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Pop Game Box Review – Is it Legit? Does it Award 100,000 Robux?

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Welcome to my Pop Game Box review!

Do you want to get some Robux without opening your wallet? 

Many mobile apps are promising or suggesting that users can redeem crazy amounts of game currencies. 

One is Pop Game Box, which claims you will get 100,000 Robux if you collect enough virtual Robux inside the game. 

If you are not aware, Robux is the digital currency of Roblox, a unique and famous gaming platform.

Considering ten thousand coins are being sold for almost $100 on the official Roblox site, the idea of winning 100k seems too good to be true! 

So, is Pop Game Box legit or fake? Does it reward users with real Robux? Let’s find out!

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Pop Game Box Review


  • Name: Pop Game Box 
  • Developer: biipaallagames
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Payout threshold: 100,000 Robux
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What Is Pop Game Box? 


When I first heard about Pop Game Box, I thought it was all about playing games in exchange for rewards. How wrong I was! 

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It doesn’t provide any game, as the name suggests. Instead, it will show you a page full of promotional articles and Google banners. 

This app will entice you to watch many video commercials with the “promise” of giving you free Robux.

Of course, the developers are generating revenue with all videos displayed on your screen. But the question is: Will they transfer Robux to your Play ID as advertised? 

Stick with me, and you will find out very soon! 


How Does Pop Game Box Work? 


Pop Game Box is free on the Play Store and is accessible worldwide on any Android device. 

After you open the application, it will immediately ask if you want to win 100,000 Robux! 

Of course you do, so you tap “Yes” and enter your Roblox ID with high expectations and a big smile on your face.

Next, it encourages you to collect enough Robux in the game to redeem and promises to send them through the official Roblox site. 

Here is what comes next – Congratulations, you are a lucky user! Here are 20,000 20,000 Robux for you! 

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After landing on the dashboard, I tried to find the so-called “game,” but I only saw a page full of banners and promotional texts. 

On the right-hand side, a small hand points to a Robux symbol in an envelope. It says level 1. 

When you tap this icon, you will get a level-up reward that consists of thousands or hundreds of Robux. 

Wait for the little progress bar to complete again, then click again to level up and claim more rewards! 

By tapping on the “collect x2” button or the “collect” link, they will throw an advert on your screen before adding the Robux to your balance. 

Other ways to collect Robux are by tapping the floating treasure chest or signing in daily. 

What I just described above wraps up how Pop Game Box operates in an attempt to get users to watch as many videos as possible. 


Redeeming Robux

To redeem Robux, you must collect at least 100,000 Robux in the app by watching lots of videos. 

Here is the catch: Pop Game Box gives thousands of Robux following the first video views. 

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However, as you approach the redemption goal, you will receive fewer Robux, making it a very time-consuming activity. 


Is Pop Game Box Legit? Does it Give Free Robux? 


No, it doesn’t! I mentioned at the beginning of this article that 10,000 Robux is worth almost 100 US dollars. 

So, they are trying to convince users they will receive close to $1,000 worth of game currency, which is utter nonsense! 

Rewards will eventually drop to less than 10 Robux at a time, and you will have to watch so many commercials. 

That’s dreadful, and I don’t want anyone to go through it only to find the obvious: Pop Game Box will never transfer free Robux to your Roblox player ID. 

After wasting so much time trying to reach 100,000, Pop game Box will let you redeem Robux with the condition that you watch another 30 videos! 

Of course, this is a meaningless script designed by developers who crave advertising revenue at the expense of your time. 

Please don’t fall for it because the Robux reward is totally fake! 




Pop Game Box doesn’t reward users with actual Robux since that would require a huge budget to spend on expensive game currency.

A simple app like this is definitely not earning enough revenue to support such an audacious prize offer. 

While using Pop Game Box, you will be exposed to many other apps enticing you with free Robux and even massive cash rewards. 

Don’t act impulsively, and download the app before checking for reviews. Otherwise, you can be stuck in a deception loop and waste so much time! 

If you cannot afford the high price tag of Robux, you can complete online activities that allow you to purchase from the official website. 

For example, a reputable GPT site gives you points for completing surveys and game offers. You can then withdraw cash once you meet the cashout requirement. 

FreeCash is an excellent option, as you can also exchange points for Roblox gift cards! 


Final Words

Thank you for reading all the way through my Pop Game Box review. I hope you found this post interesting and helpful!

Use the comment box below if you have any queries or want to share your thoughts on this app.


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