Is Clickworker a Scam? Avoid Micro Payments!

Is Clickworker a ScamI discovered Clickworker last year, but I refused to work for such a little payout. Is Clickworkers a Scam? No, it’s not! But let’s face it, an estimated 2 € /hour is something that not everyone is prepared to accept, even with the advantage of working from home.

In this review, I am going to cover all you need to know about Clickworker and give you my opinion whether it is worth the time and effort.

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Clickworker Review

  • Product Name: Clickworker
  • Website: www.clickworker.com
  • Price: FREE
  • Business Type: Crowdsourcing
  • Overall rating: 3/5


What is Clickworker? 

Is clickworker a scamClickworker is a legitimate platform where you can work as an independent contractor doing micro jobs.

Micro jobs are part of a client’s project that is broken down into smaller tasks to be completed by a large number of people.  You can work on your computer whenever you want.

As an independent contractor, you work when jobs are available and make money per tasks completed. Besides, each job pays differently, according to complexity and time required.

Clickworker is similar to other popular websites/companies that offer micro jobs such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, ClickSense, and CrowdFlower. However, Clickworker usually pays more and cover more countries.

Which jobs are available? You can find different tasks such as text creation, product descriptions, translation, editing, data categorization, data tagging, among others. I will cover those in more detail in the “Job Types” section.

Pros and Cons

  • Available Worldwide
  • Payout via Paypal and bank account
  • Low cash out threshold ($5 for Paypal and $10 for bank account)
  • Quick to register and complete the profile
  • Less than the minimum wage, most of the times
  • Unrealistic earning potential
  • Insufficient number of jobs depending on where you live

Who is It For? 

Anyone who can browse the internet and read simple instructions can complete the tasks.

Although formal qualification is not mandatory, you are encouraged to complete a profile and pass some basic assessments to qualify for specific tasks.

These tests are mostly designed to check your English and writing skills.

Getting Started

Registration is straightforward and free of charge. You just need to provide your name, email, and password.

Next, you should complete your profile, which includes general questions, skills, languages, hobbies/know-how. There is also a space to provide work sample.

You are also encouraged to complete an assessment to qualify for more jobs. Unfortunately, these assessments are not always available, and you need to keep checking.

Looking at the FAQ, I discovered the assessments are used to qualify you for UHRS.

What is UHRS? It is a website that partnered with Clickworker, which also offers micro jobs. This means additional opportunities for you.

All the jobs you complete using the UHRS platform will be paid via your Clickworker’s account. Depending on your location, language skills, and availability, you will eventually find two kinds of assessments – the UHRS I (basic Englis Language questions) and UHRS II (just the creation of an ID with live.com).


How Much Will You Get Paid? 

Each task will pay you differently according to the level of difficulty, the required knowledge and skills and the expected amount of time and research necessary.

They say you can earn over $10/hour and that they expect the average payment to be $9/hour. Such statement is unrealistic because most people will never have a chance to complete high-paying tasks.

I don’t doubt that it is possible, but such opportunities are scarce and depend mainly on which country you live and how fast and accurate you are.

The vast majority of jobs will pay you cents for each task. If you account for all the jobs you can do in one hour, I would say it is not unusual to get paid less than $2/hour.

Job Types


Your job is to classify different products into categories or tags. It looks simple, but if you are not used to the many terms involved, you may take a long time and make mistakes that impact on your accuracy.

Accuracy does matter, and if you are not good enough, jobs will be inevitably reduced.

After I gave the website a second chance to write this review,  I was shown pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessory and asked to categorize them. It was a disaster! I didn’t know there were many different categories of dresses, coat, jumpers, tops, and blouses.

Here is a screenshot of what I had to face:

Categorizing Clothing at Clickworker

Categorizing Clothing

The first two steps were easy. The problem was the third one, which was much more specific.

Every time I completed this 3-step process I netted 0.01 €. There were over 6.000 of these tasks available, but I only finished 50 before my patience was gone. When I returned for more a couple of hours later, the tasks were no longer available.

Product Data Digitalization

In this task, you will have to extract product’s information from different files like pdf, Excel, illustrations, and catalogs.

 It is just a matter of copying the information that is transferred to the customer’s online shop platform.

Example of Product Digitization - Dining Table

Example of Product Digitization – Dining Table

Image and Video Tagging

Tagging is assigning a relevant word or phrase to a piece of information a text, image or video).

For example, let’s say you went to Google images in search of a Greek beach called Porto Katsiki. The owner of that picture had to use the tag “Porto Katsiki” so that you could find that image. That’s precisely your job!

