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Maya Gems Review – Legit? Are They Trying to Fool You?

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Welcome to my Maya Gems review!

Match-3 puzzle games promise hours of fun, but Maya Gems is making a bold proposition.

Offering more than just entertainment, this game tempts players with a very alluring claim: earn real money as you eliminate gemstones.

I stumble across an advert that makes you believe you have found your personal ATM.

It insists you can pocket $2000 daily by simply playing with no strings attached.

Reportedly, you can withdraw cash without limits, enjoy ad-free gameplay, and see funds in your account in just 1 minute.

This is so crazy that it raises the question: Is Maya Gems truly a gem of an opportunity or another glittering deception?

Is it legit or fake? Keep reading to unearth the truth!

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Maya Gems Review


  • Full Name: Maya Gems
  • Company: Mathieu Bergougnoux
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Payout threshold: £40
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 0

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What is Maya Gems? 


Maya Gems is a new game available on the Android platform, accessible through the Play Store.

It’s a match-3 puzzle game where you swap adjacent gems on the game board to create a line-up of at least three identical gems.

By eliminating these gems, you progress through missions and earn sweet cash rewards.

The game showcases a balance, indicating the amount you have collected.

But to receive a payout, you must meet specific requirements to ensure you stick to the game for some time.

Here’s the catch, though. Even though over 100k Android users have hit the download button, Maya Gems still wears its ‘early access’ badge on the Play Store.

And guess what? There are no reviews to warn the public about potential pitfalls.

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How Does Maya Gems Work? 


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Maya Gems is a free-to-play app available worldwide. Players don’t need to register, making it easy to jump in and start playing.

The game was developed using the Unity platform, a well-known and widely used engine for creating various mobile games.


Security Concerns

One point to note is that Maya Gems does not offer data encryption.

This poses a significant risk because if the app is compromised, hackers might access user data, leading to potential data theft.

This can lead to identity theft, fraud, or other danders. 

Therefore, if you value your privacy and online security in general, you should think twice before installing Maya Gems.


How to Play Maya Gems

Once you dive into the game, the gameplay is straightforward and captivating.

To begin, you’ll swipe to move gemstones across the board.

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maya gems gameplay

Each gemstone comes with a distinct number, and here’s the fun part:

When you align at least three identical gemstones, they merge into a single gem bearing a higher number.

The progress bar moves upward as you progressively match and merge these shimmering gems.

Whenever this bar hits the prize icon, you’re in for a decent cash reward.

Want to double that reward? Simply tap the button and watch an advert.

This tactic cleverly increases engagement, leading to more ad views and, consequently, more revenue for the game developer.

The game also offers a super reward. To activate it, you must complete the mission, which involves eliminating a specific number of gems of different levels.

Again, you can tap the button and watch an advert, this time boosting your reward by a whopping 500%.


Cashing Out

Maya Gems allows you to cash out any amount you’ve earned in the game.

However, patience in this game has its merits.

Collecting specific cash amounts lets you multiply your earnings by 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.


For example, if a player wants to withdraw less than £40, they won’t get any boosters.

But if they wait until they’ve accumulated £800, with the 5x multiplier, they could allegedly cash out £4,000.

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Is Maya Gems Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t!

Maya Gems presents itself as a lucrative game offering easy cash rewards, but the reality is far from the glitzy claims.

They entice you with the possibility of substantial earnings, only to consume your precious time.

The game is cleverly designed to prolong player engagement, maximizing ad views and generating massive revenue for the game developers.

But when you try to cash out, you find yourself jumping through endless hoops that lead to a dead end.

First, you’re asked to enter your wallet and choose a payment method.

You might think you’re close to seeing real money in your account. But unfortunately, your piggy bank remains on a diet!

Now, you’re tasked with making 100 combos within the game. Easy, right?

Not so fast. Just as you think you’ve completed the final step, there’s another catch.

Now, you must watch 10 videos to ‘approve’ your cash-out.

With words like “activate” and “approve,” these additional requirements prolong the process and make you watch more videos.

And then comes the ultimate tease: a countdown timer appears, promising payment within three days.

As you wait, anticipation builds, and you hope that you’ll finally see a reward after all the sweat and tears.

However, when the countdown ends, your account remains empty.

It becomes painfully evident that the game’s primary goal is to profit from your time via ad revenue, giving nothing back to you in return.




Maya Gems entices people with substantial cash rewards but delivers nothing!

Instead of earning, you’re left watching endless ads that only consume your time, battery, and mobile data.

The main winner? The game’s developers who cash in on ad revenue while players are left frustrated and empty-handed.

Save your time and energy, and give this one a miss!


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Maya Gems review! I hope it illuminated your path, and remember:

Knowledge is your compass. So, keep exploring, stay savvy, and may your online adventures always lead to golden opportunities!



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