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Solitaire Mania Review – Legit or Just a House of Cards?

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Welcome to my Solitaire Mania review!

I have recently found another viral application making waves on the Play Store called Solitaire Mania!

This app features a fantastic collection of classic solitaire games, including Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, and Trepeaks.

With over 100k installations, this app has attracted a massive crowd of players, and I couldn’t resist giving it a try myself.

Why is it so popular right now? Because it’s supposedly giving away virtual dollars for playing and watching videos.

Besides, players don’t need to spend money to play and collect those fantastic rewards! 

I found Solitaire Mania through an advert that seemed too good to be true.

It opens with a relatable scene of a guy who has had a tough day, losing money on Crypto and needing cash for gas.

The setting feels familiar, capturing the frustrations many of us may have experienced at some point.

That’s when Solitaire Mania comes to the rescue, showing unrealistic cash prizes and a welcome bonus of $99!

With so many solitaire games offering fake cash, it’s natural to be skeptical.

So, is Solitaire Mania legit or fake? Does it pay to indulge in this classic solitaire game? Let’s find out!

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Solitaire Mania Review


  • Name:  Solitaire Mania: Card Jigsaw
  • Advertiser: G+ Game
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Payout Threshold: $100
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Solitaire Mania?


Solitaire Mania is a captivating Android app that brings the joy of classic Solitaire games to your fingertips.

It’s completely free to play, making it a delightful pastime for solitaire enthusiasts on the go.

As you master games like Klondike and Spider, you’ll rack up US dollars.

The app boasts an enticing prospect – players can supposedly cash out via PayPal once they reach $100.

Imagine turning your digital victories into tangible cash without any financial risk.

However, what struck me was that the app description didn’t explicitly mention the opportunity to cash out $100 via PayPal.

It only says you can win plenty of rewards and gifts, which can be used to customize the card faces, background, and animations.

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This omission is often seen in apps that offer fake cash rewards! That’s a big red flag! 


How Does Solitaire Mania Work? 


Solitaire Mania is available on the Play Store worldwide and doesn’t bother you with a tedious registration process.

Just download and dive straight into the fun!

However, there’s a small but very crucial detail to bear in mind. This app doesn’t encrypt data.

This means that third parties can access, share, or misuse your personal data.

We’re talking about potential hackers, advertisers, or anyone savvy enough to intercept this non-encrypted data.

You might just be playing a simple card game, but inadvertently, you’re letting unknown entities peek into your life. 

If you’re still on board despite the data privacy issue, here is how the game unfolds. 

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Simply choose your preferred Solitaire variant from the extensive list, and off you go!

solitaire mania games

Each match consumes a specific number of coins (tokens), which you can accumulate through gameplay or by tapping the coin box. 


Playing Klondike in Solitaire Mania

Once you’ve chosen Klondike, the game board will appear, featuring seven piles of cards.

solitaire mania gameplay

The first pile contains a single card; the second has two cards (one face down, one face up); the third has three cards (two face down, one face up), and so on.

The goal is to move all cards to the foundation piles, organized in ascending order (Aces to Kings) and grouped by suit.

Start by moving cards between the piles on the main board.

You can arrange cards in descending order while alternating colors (e.g., red 7 on a black 8). Tap and drag a card to its desired location to make your moves.

As you uncover Aces in the piles, move them to the foundation piles at the top of the screen.

From there, build up the foundations by placing cards in ascending order and matching suits.

You’ll reveal a new face-down card whenever you move all face-up cards from a pile. Turn it over by tapping on it, giving you more cards to work with.

Try to empty as many piles as possible. An empty pile can be filled with a King or any stack starting with a King.

Continue making moves, building foundations, and clearing piles until you either clear the entire board or reach a point where you can no longer make any more moves.


Claim your Gift 

After completing the solitaire match, tap on the button to open your gift.

This will prompt an advertisement to watch.

To claim your prize, watch the full advertisement until the end.

Your gift may contain virtual cash, coins, and precious diamonds that can be exchanged for gift cards from popular retailers.


How to Cash out

To cash out in Solitaire Mania, you must accumulate a minimum of $100 in virtual earnings.

Once you reach this threshold, head to the cash-out section within the app.

From there, you can redeem your virtual earnings via PayPal cash. 

Alternatively, you can trade 12,500 diamonds for a $25 Starbucks gift card. 

Not a coffee lover? No worries, you can trade 25,000 diamonds for a $50 Amazon gift card or 50,000 diamonds for $100 gift cards from Target, Walmart, Victoria’s Secret, or Apple.

Select the reward you prefer, provide any necessary information, and confirm your cash-out request. 


Is Solitaire Mania Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Solitaire Mania is another fake cash game that will never transfer money to your PayPal account.

Despite its enticing promises of quick and easy payouts, the game reveals its true colors as players approach the cash-out threshold.

Initially, rewards seem generous, creating an illusion of attainable earnings.

However, as users near the $100 mark, the minimum for withdrawal earnings from both ads and gameplay takes a nosedive.

After investing considerable time, many players find themselves stuck, with rewards sometimes dropping to 2 cents! 

The tactic lures players into viewing countless adverts with the expectation of winning cash, but the prizes are completely fictitious.

While the game might offer a variety of engaging solitaire variants, its payment promises are nothing more than a house of cards.

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Solitaire Mania offers a captivating gaming experience with its myriad solitaire variations.

However, if you’re seeking a genuine money-making opportunity, this game will only deliver disappointment. 

The allure of making quick money online is tempting, especially when games like Solitaire Mania offer an enticing route.

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Final Words

Thanks so much for reading my Solitaire Mania review – I hope it was helpful and eye-opening! 

Don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below and share your thoughts 


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