Starry For Cash App Review – Is it Legit? Does it Pay?

starry for cash app reviewWelcome to my Starry for Cash app review!

I was browsing the Play Store when I found Starry For Cash, which is another game where players tap to grow a money tree and supposedly cash out via PayPal.

The app was developed by Merge Boat Games, which is the same company behind the popular Tree For Money app. It’s also very similar to another game I reviewed recently called Shake Shake Tree!

These apps give a decent amount of virtual dollars to make people play for a very long time. The purpose is to get you to watch a ton of ads and maximize their profits.

Although there legit games out there, most developer are not willing to share part of their advertising revenue with players. So, is Starry for Cash real or fake? Do they pay or not? Keep reading to find out!

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Starry For Cash App Review


  • Developer: Merge Boat Games
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Payout threshold: $10
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What is Starry For Cash?


Starry For Cash is an Android app allows you to earn virtual dollars by tapping and cultivating your money tree. It claims that you are one step away from being rich! Yeah, okay…

As it grows, you will earn PayPal money that can only be transferred to your account once you meet specific requirements. It’s a very tedious game because all you have to do is tap vigorously on your screen and watch ad after ad.

The only motivation to keep playing Starry for Cash is of course the opportunity to make money. Without cash rewards, most people would quickly lose interest and stop playing in less than 10 minutes.


How to Play Starry For Cash? 


Just tap on the money tree to collect green cash notes and fill up the pink bar at the top. Once it hits the PayPal logo, you get a notification with some virtual dollars.


playing starry for cash

To collect the money, you must select “Get” and watch the short video until the end. Sometimes, the ads are not available, which prevents you from collecting the reward.

The green dollar notes you collect by tapping on the plant accumulate in a separate balance, and can only be used to upgrade your money tree. So, they cannot be cashed out through PayPal.

Once you collect enough cash notes to level up, press the upgrade bottom and your plant will grow. As a result, you will earn more notes per click and the PayPal rewards will keep coming at a steady pace.

Use props such as rain (tap automation) and fertilization to make your tree grow faster. You can also play the Lucky Spin for a chance to win more prizes.


Invite Friends

You can supposedly earn more money by encouraging other people to install the Starry for Cash app and use your invitation code. The app will give you only $5 for every 100 referrals.


How Do You Get Paid? 

Starry For Cash will give you high payouts and you may accumulate over $1,000 in less than half an hour. However, if you enter the cash out page, it says you can only withdraw the money to Paypal once you watch a specific number of videos to activate your order.

For example, to cash out $500, you must watch 300 videos. That would be a dream come true for many people who are struggling to pay the bills. But is it real or fake?


Is Starry for Cash Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, I don’t think it pays. There is no evidence that Starry for Cash is rewarding players who meet the payout requirements. The possibility of making hundreds of dollars with a simple game funded by advertisers is just too good to be true. 

Unfortunately, we cannot read what other people have to say about this game because it was launched as “Early Access”. Therefore, players cannot leave a review on the Play store to report their results and frustrations.

That being said, I cannot make any accusations without proof. What I can say is that there is very little chance of getting paid and so you’ll probably waste a significant amount of time. Besides, the videos consume too much internet data, which ultimately costs you money.


I usually recommend playing games for entertainment. How can one have fun by tapping thousands of times on a virtual tree? Me, personally, I prefer more challenging to pass my time!

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Starry For Cash app review. If you have questions or thoughts about it, just leave us a comment below.



143 thoughts on “Starry For Cash App Review – Is it Legit? Does it Pay?”

    1. I had also had played and the 1st amount it stated my info wasn’t correct which it was. Waiting to find out with rest. I emailed them which it was with sima. com

      1. Did you see the cash out requirements they have listed in order for you to collect the money? I’m confused on that one😕😕😕😤😤😤

        1. Amber R Snyder

          I have jumped through all their hoops and my other requirements and took screenshots the entire steps. I could Sue these guys because they owe me about $3000 right now. The payouts failed because they said I didn’t log in even though I have a picture of me logging in every day. you log in every day paying the VIP amount that shows that I log in.

          1. They owe me 1300 dollars that are failed like they said we can have something that we cant get?… Its false advertising

          2. That is the exact same problem I’m having and ive emailed them multiple times in the last week!! This time I told them if I dont hear from them by Monday that I will contact my lawyer to start the process to sue them because I have spent hours upon hours and days upon days playing this game and even bought the VIP membership! They owe me thousands but I will take their company for thousands more if they dont give me what I’ve earned!!!

