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Smiley360 Review – Is It Worth Your Time And Effort?

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smiley360 reviewWould you like to get free products and services in return for simple tasks? In this review, I am going to talk about Smiley360 and give you my honest opinion about it. Is Smiley360 a scam? Is it worth your time and effort?

Let’s find out.

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Smiley360 Review


  • Name: Smiley360
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to join
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5


What is Smiley360?

Smiley360 is a community of influential consumers who try new products, give feedback to the brand and share their opinions with other people.

Smiley360 was founded in 2009 by Social Media Link, which is a company responsible for amplifying social media marketing of big brands like Unilever, Nestle, P&G, BIC and more.

It’s similar to another platform I have reviewed in this blog called PinchMe. Another popular website you can use to earn free stuff is BzzAgent.


Pros and Cons


  • Free to join.
  • Trustworthy company.
  • Easy tasks.



  • Points will just increase your chances of qualifying for missions.
  • You can waste a lot of time for zero return.
  • It works only for USA and Canada residents.


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How Does it Work? 


The signup is free and straightforward. You just have to provide your email, choose a password and click on the confirmation link they will send to your inbox. You can also sign up with your Facebook and Tweeter account.


Complete Your Profile

The first thing you should do is complete your profile, which involves not only answering personal questions but also linking to your social media accounts.

Most, if not all of their missions will ask you to hare your opinions to your friends on Facebook and Tweeter.


Points and Missions

You can only have a chance to receive the products if you reach a minimum number of points required for a Mission.

Points are given for every activity you do, such as:

  • Completing your profile
  • sharing on social media
  • Writing reviews
  • Taking surveys
  • Uploading photos and videos.

For example, you will have to earn at least 15 points to complete the Smiley360 Introduction Mission and enter a monthly sweepstake for a chance to win a Smiley kit.

Check out this useful video to understand how to use The Smiley360 sharing tools:



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It’s important to note that the Missions will not always be available to you. They will give preference to members who have the most number of points and whose profiles match with the offers.

So, the more surveys you take and the more opinions you share, the better your chances of qualifying for missions and get free products to try.




There are mixed opinions about Smiley360 on the internet. Some people think it’s not worth it because they spend a lot of time completing surveys and sharing on social media for very little in return.

complaint 1

complaint 2

Other like the experience though, probably because there were luckier in receiving more free products.

positive review


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My Honest Opinion About Smiley360

Smiley360 is a legit platform that you can use to earn free products in exchange giving feedback and other simple tasks. There are mixed opinions about it on the internet, but overall the website has a good reputation.

Just don’t expect to receive lots of products for free as there are many people competing for the same opportunities.

So, is Smiley worth your time and effort? Well, that’s very personal and only you can answer this question.

Verdict: Legit

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Thanks for checking out my honest Smiley360 review. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I’d love to help!

Stay safe!


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