You will see a picture or video and choose the most relevant tag for them.  You can expect to earn cents for every tagging, as the job is quick and easy.

As a matter of curiosity, George Eastman House, the world’s oldest photography museum, hired Clikworker in 2011 to tag and catalog 400.000 images from their International Museum of Photography and Film.

That was a vast and impressive project that was accomplished by people all over the world. Here is an example of their digital catalog:

Example of tagging using an image from the George Eastman House collection

Example of tagging using an image from the George Eastman House collection

Text Creation

Text creation is likely the highest paying job inside Clickworker. These are some of the texts you may be required to write:

  • Search Optimized Texts: Texts containing specific phrases or words (keywords) – usually for blogs and websites
  • Glossary: Definitions involving particular topics, such as fashion, financial, animal, food, etc.
  • Traveling destinations: All about cities, countries and tourist attractions.
  • Translation texts
  • Company profiles

They will select only those who perform well on the assessments and those who match the knowledge, language, and interests. You will have to write texts of usually 250 or 300 words and perhaps include a keyword

You will have to write 250 or 300 words and maybe add a keyword to the text.

After submitting your content, it will be proofread for spelling, grammar, and style by another Clickworker. People complain a lot about this revision as they have to waste time complying with additional requirements.

The payment is $3.00 or less for each 250-word article. So, if you are fast and write three articles in less than one hour, it is possible to earn a decent hourly wage.

However, it is challenging to write 750 words in just one hour, especially when you need to research about three different topics.

When you complete further assessments, you can be eligible to proofread the work of others for around $0.50 per 250-word text.

Mobile Crowdsourcing

Woman with a mobile taking pictureThis involves a variety of outdoor tasks using your phone. They are usually looking for pictures or information that can be used for travel/cuisine websites, online shops, and yellow pages.

You can get paid for taking pictures of tourist attractions, buildings, restaurants, menus as well as for address verification and geographical coordinates. The payout is also expected to be in the range of cents per task.

Online Surveys

Since 2015, Clickworkers can now fill up surveys for cash. Again, they will select only people who match the required target group.

The pay is very low (less than $1 for 15-20 min) as expected, and the prequalification questions can be a complete waste of time.

Cashing Out

Clickworker pays both via Paypal and bank account. There is a minimum threshold you need to reach before you cash out. It depends on the payment method selected.

For Paypal, the minimum is $5, and for payments via bank account, the minimum is $10.

Payments can take up to 7 days when the job is done with Clickworker and up to 21 days in case the job is processed via UHRS.



Clickworker is not a scam, but the low-income potential is shocking. Many people complain about the lack of jobs and that they only receive tasks worth less than 5 cents. That’s discouraging!

For those who can afford to invest time into something meaningful, I highly recommend creating a website and monetizing it via affiliate marketing.

In this business model, you are your own boss! You decide what and how you write and you don’t depend on anybody to give you “job.”

Your website will be working and making commissions 24/7, which will give you the freedom to work from anywhere, whenever you want! As importantly, anyone can build a website nowadays, as the process has become hugely simplified. You just need to focus on creating helpful articles for your audience.

You can learn more about this method by checking out my #1 recommendation review. It’s an excellent affiliate marketing training and community for people who want to become online entrepreneurs and work 100% remotely.

I am sure you will learn a lot from the free membership available and see the huge potential of this business model.

Click Here and Check Out My #1 Recommendation Review


Have you tried Clickworker or another crowdsourcing platform? Do you think they are worth it? Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I am always here to help you out.


Your Friend


#1 recommendation


Hey Everyone! My name is Stefan.I'm a Brazilian guy who loves travelling, camping and listening to good rock songs.For a long time, I thought I would be stuck in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life.Luckily, I found the possibility of building an online business that allows me to work whenever and wherever I want!Click here to discover the exact same training and strategy that I use to make money online and pursue my dreams.

Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 14 comments
Anonymous - March 10, 2016

Thanks for revealing the truth about ClickWorker. I tried working for some of those micro-job sites a few years back. They bored me to tears and like you mention, the pay is pathetic. I can make more money picking up empty beer cans.

For the time and effort a person would put into ClickWorker to earn $2 an hour, they could be building a real online business and earning a full-time income to support themselves and a family.

Your #1 recommendation is the way to go. I worked for me and for thousands of others.

Anonymous - March 10, 2016

Hey, there.

