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Gemstone Tetra Review – Does it Pay $200? Is it Fake?

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Welcome to my Gemstone Tetra review!

I bet you’ve played Tetris before, right? That iconic game where you stack blocks and clear lines.

Now, imagine a fresh version creating quite a buzz on the Play Store. Meet Gemstone Tetra.

This isn’t just Tetris with a shiny makeover. The big hook? As you play, your screen fills up with virtual dollars, and once you accumulate $200, supposedly, you can cash out.

Real money for playing a free and addictive game?

It’s an attractive proposition that has already attracted over 100,000 people.

The developer promotes it as a way for anyone to earn significant money by playing.

But with such a bold claim, it’s only natural to wonder: Is Gemstone Tetra a legitimate money-making game, or is it another app preying on players’ time and hope?

Let’s get into the details and find out!

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Gemstone Tetra Review


  • Name: Gemstone Tetra
  • Developer: NitroxGame
  • Payout threshold: $200
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 0 

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What is Gemstone Tetra?


Gemstone Tetra is an Android puzzle game that boasts over 100,000 installations.

The game involves moving blocks left or right, guiding them to fall and settle onto the lower layers.

When a layer gets completely filled with blocks, voila! The entire line vanishes, freeing up space.

Cash bonuses pop up on your screen as you strategically move and eliminate the blocks.

However, you must tap the button to activate an advertisement before the money is added to your virtual balance.

Besides, you can only cash out if your balance reaches the minimum requirement.

Developers are using use clever tactics to boost revenue from the player’s engagement.


How Does Gemstone Tetra Work? 


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Gemstone Tetra is easily accessible on the Play Store for Android users.

It’s free to play, and there’s no registration process.

As you start the game, gem blocks begin to surface from the bottom of the screen.

Your mission is to position these rising blocks and eliminate them strategically.

Gemstone Tetra gameplay

To accomplish this, tap the gem block you wish to shuffle and slide it either to the left or the right.

Your goal is to ensure that it falls onto the layer underneath, ideally in a way that completes an entire line.

With every accomplishment, an enticing button with a specific amount of cash appears.

level up bonus

This is an invitation to watch a sponsored video to claim your reward.

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Now, most players are used to ads interrupting their gameplay.

However, Gemstone Tetra takes advantage of this by offering a reward for your time.

This tactic is pure psychological genius. If players feel they’re getting compensated for their time, they’re more likely to tolerate, or even welcome, the advertisement.

The idea is simple but effective: by pairing rewards with adverts, players associate viewing with positive reinforcement.

As you eliminate more blocks, the progress bar at the top advances, and you complete the level when it’s full.

Once you level up, you get more cash bonuses!

Be aware that every move you make nudges the layers upwards, and if you let them touch the top, it’s game over.


Cashing Out

To cash out in Gemstone Tetra, players need to accumulate a balance of $200.

There’s a smart strategy behind setting this threshold.

Setting a relatively high cash-out amount encourages players to invest more time in the game.

Indeed, it creates a sense of progression and goal orientation.

Every time players earn a cash bonus, they see themselves getting closer to that $200 mark, fueling their motivation to continue playing.

Besides, the cash rewards diminish as you get closer and closer to the target, prolonging your journey to reach the cash-out threshold.

Therefore, you will inevitably view more videos, leading to increased revenue for the developers.


Is Gemstone Tetra Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t!

Those enticing cash rewards are completely fake! Yes, playing the game may be fun and addictive, but your cash balance will never translate into real money in your pocket.

Once you triumphantly reach that $200 mark and tap to cash out, the game springs a frustrating surprise.

It shows a notification that there are over 8000 players ahead of you in line to receive their rewards.

This behavior isn’t unique to Gemstone Tetra; it’s a deceptive tactic found in countless fake cash games.

They want you to be patient, keep playing, and reach even higher thresholds, and your turn will come.

But here’s the painful reality: that queue leads to nowhere!

Ultimately, all those hours you spent maneuvering blocks and watching ads result in nothing more than frustration and disappointment.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially when the money would be so helpful.

Also, since Gemstone Tetra is still “Early Access” on the Google Play Store, users can’t leave reviews or ratings.

Naturally, before playing these cash games, people want to know whether it pays or not.

This is cruel because it means anyone downloading the game can’t benefit from the insights or warnings of others who’ve tried it before them.

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Final Verdict


Avoid Gemstone Tetra at all costs if you’re playing for the cash rewards.

Behind its lustrous facade hides a heartbreaking deceit.

While it may offer fun gameplay to pass the time, the allure of cash prizes is only a trap to exploit your dreams.

Don’t fall for it!


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Gemstone Tetra review! I hope it was informative and eye-opening!

If you’ve got questions or insights you’d like to share, drop them in the comment section below. 


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