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Ocean Merge Review – Diving Into The Money-Making Illusion!

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Welcome to my Ocean Merge review!

In today’s post, I will dissect the latest money-making sensation called Ocean Merge.

This merge game promises to pay users large sums of cash! 

I stumbled upon this application through a commercial with bold claims of direct PayPal payments and a whopping $100 bonus for new players.

Not to mention the ludicrous game simulation that portrays a virtual cash balance jumping to over $1700 in no time!

As if no one had noted the small print in their advert saying, “result is not guaranteed.”

But the truth is that most people rush to the Play Store with high hopes of making easy money without careful consideration. 

No wonder fake applications have thrived for years despite repeatedly using the same tactics. 

So, is Ocean Merge legit? Does it transfer the money or not? Let’s find out!

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Ocean Merge Review


  • Name: Ocean Merge – Gather Wealth
  • Developer: Dam Nhipy Life
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


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What is Ocean Merge? 


Ocean Merge is an underwater merging game that takes players on a voyage through the ocean’s depths.

Your job is to drop and combine identical coins representing a sea creature like a fish, crab, or starfish. 

As a result, the two coins will merge and unleash a bigger coin featuring a different marine animal. 

But the adventure supposedly extends to the real world too! 

As you merge, you will come across PayPal coins that, when combined, will result in fantastic cash prizes! 

The crazy thing is that you can withdraw the funds to your PayPal account anytime. 

However, it’s important to note that cash rewards are so unrealistic that it makes even an 8-year-old kid question their legitimacy. 


How Does Once Merge Work? 


Ocean Merge is available for quick download on the Play Store and is 100% free. 

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Upon launching the app on your Android, it prompts you to drop two PayPal coins and unlock your first bonus ranging from $10 – $500.  

Next, Ocean Merge will show you the cash-out page featuring a 24-hour countdown and the following question:

How much bonus can you take away within the time limit?

That’s the page where you fill in your account details and request the payment to be sent to your PayPal account. 

Clearly, the developer wants users to play as much as possible during the timeframe before hitting the cash-out button. 

The game is a clone of countless merging games available on the Play Store and is pretty straightforward.

You have to tap and try to collide two coins of the same size featuring a specific aquatic life. As a result, they will merge into a bigger coin featuring a different creature! 

ocean merge gameplay

You will unlock a special coin with the PayPal trademark whenever you merge two octopuses.

When combined, this coin triggers cash bonuses ranging from $10 to $500. 

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In the beginning, you will collect virtual dollars without any commercial interruption.

But that will change after accumulating over $300 when the app starts pushing a video before crediting your reward. 


Amazon Gift cards

Ocean Merge entices users to watch videos and collect pink diamonds that can be exchanged for an Amazon gift card. 


Lucky Wheel

In the Lucky Wheel section, you must watch a video to collect pieces corresponding to different prizes. 

Once you collect 100 pieces, you can redeem an iPhone 13, iPad, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and AirPods. 


Is Ocean Merge Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Ocean Merge is a fake reward app designed to collect revenue with no obligation to compensate participants.

Unlike most money games I have reviewed, this one allows you to cash out at any time. But it doesn’t mean you will receive the payment in your PayPal account. 

So, this is how Ocean Merge behaves once you try to cash out! 

After entering your PayPal email in the space provided, the app says the order is successful. 

However, there is an odd note stating that cash out requires the usage of Google’s server protocol, and as a result, you will be charged a small fee.

There is a “cash out” button, but nothing happens when you press it, meaning the cash reward is totally fake. 

order successful

If you try to withdraw other amounts, the game tells you the gift card will arrive in your account within two weeks. 

But of course, Google has nothing to do with your winnings in the joke of an app called Ocean Merge. 

Since the money is entirely fake, you have been lured into watching countless videos that only benefit the app’s owner! 




Ocean Merge is another fake money game that lures users into an unrealistic cash reward system. 

Unfortunately, thousands of people are wasting time merging coins and watching loads of commercials for no pay. 

At least their fictitious withdrawal page does not direct users to the Play Store to pay a fee.

Otherwise, people would also be wasting hard-earned money on this illusion of making easy money, just like with TikTube or Wow Translate. 


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Final Words

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my Ocean Merge review, and I hope it was helpful! 

If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to comment below. 


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