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Knife Fantasy Win Review – Win £704.10? Legit or Fake?

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Welcome to my Knife Fantasy Win review!

Today, we explore Knife Fantasy Win, a game that promises to be more than a simple source of entertainment.

The developer behind this app seems to be targeting an audience desperate for cash, making some jaw-dropping claims that are hard to ignore.

Imagine making $1,000 a day just by playing a game where you shoot flying knives!

Knife Fantasy Win advert

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But it gets even better! The developer boldly asserts that withdrawals are unlimited, and transactions take a mere minute to complete.

As if that wasn’t enough to raise eyebrows, they even claim to pay you $100 simply for downloading the app.

These promises are undoubtedly alluring, especially for those in dire need of quick cash.

However, the question on everyone’s mind is: Is Knife Fantasy Win a legitimate opportunity or just another fantasy designed to lure in unsuspecting users?

In this review, we’ll cut through the hype and uncover the truth.

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Knife Fantasy Win Review 


  • Name: Knife Fantasy Win
  • Developer: Beijing ice clean jade technology co. Ltd
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Payout Threshold: £714.10
  • Overall Rating: 0 


What is Knife Fantasy Win?


Knife Fantasy Win is an Android casual game with a straightforward gameplay mechanic: tap the screen to throw knives and hit banknotes.

The objective is simple and it’s quite boring, but the rewards are enticing.

Upon completion of every level, you will receive a generous cash reward of over £50!

However, the developer suggests that you can only cash out after accumulating £704.10 in your in-game account.

This high withdrawal threshold is intended to keep players engaged and encourage them to watch many ads.

Knife Fantasy Win generates revenue primarily through ad viewing, meaning that the more videos players watch, the more money the developer earns.

The developer’s strategy is clear: maximize ad revenue by keeping players invested in the game for as long as possible.

Knife Fantasy Win is alarmingly similar to other games I’ve reviewed – Royal Cut Money and Lucky Knife 2.

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More worryingly, it’s identical to Rich Banknote Cutter, a game I’ve already exposed as a scam.”

It turns out that those games were completely fake!


How Does Knife Fantasy Win Work? 


Knife Fantasy Win is available worldwide and can be played without any registration.

The gameplay is simple: tap the screen to throw knives and eliminate the flying banknotes.

There are three distinct types of banknotes in the game, each serving a different purpose.

Firstly, there are green banknotes that contribute to your in-game currency.

Knife Fantasy Win gameplay 2

To cash out £140, you’ll need to accumulate a whopping 68,000 of these green banknotes.

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Secondly, you’ll encounter banknotes adorned with the PayPal logo, which will add cash instantly to your cash balance.

In order to withdraw this amount of money, you need to reach a threshold of £704.10.

Lastly, the game features realistic banknotes that resemble real currency, but these serve no actual purpose in terms of withdrawals or in-game currency.

As you progress through the levels, you will receive a higher amount of cash.

However, you must tap the collect button to claim your earnings.

This is where the game’s true intentions become apparent.

Tapping the collect button will trigger an advertisement, revealing that the game’s primary purpose is to generate ad revenue for the developers.

Additionally, Knife Fantasy Win provides the chance to win a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max, valued at $1,175.

To win this prize, you’ll need to collect over 350 jigsaw pieces and watch 250 videos.

It’s a tempting offer, but let’s be real: the requirements are pretty steep.

Think about it! If it’s not real, you will have wasted hours of your life just to make developers richer!


Is Knife Fantasy Win Legit? Does it Pay? 


Knife Fantasy Win might seem like a dream come true – a casual mobile game where you throw knives and earn real cash!

But before you get hooked flinging virtual blades, let me, a reviewer with experience in uncovering hundreds of similar “fake cash games,” reveal the truth behind the flashy facade.

The promised riches in Knife Fantasy Win are nothing more than an elaborate illusion.

Those hefty in-game rewards have absolutely no value in the real world.

You won’t be seeing any transfers to your PayPal account, no matter how many banknotes you slice.

Here’s the real catch: the developers are making money, not you.

The endless stream of advertisements you’ll be bombarded with during gameplay is their true revenue stream.

It’s a classic tactic – keep you engaged with the promise of a payout while displaying ads that generate revenue for them.

Now, let’s address the seemingly achievable £704.10 cash-out threshold.

Don’t be fooled! Reaching it might seem straightforward at first, but it’s a trap.

The cash rewards you earn will start to decrease as you progress.

Yes, you might eventually reach the target, but after an excruciatingly long grind that devours your time.

Even if you persevere through the repetitive gameplay and dwindling rewards, there’s another hurdle waiting: the bait-and-switch.

Once you hit the £704.10 mark, you have to watch a specific number of additional videos to withdraw.

But guess what? Even after jumping through this hoop, you’ll still be left empty-handed.




Knife Fantasy Win is a cleverly disguised ad machine, not a legitimate path to riches.

So, don’t waste your time and energy getting sucked into this elaborate scheme.

Instead, I highly recommend a reputable gpt (get-paid-to) app that has received many positive reviews on the Play Store and Trustpilot.

It’s called Freecash, and the way you make money is by simply completing surveys and offers.

Some offers reward you with over $100 when you complete all the tasks.

Yes, it takes time, but at least you know you will be rewarded via PayPal, Gift cards, or even Crypto.

I have already cashed over $1300, so I can assure you it’s extremely reliable.

My Freecash review will show you the best strategies. Click here to read my review and maximize your earnings!


Final Words

Thanks for reading my Knife Fantasy Win review!

So, did you play this game and complete all the requirements? I sure hope not, but if you did, please share your experience below.

Your insights can help confirm what I’m saying and warn others about this misleading game.


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