          3. I am doing the same. It’s with a different person group but …. Like you said nothing. It’s a good thing I’m leaving the developers bad feedback. Once I reach day 7 I’m out.

            Notes: if you look the app up it says 1 k download but it’s under development.

            Horrid spelling order and videl?! How and why?

            Once it goes to one person in front it jumps back the hours. I’m on day 3. Vip n all. Still no PayPal.

            We’ll see if Amazon 2000 order goes through.

          4. Brady L Faircloth

            I have similar problems trying to connect to PayPal.
            They owe me close to 3,000 also. As far as suing them we could start a class action against them.

          5. That was my issue.. It cancelled my Amazon card 2000.00 saying I wasn’t logged in and I was..I checked it every 2hrs… Of every day… THIS GAME LIKE IT’S MAKERS.. JUST A JOKE.

      2. It’s a definite fake. I have completed everything they asked. And no payouts.watched 300 ads.nothing. it’s a scam. All of them.
        Chip up is another game that’s a scam

        1. Not Giving them thesatisfaction

          There is a definite reason here and enough of us to start a class action suit see if they’ll pay out then

          1. I agree..let’s start a lawsuit I have watched hundreds of videos and everytime I compete them it says I have to watch more and whatever I cash out on then the app it only says I’ll collect a 1/4 of what I’m supposed to. ..but anyway dont matter cause nobody’s getting anything. Email me at if want to do lawsuit

          2. I agree! They owe me $2000 on paypal and $2000 on Amazon. I would take part in suing them for false advertising!

        2. Same here. I just started the game tonight and earned well over 3K. I watched all the ads to knock the time down to get my first 1K faster and after I had watched all the adds it then said I had to watch 80 more videos. Even though I completed the requirements. I’m only 22 with an almost 2 year old stay at home mom. 🙃 This app is so fraudulent.

    2. I tried to cash out 11 times, always said failed, they posted a note on my cashout, saying I am cheating, I am 75 yr old doing this because my doctor said keep your brain going. I have to ask my wife to send pictures with a note. Cheating lol

        1. James walter palma

          I’ll click cash out the starry for cash game. But why im waiting for a long time to pending time?

        2. Jennie Canterbury

          Wow that’s saying a lot about the sponsors lol which is Amazon and PayPal and they’re supposed to be trustworthy I played the game today and $2100 pending if they don’t pay out I will turn all 3 into better business bureau and write a long zzz very bad review lol

          1. Hi jannie,

            PayPal and Amazon are not sponsoring Starry For Cash. The developer is only using their logos to convey trust, but you won’t get paid $2100. So, Don’t waste your time! Thank you for sharing and letting people know the truth.

        3. it’s fake. Don’t waste your time playing this game. I’ve already try to cash out but they never give to you.

        4. Wrong when you start the game it plainly states it is a legit Cash app. So we can actually can sue they wasted our time with making us believe we are earning money legit.

        1. Hi Arlene, thanks for your recommendation. You are right! Rewarded Play is a legitimate app and a decent alternative to fake money games.

    3. I won 699 cash out pending now I got 11873 after the 600 why cash out when I watch 300 vids and still no money

    4. I have also cashed out a couple of times and have not received any money. Even though I was playing every day I got a Failed payment message saying that the payment failed due to not logging in for a while.

      1. Maria Christina Libornio

        This is a scam, even already met the requirements the bonus did not go to my PayPal account and when I tried to email them to complain, it was a failure due to recipient’s email is full. 😭

      2. i did everytrhing i was suppose to due. they tell me , that i have not sign on for two days, which is a full of cherrys. i sign on every morning to check in. DO not waste your time. the same thing here also .

      3. Same here after logging in everyday,
        I am also upto $2500 paypal and $2000 amazon processing.
        I bet I just wasted time I’ll never never get back 😔.

    5. Yeah it does not pay. I waited for days for my payout. I keep screenshots of how many hours are left before I get my money. My last screenshot is 30minutes before my payout. After 30mins when I checked on the app, it says I haven’t logged in for a very long time. It sucks!

    6. People need to flag these apps to Google as fraud. I checked out few and all based out of China. They get money for you watching ads and other then maybe paying themselves I’m willing to bet no one ever makes a dime.

