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Prize Blast Review – Can You Win $200+ Prizes? Is it Fake?

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Welcome to my Prize Blast review!

As I was trying out a money game, I stumbled upon a captivating advertisement that caught my eye.

The commercial boasted about Prize Blast, a casual cube elimination game that suggested players could earn hundreds of dollars.

With a healthy dose of skepticism, I watched as the balance shot up to an impressive $600, followed by the alluring green “Claim” button.

Naturally, this made me wonder if this game was real or just another gimmick, so I decided to explore and share my findings with you. 

Is Prize Blast legit or fake? Will I actually get paid for playing, or is it all fake cash on your phone screen? Let’s find out! 

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Prize Blast Review


  • Name: Prize Blast
  • Developer: Lagoon Software Ltd
  • Price: Free to play 
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Prize Blast?


Prize Blast is a pirate-themed Android game that allows you to participate in sweepstakes by playing a casual elimination game. 

This captivating, free-to-play game takes you on a high-stakes treasure hunt as you navigate a series of levels by tapping and eliminating matching cubes. 

As you delve into the game, you’ll find yourself unlocking piggybanks worth $12 to $13, which can supposedly be used in the Prize Cavern.

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Here, you can win real-life prizes like iPhones, Nintendo Switches, Smart Watches, and AirPods, all just waiting to be claimed.

While the gameplay itself is simple, earning these fantastic prizes can be a bit more complex.

To open the Prize Cavern, you must collect bottles and embark on your treasure-hunting journey until level 12. 

Prize Blast has been installed over 100k times on the Play Store and rated 4.4 stars, which is pretty impressive. 

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How Does Prize Blast Work? 


Prize Blast is an enthralling game for Android users worldwide, designed for players aged 18 years or older.

With its captivating gameplay and the appeal of winning real-life prizes, it’s sure to pique your interest and keep you hooked for hours on end.

Upon launching the app, you must accept its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

To safeguard your progress, sign in with your Google or Apple account, so you won’t lose your hard-earned achievements even if you change phones or uninstall the game.

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Your progress is at risk as a guest, so signing in is highly recommended.

The welcome page showcases an impressive list of winners, boasting 5,515 victorious players and a whopping $1,504,410 awarded in prizes.

The gameplay is easy to grasp and is very addictive: tap blocks of the same color to eliminate them and achieve the level’s objective, such as clearing a certain number of blue and red boxes.

prize blast gamplay

With a limited number of moves, strategy is critical to success!

After completing each level, you’ll collect a bottle. But the real adventure starts once you gather seven bottles, marking seven victories.

The Treasure Hunt features 12 intriguing steps, beginning with building your ship.

trasure hunt

Upgrade your vessel using the collected bottles, and continue conquering levels to collect more bottles and progress through the steps.

Your job involves constructing your ship, setting sail, and engaging in epic sea battles.

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Finally, the enigmatic Prize Cavern opens when you finally reach the last step, revealing whether you’ve won a prize.

the prize cavern

If fortune favors you, use your cash balance to claim your reward.

Watch for the pink piggy bank symbol on the game board to grow your cash balance.

Tapping it unlocks cash mode, where breaking neighboring boxes lets you blast larger piggy banks worth $4.

When opening the Prize Cavern, you’ll be prompted to register on the company website to confirm your legal eligibility.

Provide your email, date of birth, gender, and delivery address to participate in the loyalty program. 


Is Prize Blast Legit? Does it Reward Players? 


After playing Prize Blast and reading numerous reviews from fellow players, it’s evident that the game has disappointed and discouraged many.

While there are indeed real winners, the game lacks transparency regarding the sweepstakes, leaving players unsure of their odds of winning and the frequency of winners each month.

With no guarantee of winning a prize, many players feel that the app’s developer is not playing fair. 

The gameplay can be quite repetitive, as you must often replay the same levels to collect enough bottles to progress.

This has led to frustration, with some players wondering whether they can win the prizes.

Additionally, the game appears to crash for some users, causing them to lose progress and further dampening their experience. This similar elimination game actually pays real Bitcoin! 

Despite reaching high levels, many players still find the prizes to be incredibly far off. 

One player shared his negative experience with Prize Blast, mentioning that he had been playing the game for over two years and had accumulated $2000 in their account.

However, they expressed frustration that the developer constantly introduced new requirements, preventing him from winning the prizes.

The app is also heavily ad-driven, helping the developer generate profits from his business! 

It’s important to note that Prize Blast is a sweepstakes-style game, meaning that only a select few will be fortunate enough to win the prizes.

But with unclear sweepstakes, repetitive levels, and many adverts, many players feel discouraged and ponder uninstalling the game. 

That being said, Prize Blast is not a Scam. At least it doesn’t trick you into believing you can cash out large sums of money via PayPal like many other games.

But you should know your chances of winning are slim, so don’t get your hopes up too high! 

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Prize Blast may have some appeal for those who enjoy casual gameplay and the chance to win real-life prizes.

However, the overall experience might not be as rewarding as you would hope.

It’s essential to manage your expectations and remember that winning a prize is not guaranteed, and the journey to the Prize Cavern can be pretty challenging and time-consuming.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Prize Blast review! Do you have any questions or personal experiences with the game that you’d like to share?

Please feel free to leave a comment below, as your insights can be invaluable for our community of readers.


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