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PushRewards App Review – Is it Real or Fake?

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You may have found the PushRewards app while searching for easy ways to make money on the go. The app developer claims that you can earn coins simply by solving captchas, scratching cards, and spinning the fortune wheel. Once you accumulate the minimum number of coins, you can redeem for Gift cards and PayPal.

Unlike many reward apps and traditional GPT sites, PushRewards doesn’t connect you with offer walls or surveyrouters. Instead, are you are required to watch a video ad before every activity, which is how the developer is generating revenue with the app .

So, is PushRewards legit? Does it pay, and if so, how much money can you make?

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PushRewards App Review


  • Name: PushRewards
  • App developer: CrazyMobileApps
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Minimum Payout: $5
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1.8/5


How Does PushRewards Work? 


Installation and registration 

PushRewards is only available on Google Play for Android devices. After launching the app, it will ask permission to access your location to which you can allow or deny. The app needs your location to send you targeted advertising, but it’s this permission is not mandatory.

Next, you must sign in with your Google account to access the member’s area.


Coins and Rewards

As I mentioned, you will earn coins for your activities inside the app. You can exchange 2500 coins for $5 paid through PayPal, Google Play, Xbox, Amazon and Steam gift cards. Therefore, 1 coin = $0.002. 

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Another option is to redeem 3000 coins for 645 Free Fire diamonds.

To receive your payment, open your Wallet, select your payment method and provide your email to receive the money or gift code. According to the PushRewards, rewards will be delivered on the first day of each month.


How to Earn Coins

There 5 ways to earn money with PushRewards:

  1. Fill Captcha: Watch a video ad and then solve the ReCaptcha to prove that you are not a bot. Earn 3 coins.
  2. Fortune Wheel: Watch a video and spin for a chance to win up to 7 coins.
  3. Scratch cards: To earn coin with the scratch card, you have to watch a vide ad first. Earn a random prize between 0.2 and 8 coins.
  4. Push Notification winner: Every day, PushRewards will send you a push notification at a random time. The first person to click on the notification will get 0.50 USD, which will be paid on the first day of the month.
  5. Invite and Earn: Share your invite code with your friend. Every time someone uses your referral code, you will get 20 coins and the person will earn 10 coins.


How Much Money Can You Earn With PushRewards? 


You should not set high expectations about PushReward because you will certainly make very little money. It takes a very long time to reach 2500 coins and cash out $5.

Keep in mind that you must watch the video until the end to receive your coins. Therefore, the PushRewards app will consume not only your time but also your internet data. Depending on your data plan, it’s not even worth trying to earn money with PushRewards because you may spend more money than you will earn.


Is PushRewards Legit? Does it Pay? 


I hope you understand that I cannot claim the app is a scam without proof. What I can tell you is that lots of people are complaining about payments. If you read the reviews on Google Play, you will be shocked by the sheer number of people who requested the gift card or PayPal transfer and didn’t get receive the reward.

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Most users who gave 4 – 5 stars were still in the process of collecting coins, so their positive rating doesn’t matter. What does matters is the number of people who actually got paid, but unfortunately, I can’t see any! 


Pros and Cons


  • Cash out via PayPal and gift cards.
  • Easy way to earn coins.


  • They will show you ads frequently even if you don’t request any scratchcard, spin or Captcha.
  • It takes a very long time to reach 2500 coins.
  • The currency value of coins is very low.
  • Lots of people report that their payments are missing.
  • There is no Terms and Consitions.




I don’t recommend PushRewards because your chances of making money are very low.

The app is funded by advertising, which means that the earning potential is very low. So, even if you get paid, I don’t think it’s worth spending so many hours on the app in return for $5.

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Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my PushRewards app review. I hope it was helpful. So, did what are your thoughts about this app? Did you get your money? Let us know in the comment box below.

Take care!

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