      1. I’ve also received that message on 4 of my payout while I logged in everyday and I sent an email to and my mail was not delivered due to their mailbox been full. This game is a fake, total waste of time and data.

    7. I can’t get my paypal money out of the application, how do I do it?
      Please help
      And it says the mail is invalid

    8. Stephanie Graff

      Hello.. I played the game and meet the requirements. I still have not received the over500.00 that’s owed to me thru PayPal not Amazon. How do I collect on this?

    9. I tried cashing out 5 times each time it says I haven’t logged in for a long time we’ll I’ve logged in for 25 days straight what’s their definition of a long time 20 minutes

    10. I cashed out $1500, $1000, $500 and haven’t won says I have to keep watching ads then doubles everytime I complete it

    11. All these so called money games , with that tree , sty away . It is frustrating , and you will never see a penny .These guys are predators of the mind. I went to bed one time , checked out the computer , after four hours sleep . They cancelled my reward , i was gone too long .Sometimes they will ad a a couple of hundred videos to prove you are human . They change the rules as they see fit.

    12. Hallo!!
      Habe bis her nichts bekommen hab alle PayPal Summen frei von 500 bis 3000 bei dem einen habe ich schon über 500videos gucken müssen und die Zeit läuft nie aus wird nur zurück gesetzt. Punkt ist das sowas eine grosse Menge Aggression hervor ruft.. Das Google sowas überhaupt zu lässt. Bei einem anderen game slot rush ist das noch schlimmer gewesen habe am anfang 16000 Euro gewonnen und nix.. Habe eine E-Mail zum Entwickler geschickt kurz danach ging die App nicht mehr richtig immer abgestürzt.. Habe dann die App neu geladen und siehe da auf einmal konnte man kein cash mehr verdienen alle Optionen wahren Weg.. Das gleiche habe ich mit Unmengen von diesen games erlebt.. Und was ich sehr unter dem Feld wo ich hier schreibe steht Werbung mit make real cash der gleiche shit

        1. The same thing happened to me stating that I didn’t log in for a long time. I was playing the game so I was logged in. This is totally a scam

        2. By the way the app is based on CCP China. That’s why. If you look, the developer hijacks other legit game platforms ads to use. If you look at the advertisements I see details that it’s out of China. Just look at the liscebse plate in the ad. Look at the location where the ads are made. It’s not the only ad reusing other apps ads to make money.

    1. They send it as a gift card u have to login and play the game up until u received the money if not you’ll lose it

      1. Play until? Bull…i sat there and continuley played and nothing and then they make it hard for you to stop paying them for VIP

      2. Dianna OSGOOD

        Played many hours and comply with the steps for withdraw. However they invalid my 1000.00 because they said I had not logged in for a long Time . Wrong. Tonight I was on it for over an hour and keep playing to see if I would get my Amazon money transfer. I was on the program when it was to be transferred to my papal account and it decline stating I had not been logged on. Folks, I was logged on when it should have transferred. The email they provided is invalid. Another scam beware.

          1. Christina M Cheveallier

            Should be but no ones doing any thing about it we just keep watching there ads making money for them. they owe me like over 5000 dollars but i wont see nothing. people who do this should be shut down and made to pay the people they owe but it wont happen.

      3. That is nonsense. i played did everything was still playing during the time for the payment but it said I failed because I didn’t log in for a long time. I played for 10 days straight

      4. Did you get paid? I’m still waiting for my cash out, will you please tell us what we’re gonna do? Thankyou!

    1. Hello! Sorry to hear that Clifton. Sadly, these games give you the expectation to win real money but don’t don’t seem to make any effort to pay.

      1. Hey so I was playing this game and I had cashed out what was a little over 3200 dollars. It says the payments were successfully but haven’t gotten it yet

    2. Hi Clifton, thanks for sharing your experience because more people need to know about the reality of playing these money-games. Starry for Cash is just a fantasy! Unfortunately, company is not eager to share the fruits of their “real money tree” with players.

      1. bobchidra Thomas

        They lied and said I wasn’t logged in for long periods of time but I logged in every day and now they have taken two of my withdraw orders and their email is none responsive.

    1. Hi James, Starry For Cash is not a money-making app, so you should not expect to get paid. The developers make it seem like an easy way to earn cash, but people don’t receive the payment.

