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Jolly Scanner Review – Scanning QR Codes and Earn $10,000?

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Welcome to my Jolly Scanner Review! 

I was testing a mobile game when I stumbled upon an advert that nearly made me drop my phone.

The guy in the video vibrated with excitement every time he scanned a product code with his phone.

And what’s even crazier is that he was making over $10 per scan!

jolly scanner advert

Over 100k people have been lured by the insane cash prizes and are now fervently scanning anything they find on their way. 

I have reviewed several barcode scanning applications exploiting users’ time for profit. 

The scanning feature was just a facade to give the impression the developer was operating a genuine app like Storewards.

So, naturally, you are wondering, is Jolly Scanner legit or fake? Can you make real money by pointing your camera to a QR code? 

Follow me as I explore the app and expose whether it truly pays! 

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Jolly Scanner Review


best money app
  • Name:  Jolly Scanner
  • Advertiser: Karagulleyan Jack
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Payout Threshold: £800
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Jolly Scanner?


Jolly Scanner is an Android app that allows users to scan QR codes and barcodes with hopes of earning cash rewards.

The app has already been installed over 100k times on the Play Store and is 100% free to install and use. 

Interestingly, despite its heavy promotion as a money-making scanner, a close look at the app’s description reveals a notable omission: it doesn’t explicitly state that the app rewards users with real money.

Why is this vital piece of information missing?

Could Jolly Scanner be one of those apps that overpromise and underdeliver? Let’s explore how the app works before I give my final verdict. 


How Does Jolly Scanner Work? 


Getting Started

It all begins with a hassle-free download from the Play Store, where anyone can join without registration. 

Upon launching, it immediately informs you of its enticing prospect – the chance to earn money, up to a whopping $10,000, simply by scanning codes.

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Permissions and New User Bonus

Tap “next,” and Jolly Scanner will request access to your camera and video recording.

This allows the app to use the scanning feature of your smartphone.

First-time users are greeted with a generous $30 bonus. Just tap “earn now,” and that virtual cash is immediately added to your account.


Redemption Process

Jolly Scanner claims that all the rewards you collect can be redeemed after the 24-hour countdown.

However, you can cash out instantly if you accumulate a substantial sum of $1000 or £800 (UK).

When it’s time to withdraw, Jolly Scanner offers nine convenient options, such as PayPal, Cash App, Paytm, Tez, and Coinbase.

Enter your account information, press submit, and await the arrival of your rewards.


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Privacy Concerns

While the app claims to prioritize user privacy and data security, some concerns arise regarding data collection.

The developer states on the Play Store page that no data is collected, yet payment methods require collecting user data, like email or phone number. 

If they obtain this information via their form, they ARE, in fact, collecting user data.

Alarmingly, the app’s page also states they don’t encrypt this data. This is a significant concern because unencrypted data is vulnerable to breaches, potentially exposing your sensitive information to malicious actors.


Earning Mechanics

So, you rack up cash with Jolly Scanner?

Scan and Earn:

As the name suggests, you scan a code, and it sets off a cash reward mechanism.

At this stage, you’re given the option to multiply your prize tenfold by viewing an advert.

But even if you opt for the regular “Claim,” an ad will pop up regardless.


Additional Activities

Other ways to earn include spinning the wheel, scratching cards, opening mystery boxes, and playing the slots.

jolly scanner dashboard

Each activity triggers advertisements, providing a consistent revenue stream for the developer.


Mystery Box Draw 

After your first two code scans, Jolly Scanner grants you a free mystery box draw.

Prizes range from luxurious gadgets like the PlayStation 5 and Macbook Pro 13 to high-end items like Chanel bags.

Learn how to report scam apps here! 


Is Jolly Scanner Legit? Does it Pay? 


Despite its initial glitz and glamour, Jolly Scanner is another player in the long list of misleading money-making applications.

Users are drawn in expecting substantial cash rewards, only to find out it doesn’t pay out.

The use of a scanner is a clever misdirection. By encouraging users to scan barcodes, the developer subtly insinuates some form of genuine functionality, like gathering data for market research.

This could lead users to believe that some profitable business model behind the scenes justifies the rewards.

In short, the scanning feature is an activity that distracts from the developer’s own profit-generating mechanism: advertising. 

The app’s sole revenue source is the advertisements that users are subjected to.

After every scan, an ad pops up, generating consistent revenue for the developer.

It’s clear the real beneficiary of this setup is not the user but the app’s creator.

A common trick among such apps is to lure users with the illusion of rapid earnings in the early stages. 

However, as you edge closer to the cash-out threshold, these earnings begin to decrease dramatically.

This deliberate slowdown is a tactic to keep you engaged for longer, continually watching more videos and, in turn, boosting their profits.

When a determined user finally approaches the cash-out limit, the app often comes up with a new condition to approve the order. 

Here is another barcode-scanning app with fake cash rewards




Jolly Scanner follows the template of countless other fake cash apps.

It’s specially designed to keep users chasing a prize that doesn’t exist while its developer reaps advertising revenue.

They are basically capitalizing on your time by fostering false hope.

With such apps, it’s always wise to remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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Final Words

Thank you so much for reading my Jolly Scanner review – I hope it was helpful and eye-opening! 

Don’t hesitate to comment below to share your thoughts and experience with this app. 


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