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Solitaire Sky Review – Get Your Money Instantly? No WAY!

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Welcome to my Solitaire Sky review!

I stumbled upon Solitaire Sky thanks to a ludicrous advertisement offering a chance to win real money.

In the boldest font imaginable, the ad stated, ” “We’re in partnership with PayPal, and you can get your money instantly.”

solitaire sky advert

I found that pretty hard to ignore.

Unlike other fake cash games, the developer didn’t even bother to add a small print at the bottom of the ad saying “winnings are not guaranteed.”

A quick visit to the Play Store revealed the app has a whopping 10,000 downloads and a 3-star rating.

Its modus operandi? Profiting off advertisements shown to its faithful players.

I couldn’t resist and installed this classic solitaire game, which gave me an instant $700 welcome bonus.

However, there’s a hitch that I would like to discuss later in this review.

Is the developer genuinely committed to rewarding its players, or is Solitaire Sky just another fake cash game?

It’s time to unmask yet another application trying to hook us with unrealistic expectations!

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Solitaire Sky Review 


  • Name: Solitaire Sky: Classic Game
  • Developer: WAWA NIU TEAM
  • Prize: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Payout Threshold: $100
  • Overall rating: 0 Stars


What is Solitaire Sky?


Solitaire Sky is a mobile game for Android that combines the nostalgic charm of classic solitaire with the appeal of monetary incentives. 

The game entices players with the potential to earn in-app money, which can be cashed out via PayPal once specific goals are met.

But let me tell you, from my experience; this often doesn’t play out as you’d expect.

Their core business model is to bombard the player with advertisements, generating revenue for the developer.

They often move the goalposts as you inch closer to your cash-out goal, making it a never-ending chase. 

It feels like you are a hamster on a wheel! 

These tactics are not uncommon in the mobile gaming world. I’ve come across countless games using similar strategies to maximize their profits. 

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How Does Solitaire Sky Work? 


Solitaire Sky is readily available on the Play Store for Android users.

Upon installing the game, players can jump right into the action. No registration, no hurdles, 100% free.

Fire it up, and you’re greeted with an astonishing $700 bonus, begging you to hit that claim button.

When was the last time you stumbled upon $700 without breaking a sweat? Probably never, right?

This immediately qualified me to cash out the minimum payout threshold of $100.

So, I headed to the cash balance, selected the withdrawal method, and pressed the cash out button. 

There were many options, from the well-known PayPal to others like NPay, Paytm, and Ovo. 

Download Freecash App 3

You submit your application, and it proclaims success, stating that funds may appear in your account within 24 hours.

But there’s a catch! To get your hands on that money, you must fulfill other conditions during this period:

  1. Wait for 24 hours to confirm
  2. Receive rewards from Lucky Slots 15 times.

So, how do you activate the Lucky Slots? You must play the solitaire game! 

As you play, a progress bar fills up slowly, and once complete, it hits the slot symbol at the end. 

This launches a slot machine where matching three banknote symbols rewards you with a cash injection – my first win was an eye-watering $149.85.

The game implies you can cash out even more, up to $10,000!

The gameplay itself follows the rules of classic solitaire. You move cards between columns, aiming to create a deck from King to Ace using alternating colors.  

solitaire sky gameplay

The goal is to rearrange the shuffled deck of cards in a specific order ascending from Ace to King within each suit. 

Matching three banknote symbols on the slots rewards you with a significant cash bonus! 

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. To collect the prize, you must tap the ‘claim’ button and sit through an advertisement.

It’s a clever tactic, padding the developer’s pockets with every video viewed.


Is Solitaire Sky Legit? Does it Pay? 


Marketed as a ticket to easy cash, it’s more of an “Alice in Wonderland” rabbit hole.

And what’s at the end of that hole, you ask?

Well, not a fantastical tea party, but a clever strategy to siphon off your time, all while lining the developers’ pockets.

They reel you in with the glittering prospect of earning easy cash rewards.

To unlock these, you must first embark on a marathon of ad-watching to meet their 15 lucky slot condition.

But after completing the first requirements, Solitaire Sky pulls an audacious stunt. 

Now, they demand you watch 100 other videos and patiently wait for an extra six days to approve your so-called ‘payout.’

The truth is that you won’t receive a dime even after you’ve jumped through their hoops. Not a single cent! 

A quick glance at the Play Store shows that Solitaire Sky has upset more than a few people.

Complaints and one-star reviews stack up daily as more and more people fall for this joke of a game! 

Yet, after years of reviewing these misleading apps, what surprises me is how they continue to draw unsuspecting players. 

They boast about being PayPal partners, promising instant money transfers.

But let me tell you, those claims are nothing but blatant lies!

Here is another popular fake cash solitaire game! 




Solitaire Sky is a master of deception masquerading as a classic game! 

Its true nature is a sly ploy to profit from your time spent watching countless adverts.

While the developer gleefully pockets ad revenue, you’re left chasing a cash-out goal that leads you nowhere. 

If you want to make real money, avoid this application like the plague, as you will waste your time and energy. 

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Final Words

I appreciate you taking a moment to read through my Solitaire Sky review!

If it’s been helpful, my mission’s accomplished.

Should you have any personal insights about this app, please drop a line in the comments section below.


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