    2. I have the game for like 2 day with no sleap in hopes to get the money. Let me tell you if this is not a real game and i wount get the money and i had to put all my information there my name and ^%£, not even sending me the money they’ll have to bring it to me.

  1. It is a waste of time!!!! The man who says you can get paid need his but kicked!!!! Thats false info!!!! He need to pay everyone for real!!! I’ve got over $1000.00 dollars and it says wrong email etc.!!!! Stop saying that this game is legit!!!

  2. Elisha patterson

    I just played for hours took all my info cashed out $1000 $700 $500 we will see if it pays says right now i says process like 8 hours they better pay took hours amd hours playing watching adds

    1. Hola yo comencé a jugar y siempre me rechaza el pago xq dice que soy un robot . Sigo jugando para demostrar lo contrario pero nada es una tonada de pelo una vergüenza que hagan creer a la gente que podes ganar dinero y es una falsa ojalá los saquen o los hagan pagar si o si x malas personas que joden a la gente … pero ellos sí ganan con las publicaciones que hay que ver …😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

    2. They don’t payout I did 2 Amazon cards and all the PayPal literally was on everyday and they said I wasn’t and that’s why I can’t get the payout plus the email address they give you to contact them is fake such bs

      1. I logged in for 11 days and when my money was suppose to be released to PayPal I got an error message saying I did not log in for a long time.
        I lost my job and was trying this game out as I am desperate and about to be evicted. I feel so lost now, numb and sad.
        I found the developers email on the app and emailed them. I still pray this comes through.

  3. I have been playing this game for hrs. I tried to cash out, said my email was wrong, then said password was wrong. I need the cash for bills why would a people do this when people are in need of cash badly to take care of family. I am waiting for my cash.

    1. Hi Ethel, if you need cash to pay your bills, avoid playing Starry For Cash. It’s a complete waste of time because you won’t make a penny. Instead of installing these games that offer unrealistic payouts, use a legit platform like


      , or better yet, build your own online business.

  4. After watching hundreds of video ads your payment will be process then receive it after 12hrs. I was so shock because after watching those ads i should receive the cash immediately but then again it says that i have to wait for 200+hrs to receive the cash. Another 9 days? Up to now i didn’t receive any. Soooo disappointed.

    1. I can imagine! These games are designed to make people play for a very long time until they finally realise they won’t make any money. Don’t waste your time if you just playing for the money. Instead, you can join a GPT site like Prizerebel and earn a little extra cash by completing simple tasks.

  5. Can we sue this type of false advertising, it said it pays directly to PayPal, no need to wait. Well guess what, the cash out featture says 164 hours left, processing, what the… Anyways it started from 264 hours, with nothing to do, maybe it wont hurt waiting for that 164 hours, geez…

  6. Hey old friend needed a loan purchased this game and now im getting an error even after i started my phone over. Hoping to get paid

  7. This game is a waste of time. It does not pay money at all. FAKE GAME FAKE ADVERTISING. ALL PAYPAL PAYMENTS GAME ARE FAKE so do not download this app again.

    1. I too have been playing this game for days on end it’s so sad I’m up to over 5000 bucks .these people need to be dealt with. Class act sounds good to me

  8. Lloyd Lambrinto

    mee to from Philippines I play the game 3days but no payout “no right email” why google playstore accept that kind of game doesn’t true. fraud games??

    1. Yes it doesn’t pay out I never logged out and for 2 weeks when it comes down to pay it rejected it every time this game lies i paid for vip twice and still have never received a dime

  9. Today is 4/7/21 I won 400 dollars on Starry for Cash app. I withdrew paypal $300 and then 102 supposed to go to my paypal and not received one dime. What do we need to do to get our money? I am upset I played that game for a long time and won. Could not cash out until reached 300 I reached 400 but still no cash. What can I do?

    1. Hi, Judy

      I wish there was a solution for this, but unfortunately, there is none. If you didn’t get the money after reaching 300, it means you never will. The best course of action is to focus on apps and site that have a solid reputation on the internet. That’s why reading lots of reviews is so important!

