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Holiday Solitaire Party Review – Does it Pay $500?

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Welcome to my Holiday Solitaire Party review!

Today, we’ll talk about another game that may or may not make you rich beyond your wildest dreams: Holiday Solitaire Party. 

This classic solitaire game could potentially have you swimming in cash with no effort or deposits!

The advert says you will get $300 in 10 minutes of gameplay. Also, withdrawals are unlimited, and you can earn $1,800 daily! 

I know what you are planning when you can finally see all this money flooding your bank account.

Quit your job and leave behind a trail of envied coworkers who can’t believe you’re living the dream. 

But before you sign your resignation letter, you must read this review!

With so many fake cash games lurking in the Play Store, how can you be sure that Holiday Solitaire Party is legit? Does it pay or not? 

Let’s find out! 

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Holiday Solitaire Party Review 


  • Name: Holiday Solitaire Party
  • Developer: ustwoHeaven
  • Price: Free (no financial risk)
  • Type: Entertainment 
  • Payout threshold: $500
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


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What is Holiday Solitaire Party? 


Holiday Solitaire Party is an Android game that adds a twist to the classic solitaire experience – the potential to rack in big money! 

The goal is to create four foundation piles, each starting with an ace and ending with a king of the same suit.

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for cash through various platforms, such as PayPal, Amazon, Cash App, and more.

The game uses a point system where 1,000 points equal $100.

Holiday Solitaire Party claims that once you collect 5,000 points, you can redeem your earnings for a whopping $500.

What makes this app so attractive is that it’s completely free to play, with no hidden fees or deposits required.


How Does Holiday Solitaire Party Work? 


Holiday Solitaire Party is available on the Play Store for Android devices and accessible in all countries.

Once you launch the app, it entices you to collect as many points as possible, with the ultimate goal of cashing out $500.

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As a new player, you’ll receive a generous bonus of 1,000 points to kickstart your journey.

The gameplay of Holiday Solitaire Party is based on the classic solitaire game.

Therefore, you will need to create sequences of cards in descending order and alternating colors.

Then, move all the cards to the foundation piles, starting with the Aces and ending with the Kings.

Holiday Solitaire Party gameplay

You’ll earn points whenever you expose a new card from the tableau.

However, to add the points to your balance, tap the ‘claim’ button and watch a sponsored video.

Developers commonly use this tactic to increase their profits through advertising revenue.

After all, people are more likely to do something if they feel they will gain from it. 

Tapping the dollar sign on the game will trigger even more coin rewards. 

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Additionally, you’ll get the chance to flip four cards, watch the video, and receive more points or iPhone 14 fragments.

In the Challenge Activity section, you’ll discover that reaching your goal within the activity time will earn you an iPhone 14 Pro.

But two conditions must be met: collect 100 fragments and complete 50 games. 


How to Withdraw Your Funds

As you know, you must reach 5000 points to be able to withdraw $500. 

Simply tap the “Redeem” button at the top of the screen and choose from the five available options: PayPal, Amazon, Cash App, Google Play, and Steam.

Then, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the transfer to complete, right? 

Well, not really! 


Is Holiday Solitaire Party Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Unfortunately, Holiday Solitaire Party does not fulfill its supposed commitment to pay out. 

It’s like countless fake money games! This is a recent solitaire game that I reviewed in this blog. 

The game gradually decreases your earnings as you get closer to the 5000 points target. 

Once you near 4,990 points, you will get mere fractions of points – yes, even less than 0.3!

I also noticed that the “Double” button became unresponsive, forcing me to choose the “claim” link instead. 

This frustrating tactic ensures players are trapped in a long cycle of playing and watching videos. 

Eventually, you will reach 5000 points and press that shiny redeem button. But then, a common bait-and-switch tactic kicks in. 

You must now watch 30 videos within 72 hours to activate the order or pay a $0.69 fee. 

Yes, folks… They want to make profits one way or another! 

If you’re one of the countless players who have fallen for this trick, know you’re not alone! 

Millions of people are playing fake money games and wasting precious time hoping to cash out. 

Final warning: Avoid Holiday Solitaire Party at all costs! 


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Holiday Solitaire Party review! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. 


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