coins, which means that the company can expire (delete) them anytime.


How Does Step Master App Work? 


After installing the app on Google Play, you can start using the app with no registration.

On the dashboard (home), you will see the coin balance at the top, the step count and 30 free scratch cards. Right at the bottom, there is the Lucky Wheel and the “Earn More” icon.

step master dasboard


Earn Coins by Walking

Step Master will track your movement and reward you with coins whenever you take 50 steps. I gave it a try and realised the pedometer is not very accurate.

Every time you complete 50 steps, you can open a chest to earn a secret number of coins. Then, you can always double the reward by watching a video ad.

When I first reached 50 steps, I made 5,000 coins, which doesn’t mean anything because the value of a coin is unknown.

If you would like to get paid for walking, this pedometer app will convert your coins for eGift cards.


Scratch Card

Every Day, Step Master will give you 30 free scratcher for a chance to win 100,000+ coins if you match 3 symbols.

If you don’t get a winning card, you will still earn a few coins as a consolation prize.

After you play 3 times, you may have to watch an ad to unlock other cards.

There is an insane number of scratch card games on Google Play, but the odds of winning a measly $1 are very slim. Stay away from any “Lucky” type of apps because they are only causing mass frustration.


Lucky Wheel

By spinning the Lucky Wheel, you will have the chance to win more coins. The first spin is free, but if you want to keep playing, you must watch a video ad or spend 5000 coins.

The chance of winning something meaningful with this game is also ridiculously low.


Earn More

In the “Earn More” tab, you can claim bonus coins by fulfilling specific tasks (milestones) such as:

  • Play 1 scratch card (+1,000).
  • Play 20 scratch cards (+15,000).
  • Spin the lucky wheel 20 times (+12,000).




I am very disappointed with the Step Master app because unlike the ad suggests, I am currently not allowed to redeem coin for real money.

You will just accumulate coins but there is no way to cash out.

The app is funded by advertisers, but as of now, the company is not willing to share the revenue with users.

In my opinion, they should stop promoting the app as an opportunity to make money until they start paying users.

Verdict: Not Recommended


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Final Words 

Thanks for taking the time to read my Step Master app review. I hope it was helpful!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Stay safe and peace out!

2 thoughts on “Step Master App Review – Can You Turn Steps Into Money!”

  1. Total scam i needed 11 cent from the step counter cash part to cash out and 10,000,000 coins which was supossed to be 50 dollers cash sent to paypal ive used this app for months and i do mean months. I tryed to cash out with the coins this morning and it said i needed at least 10,000,000 which i actually had 10,115,000 and would not let me do nothing so i sent email telling them i was going to contact BBB and now app won’t even load on my phone stay away. Also as times gos on coins amount gets smaller as does cash for walking so i have put so much wasted time into this app pathethic.

  2. This step master app is a.complete scam! I reached $50.003 dollar rewards and 10,400,000 coin rewards but the app is not allowing for cash out. A message “Need $50 to cash out” keeps on displaying when i tried cashing out. This is SCAM!!! Not recommended.

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