  10. I did get 1 cent added to my Amazon account I will try larger amounts later, I did try the Paypal money then they require you to watch x-amount of ads and watched all the ads Like 200 for 1000USD PayPal then once you meet that requirement you also have to wait something like 250 hours, but what I didn;t know is you still have to log in daily during that time or the transaction can become invalidated. If they do pay they probably get a bunch of people that get invalidated then have to go through the ad watching process all over agian which brings their ad revenue back up and with many people probably just quiting they would only need to pay a few people in general. That is if they pay at all I’m going to be more diligent this second time around, no excuses hopefully I get paid if not I will let you know either way. Be about a week before I can get anything. I dd Notice Bitcoin pay games did send me bitcoin but we’re talking about like less than a dollar worth LOL, but at least their games are fun.

    1. Hi DJ, if they are paying they should be more transparent regarding their cashout requirements. PLease, let us know what happens after you give it another try.

    2. Hi DJ, I am surprised to hear you received 1 cent. I believe this is only to motivate your to play more and earn the big prize. I don’t think you will get 1000 USD, but please let us know the outcome. You are right, Bitcoin games do pay, but only fractions of a cent!

  11. This app allows you to win but doesn’t actually pay you cash like it would like you to think. It will end up saying failure to log in for a long time. I was actually playing the game when it came on me the las

  12. Carlinhos Lehnen

    Já que temos um aplicativo que diz pagar, pois até vi e assisti vídeos e no final de você ficar jogando e não receber, porque não e feito algo para tirar fora? Pois seria uma falsa propagando e alguém deve se responsabilizar

  13. When will you guys ever learn that there are more apps that promise pay cash then there are apps that actually pay.
    Always always always read the reviews of the app you are about to download. Look especially for people that claim to have been paid real money. Remember that some companies pay to have positive reviews put online. There are good apps out there that do pay money but I’m not going to tell you what they are. You have to do a little digging like I did. If you’re suspicious at all do not download the app. If you do enough searching you’ll find the right ones. I did

  14. hello, there
    I’m here to inform your app is broke.

    I have completed all of the steps four different times. And every time the app says invalid???
    I have eared $41617.01 in Cash and $11360.08 in amazon rewards.
    I play the game between 15 to 30 minutes a day.
    my paypal is… please let me know how i can receive my rewards??

    1. Hi Erik, Starry for Cash is not my app, and I believe it isn’t broke. This is not a money-making app, so the invalid message you get is just another word for “you won’t receive any payment from us”.
      If you value your time, avoid playing games that have the PayPal logo and virtual dollars as bait.

    1. Hi, Nelson

      Sadly, the requirements never seem to end so that you keep watching ads forever. But even if you do everything they ask for, they will probably ignore your payment request. So, don’t waste your time playing Starry For Cash!

  15. You know what I just realized after my $.01 Amazon payment failed and I paid the $4.99 payment to activate my logins so that my $300 and $500 Paypal payments wouldn’t be denied because of long periods of not logging in? Is that there is no way of logging out AND we don’t even login to play the game! There’s no profile for the player and we have given them our Paypal info which you can’t get back into. You also can’t get back in to the email tab. Has anyone been able to get their $4.99 back?

    1. Hi Victoria, try to open a dispute with PayPal and see if they refund you. There is no guarantee, but I think it’s your only chance to get your money back.

  16. I watched the 50 videos it required and logged in every day as it said it will be invalid if I do not log in regularly. I even watched a few videos each day to be sure and when my timer ran out, it said I did not log in regularly and voided the cash out. Don’t waste your time with this one. I have cashed out on the Just play games app even though it is not nearly as much as this one only $14.00 but at least they gave me the money immediately.

  17. Michael Van pelt ii

    I was playing starry for cash app where you tap the tree over and over and I cashed out for a 500 and a 300 and it said I had to watch so many videos! so, I watched enough videos to qualify and then it said I had like 10 days before the money would be available in my PayPal account. I log in every single day and it said that I did not log in enough and it said that my money was forfeited or whatever because I didn’t login in a efficient amount of time. in fact, I logged in every single day and they gave me a failed response. so no it does not pay out whatsoever. Define way to rip you off do everything that they ask you to do and they do not pay out

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing your experience about Starry for cash. Many people also fell for the false hope of making money with this application. Unfortunaltely, vistual cash does not convert to PayPal because that would reduce the developer’s profits considerably. In fact, the company could never afford to pay everyone who reached the payout threshold.

