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Pop Block Jewel Review – Don’t Pay the $1,99 Transfer Free!

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Welcome to my Pop Block Jewel Review!

I recently stumbled across another casual called Pop Block Jewel, which boldly claims to line players’ pockets with cash. 

Our journey starts with an advert featuring an angry man saying bad words about fake cash games and greedy developers.

He then sets the stage for Pop Block Jewel, promising that playing the game will earn you lots of money!

As you eliminate blocks by tapping groups of the same color, the video shows a cash balance growing to thousands of dollars.

To make the app even more irresistible and reputable, it promises cash-outs via PayPal and prominently displays the logo throughout the gameplay.

So, does Pop Block Jewel offer a legit way to make some extra money? Or is it another fake cash game ready to prey on unsuspecting players? Let’s find out!

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Pop Block Jewel Review


  • Name: Pop Block Jewel 
  • Developer: Dam Nhipy Life
  • Price: Free – no financial risk 
  • Payout threshold: $1000
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Pop Block Jewel?


Pop Block Jewel is a puzzle-matching Android game from the developers behind other money games such as Garden Tree and Christmas Card.

Players must tap and eliminate same-colored blocks to complete puzzles and score points.

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But the most intriguing aspect of this game is its promise of monetary rewards. I am talking about thousands of dollars without making any deposits! 

With its seemingly rewarding premise, Pop Block Jewel has achieved over 10k installations and a 4.5-star rating on the Play Store.

Despite the high rating, which appears to be manipulated, most genuine reviewers are very unhappy with this application. 


How Does Pop Block Jewel Work? 


Delving deeper into the mechanics of Pop Block Jewel, one thing becomes apparent: all the revenue this app generates comes from advertisements. 

By displaying these advertisements, the game can be offered to players for free while remaining profitable for developers. 

However, this raises an important question: are they making enough money to give every player hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars? That’s what we will find out later! 

Pop Block Jewel is available for Android users on the Play Store, with no deposits or registration required.

The gameplay is simple: you tap sets of blocks of the same color to eliminate them.

Initially, the game triggers an incredible $117 prize in your PayPal balance. The excitement builds as the next award is over $1,000, added to your Amazon balance. 

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In a clever tactic by the developers, players are lured into tapping the “collect” button and watching a commercial to claim subsequent rewards.

By doing so, the game sees an increase in views which, in turn, generates more revenue for its creators.

To collect even more cash rewards, players can complete a 3-day mission or try their luck at the “Lucky Wheel.”


Withdrawing Funds

To cash out your PayPal balance, you must wait 24 hours to redeem all the money, or you can opt to cash out immediately once you reach $1,000.

As for Amazon gift cards, the minimum requirement is a staggering $10,000.

Pop Block Jewel’s structure is designed to keep you engaged and watching endless commercials, driving revenue for the developers.

But is the payout as straightforward as it initially seems?


Is Pop Block Jewel Legit? Does it Pay? 


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No, it doesn’t! The developer is merely raking in revenue from advertisements without rewarding players a single cent.

Essentially, they’re exploiting your time and giving you nothing in return! 

The truth is those cash rewards are entirely fake. Sure, they start off generous, luring you in with enticing sums to keep you engaged for long enough to profit from your playtime. 

But as you inch closer to the payout threshold, the rewards dwindle to less than 3 cents! 

They cleverly prolong your playtime by giving less and less, treating you like a fool while making you endure more commercials promoting even more fake cash games!

But hold onto your hats because Pop Block Jewel gets even more nefarious than that.

Once you finally reach the $1,000 mark and enter your PayPal email, they’ll put your order as “pending” and inform you that a wire transfer fee is required to initiate the withdrawal.

Can you believe it? They have the audacity to charge $1.99 without any guarantee that the money transfer will go through. It’s just outrageous! 

Don’t fall for this absurdity, folks! Pop Block Jewel is a prime example of deceit disguised as a fun and rewarding game. 


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Final Words

I appreciate you checking out my Pop Block Jewel review and hope it contributes to raising awareness.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your personal experiences with the game, please comment below. 


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