Great article. I used ClickWorker for over a year and I have to admit that it’s one of the best crowdsourcing websites out there. The pay is low if you are just working on the site but if you pass the assessments and start working on the UHRS platform. It’s definitely worth it.

The tasks are easy, the more you work, the more you get. Simple as that.

Thanks for mentioning this platform.

    Stefan - March 10, 2016

    Hi Imad! Thanks for your valuable opinion.Indeed, in terms of crowdsourcing, Clickworker stands out from the other similar websites, especially because it partners with UHRS. I have seen other reviews stating that people can earn easily $10-$20 using the UHRS platform. To be honest, I think this level of payment is not impossible but not that easy to find. I still haven’t seen any assessment to complete, which prevents me from digging deeper. All I got was some cents, nothing more! It feels like the opportunities are scarce, but your experience leads me to believe there is a possibility to make more money out of the platform. I think the critical thing here is to have English as your first language and live in English speaking countries. I wish I could earn that much, so I will keep trying! In the long term, however, I still think it is much better to have an online business to have more control of your income.BestStefan

Anonymous - March 10, 2016

Hello Stefan,

I found this to be an interesting article. I am not looking for work but it triggered me to think about these labor intensive types of tasks. Perhaps I could save myself time by outsourcing basic tasks to Clickworker? Is it easy to set up on the work generation side? Do you know?

Would Clickworker be a good place to outsource simple yet time consuming data tasks? I could well like to try.

Please let me know your thoughts.



Anonymous - March 10, 2016

I find sites like these a total waste of time in earning potential.

Not only are the tasks extremely boring, but the amount of money you make per day is a joke.

It is far more beneficial to build a long term online business for yourself, and line your own pockets and not somebody elses.

Anonymous - September 14, 2016

Yeah, you completely ignored UHRS, the platform that through Clickworker (and other companies) the most money can be made from sites/companies like these. While there are jobs on there paying about $2 or $3 an hour, these are bearable if considered just supplemental to the better paying tasks. I’ve done some paying up to $30/hour, though usually only for an hour or two tops. However, there are larger batches of work available for whole days that can pay $6 to $12 per hour, which if you stick some music on and have the skill set for (patience, a certain type of intelligence, intuition lol) you can get a decent day’s work out of. Ok, so for some countries what you earn (my experience over several years is $400-$1,500 per month) is not going to be enough to be anything like a person’s main income, not least because it’s not consistent, but where that’s concerned the important thing is where you’re resident (re. getting more work), not domiciled. You can go wherever you like, holidaying, traveling, or basically actually living somewhere different to where you’re officially resident (if your circumstances allow). That means it absolutely can be livable on, can pay for your home, your car, your bills, and whatever else you like. I’d have said put your kids through college, but I dropped out of uni 10+ years and am glad I’m doing this instead and enjoying a very good life, so not sure I’d recommend higher education as I once might have.

    Stefan - September 14, 2016

    Hi Bob, thank you so much for your valuable comment. I spoke briefly about the UHRS because I didn’t get the chance to try this platform. I knew, however, that passing a test would eventually lead to more opportunities.

    It’s good to know from an insider that it’s really possible to earn $400-$1,500 per month, regardless of where you are. Indeed, you can live comfortably with $1000 in many parts of the world.

    How many hours, on average, do you have to work in order to earn over $1,000?

    Bob, I think that if you can complete those high paying tasks efficiently, you have a great potential to build your own online business and work for yourself. Have you ever thought about it?

    Yes, it takes time, but after 1 year, you could have a significant amount of visitors to your site and make excellent commissions. The big difference is that you won’t rely on other people’s business and you won’t trade your time for money anymore. One day I woke up in the morning and saw $160 in my account, how many hours I would have to work with Clickworker to make that? The best thing is that such commissions can only increase the more I publish content on my site and the more people visit it.

Anonymous - March 9, 2018

Clickworker can suspend your account at anytime. I don’t recommend joining Clickworker. Do your due diligence, there are few other such companies that offer the exact same type of work.

Jason - May 8, 2019

I just started working with Clickworker and UHRS the end of last week. I’ve found a job on UHRS that I’m comfortable with. It only pays $.10 per HIT, but I’m quick enough at it that I’m getting about $9/hour by doing it so far. It’s extremely monotonous, and I haven’t experienced getting a payout yet, but assuming they actually pay what they’re supposed to, I’d say it’s definitely possible to make $9/hour. I’m not seeing that on Clickworker’s main site, though, except for a few good jobs that pop up once in a while. But I’m doing pretty well on UHRS so far.


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