      1. I’ve tried to withdraw several different amounts and you have to wait 245:55:5 not sure if that’s seconds, minutes or hours

    1. That’s what I’m worried about. my email had an attempted hack to it this morning and it’s never happened till i downloaded this app. so I went in and change the passwords to my Paypal and email and deleted the app but that doesn’t change anything because redownload to see if it wiped everything. nope and can’t click to change my Paypal, so hoping it won’t hack anything

  18. I was disappointed when i read all these reviews. Because I’m expecting that I will get what I’ve cash out. 😭 I’m from Philippines and I am only 15 years old, playing this app ‘coz I wanted to help may parents in bills. I’m still waiting for my cash out, I hope i will get it.

  19. I finished playing Starry for cash and watched ALL the ads required to cashout at $300. Was told it would transfer to PayPal in ten days. Ok, I waited and in the meantime, I checked in EVERY DAY and played 10 to 15 minutes each day. Today, when I checked in, it said my cash would be transferred in 2 hours and 15 minutes. When I checked at 11:55 , which was 2 hrs. and 20 minutes later everything was in red and said I was disqualified because I was logged off to long?!?!?!!! SO I DON’T GET PAID…WTF DON’T PLAY THIS GAME CAUSE THE ONLY ONE GETTING PLAYED IS YOU!!!!!

  20. Well all this going on let’s everybody just get together and sue for false advertising because the game is misleading my money is still pending haven’t seen anything yet I watched all the videos and everything that they asked and it says failed.

  21. So I watched their ad and downloaded the game. Then they gave me a free amazon gift card of… 1 cent. I redeemed it and surprisely it was real. I got a little more attention to the game and started the extremely long process and cashed out a 300 dollars gift card. I logged in every single day at different times but at the end it said that I logged off for too long. Lesson learned: don’t trust sketchy apps that gets 500 $ per 30 mins. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME PLEASE!!

  22. I never really go into these games expecting to actually be paid anything. That being said, it’s always because earnings always dwindle to impossible or game crashes well before rewards are reached. What especially pissed me off with this one was the above average amount of ads and actually achieving the payouts on multiple occasions. One thing to not reach payouts, that’s expected. Noticed right away something was up on the first reward. Looked like after I reached the absurd amount of videos to watch to qualify it gave a timer counting down processing time and a number of people that where in front of me being approved first. Ok, I can put up with a pain for cash. Then realized once close to time and my turn the numbers would be changed and back up. Iike sneak that by some sure, but happens over and over at no specific point. Now my wasted time was to see how bad it actually is just for me. So I pay it fir only PayPal and accumulated 3x $1000 and one $1500 until I don’t think an I’ve missed a single add that exists on the internet and took screenshots as all prizes behaved exactly like the first in scamming. Proving that it’s not just a glitch in my first cashout and actually the way it’s supposed to scam the user purposely for as long as possible. And of course as stated above the reviews and star rating on this and the other multiple games by the same developer aren’t visible. Never tried to compare the other games as, well, only have so much time I can waste. But would imagine I would get the same feedback. Long winded. But even presenting the proof of screenshots to Google play and IOS directly probably wouldn’t yield any progress regardless. Hopefully these websites at least stop some from wasting as much time as all commenting here. If anything can actually be done I would love to hear about it and contribute my screenshots if helpful.

  23. 300 Ads, no problem. 600 ads, eh… Ok… 1200… Fine… 3000 ads for the same $1000 promised two weeks prior…. Big F That… This app literally just restarts the “review” period over everytime the payout clock hits zero with double the required ads as before. Even the Amazon Gift Card for $2000 just sits on 3-7 business days. I jumped through every hoop, stayed on track, followed every requirement and they just keep doubling down on BS.

    Sidenote, I let a polite yet forward inquiry on Google play review section, and unsurprisingly, the question was removed within 12 hours without a reply. So don’t expect a human response from this Ad dishing app, cause more ads is the only reward you can expect. I recommend “Cash ‘Em All” (pennies on the hour, but legit $1.25 every 30-60 minutes for playing games. At least a day gets enough for cigs with a 24 hour payout to cash app.)

  24. Kissy Latasha Johnson

    This is some bs, I have spent so many hours playing this game and watching ads and still no payout, something has to give!

  25. I’m so upset. I’ve spent two days playing this game and spent almost 15 gb. Now after reading these reviews I really want to look for a lawyer and sue these people that are basically getting rich by us watching their advertisements on their app and not giving us a dime. Can we sue them. is there grounds for a case? Let me know

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