Mystery Coin Box Review – Fake or Real Robux?

Welcome to my Mystery Coin Box review!

I have recently found another app trying to suck gamers in with crazy quantities of free Robux.

The application is called Mystery Coin Box and claims to transfer a minimum of 10,000 Robux to the Player’s ID account. 

What makes this opportunity so unreal is that you would have to fork out $100 if you wanted to purchase the currency from the Roblox site. 

At first, they make you believe that all you have to do is play games inside the app and meet the requirement. 

However, that’s not exactly what they want from you! 

In this review, I will expose Mystery Coin Box from head to toe and answer critical questions: Is it legit or fake? Does it give players free Robux? 

Let’s find out!

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Mystery Coin Box Review


  • Name: Mystery Coin Box
  • Developer: Halo Inspires
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Payout threshold: 10,000 Robux
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What Is Mystery Coin Box? 


Mystery Coin Box is a reward app where you supposedly play mobile games and win free Robux. 

Robux is the virtual currency of the Roblox platform and can be used to purchase skins, items, and other features in the game. 

Unfortunately, many people cannot afford to purchase Robux from the official site since it costs a fortune! 

That’s where Mystery Coin Box comes in, suggesting users will receive free currency if they collect 10k Robux through the app. 

No wonder it has been installed over 1 Million times on the Play Store! 

I have seen this fantastic opportunity countless times in apps like Pop Game Box, Thumb Box, Cut Grass, and many others! Check out how Pop Game Box is similar! 

In fact, the Play Store is brimming with apps that promise a lot but offer little to nothing!


How Does Mystery Coin Box Work? 


Mystery Coin Box is available on the Play Store worldwide and works on any Android device. 

After launching the app, it shows three simple steps to get 10,000 Robux for free:

  1. Enter the game
  2. Play games to collect Robux
  3. Redeem your Robux, which will be issued to your account in 1 minute. 

Press the start button, and you will receive a welcome bonus of 2000 Robux just for joining the program. 


Mystery Coin Box also entices the user to collect diamonds by playing games. They can also be redeemed for free Robux when you reach 10,000. 

Great! So, when you finally access the platform, you see a page blog page with articles and advertisements. 

To access the games, you must click the “game” tab right at the top. 

Once you open this section, you will find many games in different categories, such as hot, casual, sports, adventure, and kids. 

If you click on one of these options, another page full of banners will appear. It has a red “play” button that is trying to camouflage among banners with buttons. 

So, many users will touch them by mistake, which benefits the developer and advertisers! 

The catch is that you won’t receive Robux while playing any game. Instead, you get virtual currency by clicking the golden Robux logo on the -right corner and watching a video. 

You can also trigger the reward by tapping the treasure chest floating on the screen and, of course, watching the video! 

Most are obnoxious commercials for fake money games that shouldn’t even be allowed to operate. 

Diamonds are added to your account every second as you engage with the app, whether through scrowling or playing a game.

Mystery Coin Box also features a section where you can collect Roblox skins. You must watch 2 videos in order to open a mystery box containing random skin pieces for your game. 

You can only claim the skin once you accumulate 100 pieces! 


Redeeming Robux

Once your Robux balance reaches 10,000, tap the redeem button at the top, followed by a second “redeem” button.  


According to the developer, the game currency should be transferred to your Roblox account in 1 minute.

But, as you’ll see next, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as the developer is hungry for more views! 


Is Mystery Coin Box Legit? Does it Give Free Robux? 


No, it doesn’t! Mystery Coin Box claims to transfer an unrealistic quantity of Robux to users’ accounts. 

Of course, that is an illusion designed to get people to partake in the tedious activity of viewing videos. 


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The reason is that each view generates revenue from advertisers, who want you to download their life-changing apps! 

Your reward diminishes continually as you approach 10,000 Robux or 100,000 diamonds.


It’s astonishing that when you only have one Robux left to redeem, you’ll start earning fractions like 0.1 Robux. 

But wait! It gets even worse! 

Once you finally achieve the goal and press “redeem,” the app will ask you to watch a specific number of videos.

You complete one requirement just to find you have to view more and more videos. It’s disgraceful, to say the least! 

Some people reported waiting 1 or 2 months just so Mystery Coin Box displayed a message saying the Robux was on their Roblox account. 

But sadly, that was a false flag, as they didn’t receive any Robux! 




Mystery Coin Box is probably one of the worst kinds of apps you can possibly install on your device. 

They get people to watch countless videos that only benefit the developer while transferring zero Robux to the player’s account. 

It’s sad that unsuspecting users, most of which young gamers, are falling for this nonsense!

But it’s never too late to learn from mistakes and avoid future traps! 

There are only 3 official ways to earn free Robux:

  1. Create Roblox worlds that will get players to purchase in-app items from it. 
  2. Create custom clothing that people want to buy.  
  3. Use the Roblox affiliate program and invite friends to make an in-app purchase. 

Of course, these are tricky ways to get free Robux. That’s why it could be more effective to earn cash online and then purchase Robux directly from the official site. 

The easiest method is to join a reward platform that pays you for completing surveys and offers.

Check out my full Prizerebel review to learn why it’s one of the best GPT (get-paid-to) sites! 


Final Words

I hope my Mystery Coin Box review was helpful and eye-opening! 

Thank you for your visit, and I will see you in the next post! 


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