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Money Kitty Review – Can You Make $200 Daily?

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Welcome to my Money Kitty review!

Let’s be honest; who wouldn’t want to make crazy amounts of money while playing games?

I found myself browsing the Play Store recently, scouting for the opportunity to make money on the move with minimal effort.

Lo and behold, I stumbled upon an app, “Money Kitty,” that wasn’t just purring but roaring with its claims.

“Earn money in 2 minutes,” “Cashout $200 daily!” and even a jaw-dropping “$300 from just one offer.”

Add to that the idea of getting paid to listen to music or take quick online surveys. Tempting, right?

The allure is so powerful that most people don’t even pause to consider the feasibility of such offers.

But more often than not, they find themselves spiraling down a tunnel of disappointment.

The result? People end up investing their precious time and energy with little or nothing to show for it.

Why does this happen? Simply put, this cruel world has its fair share of opportunists.

Many app developers are more interested in capitalizing on your time rather than genuinely rewarding you.

The internet is riddled with enticing traps, and whenever you look, someone is always ready to capitalize on your hopes and dreams.

So, is Money Kitty the real deal or just another fake money app?

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Does it genuinely pay out as promised? Stay with me as we delve into the details; we’ll uncover the truth together.

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Money Kitty Review


  • Name: Money Kitty: Play & Earn Money
  • Developer: Kanbina
  • Payout threshold: £2
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 2 stars


What is Money Kitty?


Money Kitty is a free Android app designed for those looking to earn money by playing games.

For every minute you engage with sponsored games, the app rewards you with coins. It’s almost identical to FREEMONEY! 

Now, what do you do with these accumulated coins?

Money Kitty offers an exchange system where you can redeem these coins for real-world rewards.

Players can cash out via PayPal cash, an Amazon gift card, or even Google Play gift cards.

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However, like most apps of this nature, there’s a catch: you need to meet a specific cashout requirement before you can enjoy your earnings.

As for its popularity? It seems Money Kitty has piqued users’ interests, as the app boasts over 100k installations.

And with a rating of 4.1, it’s clear that many users find value in their experience with the app.

But does it truly deliver on its promises? That’s what we will find out pretty soon!


How Does Money Kitty Work? 


At its core, Money Kitty operates like many reward-based mobile applications.

Think of it as a middleman between you and companies that want you to try their app.

Now, to keep you coming back and engaging more, Money Kitty shares a little bit of what they earn with you in the form of points or coins.

You can then trade these points for real rewards.

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But to provide more clarity, let’s break down its working mechanism step-by-step:


Getting Started

Firstly, you’ll need to download the app from the Play Store.

Next, you will be prompted to agree with the Privacy Policy and provide your age and gender.

The app can suggest games you might enjoy by knowing more about you.

After you provide your details, the app will request permission for ‘usage access.’

At first glance, this might seem intrusive, but the reason behind this request is to track your playtime on other games.

It’s like when a fitness app tracks the number of steps you walk – Money Kitty keeps tabs on how long you play to calculate the coins you earn.


The Welcome Bonus


After signing up, Money Kitty generously awards you a welcome bonus of 3,600 coins.

However, to convert these coins into actual cash rewards, you need to accumulate a minimum of 10,999 coins, which translates to £5.


Exploring the Game Options

Initially, there is only one game available, but don’t fret!

Additional games will populate your list as you engage with the initial offer.

game list

The dashboard clearly displays the coins-per-minute rate you’ll earn.

To begin, select the game that catches your eye and hit the “Play and earn” button, redirecting you to the Play Store.


The Reality of Earnings

Money Kitty promised me a reward of £5 for the initial 16 minutes of gameplay.

But unfortunately, I merely received a few coins, which don’t match the coins-per-minute reward.

A deeper look at the “My Games” section reveals a task-based reward system.

task based system

For instance, if you play a game for 3 minutes, you’ll earn 90 coins.

Similarly, achieving specific levels rewards you with 800 coins.

Some of them actually encourage players to make in-app purchases.

For example, in the game Dice Dreams, they claim to reward you with £3 if you make any purchase within the game.

Given that Money Kitty didn’t deliver my initial £5, how can I trust them moving forward?

What if you spend your hard-earned money and don’t get the promised reward?


Questionable Claims

The app audaciously claims that users can cash out $200 daily. This isn’t a mere exaggeration; it’s downright misleading.

The idea of making $200 in one day, and consistently at that, seems implausible given the extensive playtime each challenge demands.

The Play Store should ideally prevent apps from making such claims.

Yet, developers seem to freely market their apps with tantalizing offers without any accountability.


How to Cash Out 

Before you can cash out, ensure you’ve accumulated the necessary coins for your preferred payment method.

The app offers three methods, and each has its own minimum coin requirement for cashing out:

  • £ 5 Google Play gift card – 10999
  • £2 Amazon gift card – 11999
  • £20 PayPal – 79999

Next, follow the in-app instructions to submit your request. This might involve confirming your email address or other relevant details.


Is Money Kitty Legit? Does it Pay?


When it comes to reward platforms, there’s a line that distinguishes genuine opportunities from exploitative schemes.

So, where does Money Kitty land?

First things first: Money Kitty is indeed a legitimate application.

Users have confirmed that it pays out, so it’s not a blatant scam.

However, the reality isn’t as rosy as it initially appears.

Delving deeper into the user reviews reveals a mixed bag of experiences, some of which are pretty negative for the app.

So, let’s delve into what users have experienced:


The Good: 

  • Game Enjoyment: Many users find the games fun.
  • Rewards: Users often get Google Play gift cards.
  • Fast Payout for Google Play rewards: One user got their Google Play gift card reward in just a day.
  • Smooth Performance: The app functions without hiccups


The Bad:

  • Disappearing coins: Some users noticed their hard-earned coins vanished when they tried to cash out.
  • PayPal issues and delays: this payment method is the app’s Achilles’ heel. Several users reported long waits for PayPal cashouts, with some waiting weeks.
  • Support Issues: Users aren’t getting replies to their emails.
  • Point Loss: A user lost points equivalent to $20 after resetting their device.
  • No Login: Device changes can lead to lost rewards without registration.




Money Kitty paints a tantalizing picture of easy earnings, but the reality isn’t as straightforward.

The coins-per-minute figure they present on the dashboard is quite misleading.

That’s because real earnings are more task-oriented!

The app seems to favor those who select Google Play gift cards as the threshold for cashing out is more achievable.

On the flip side, the high minimum for PayPal is concerning.

I couldn’t find any user having successfully cashed out £20 using this payment method.

The developer sets a high threshold specifically for PayPal, which leads people to spend a lot of time collecting enough coins.

However, once users finally reach this ambitious target, many report not receiving their payout.

This suggests the company might neglect users’ rewards to boost developers’ profits.

People looking to use Money Kitty should manage their expectations.

While the app offers rewards, especially for those opting for Google Play and Amazon gift cards, it falls short regarding PayPal payouts.

If PayPal is your preferred cashout method, you are much better off looking somewhere!


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Final Words

Thanks for diving into my Money Kitty review! I trust it shed light and provided valuable insights for you.

I’d love to hear your perspectives on this app—drop your opinions in the comments section below.


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