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Is Real Money Streams a Scam? The Truth Revealed!

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Is Real Money Streams a ScamThe author of Real Money Streams claims you can earn $500 extra per week just for completing simple tasks online. Really? Is Real Money Streams a scam or legit?

In this review, I would like to expose this Clickbank product and give you my honest opinion about it.

Real Money Streams Review


  • Product Name: Real Money Streams
  • Website:
  • Price: $37
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Overall Rating: 1/10

What is Real Money Streams? 

Real Money Streams is a product being sold in a digital marketplace called Clickbank. It will give you a list of companies and websites that will pay you to do relatively simple tasks.

For $37, they will also give you some basic guides on how to make money online.


Is Real Money Streams a Scam?

Not, I don’t call it a scam. However, like many Clickbank products, there is just too much hype around the possibility of making a full-time income with simple jobs and surveys.

However, if making $500/week online was easy, everybody would be taking surveys.

Don’t trust these unrealistic earning figures:

earning figues

What we have here is vendor trying to persuade you to buy something that you can easily find for free and in abundance on the internet.

Just type in micro jobs or freelance jobs on Google, and you will find plenty of legit companies to sign up for free. Here are some of them:

  • Clickworker
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Clicksense
  • Fiverr
  • Elance
  • Swagbucks

Just keep in mind that making a full-time income online by working for other people is extremely hard.

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Pros and Cons


  • It connects you with reputable companies.


  • Overhyped.
  • Very low-income potential.
  • Very basic training.
  • No free trial.


How Does it Work? 

Most of these companies will pay independent contractors (you) to work on micro jobs such as data entry, writing, translation, image tagging and many others tasks.

Instead of hiring permanent employees to perform such repetitive and simple tasks, companies prefer to hire cheap labor around the world.

It’s not only cheaper but also more efficient to split a big project into smaller tasks. As a result, there are not so many opportunities available, and most of these jobs will pay very little for your time.

Saying that you will get $10 per hour or sometimes $15 per hour is an overstatement.

Real Money Streams will also recommend a couple of marketing research companies, so you complete online surveys. Again, the payout too small and will probably struggle to achieve $500 per month. Let alone $500 per week!


Final Thoughts

Real Money Streams is promising to connect you with the best work at home jobs. It really makes you think you will finally quit your job and have a fully flexible life.

However, reality kicks in when you realize all those companies will pay peanuts for your time. At the end of the day, you might even think your day job is a much better deal.

In my opinion, you are much better off investing in quality training to become an online entrepreneur. Read more about my #1 strategy below.


My Recommended Strategy to Make Money Online

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If you want to make a decent income online, a great strategy is to build a website and promote products as an affiliate.

I know many people who have quit their jobs to work full-time from home thanks to their websites.

The good thing is that you can create a lucrative site around your passions and interests! It’s a very rewarding experience because you can make money by helping other people make better purchase decisions.

For a step by step training and 24/7 support to build your online business, check out my recommended program below.

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I hope this review helps you make an informed decision. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment below!

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