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Fun Difference Review – Fake? Exposing Their Hidden Agenda

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Welcome to my Fun Difference review!

Today, we dive into Fun Difference, another Android enticing players with huge cash prizes! 

I found this game through an oh-so-tempting advertisement: no deposits needed, $20 for signing up, and a whopping $10 every 10 minutes of gameplay.

And the cherry on top? You can enjoy it ad-free and cash out instantly via PayPal! 

With a staggering number of fake money games flooding the Play Store, can Fun Difference be the exception?

Is it legit, or is it another modern tool to exploit your time? Stay tuned as we’ll determine if this game truly pays or simply plays us for fools.

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Fun Difference Review 


  • Name: Fun Difference: Spot It
  • Developer: DengX team
  • Price: Free (no financial risk)
  • Type: Entertainment 
  • Payout threshold: N/A
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What is Fun Difference? 


Fun Difference is an Android game that lets you rake in virtual dollars while testing your keen eye for detail. 

The game presents you with a pair of nearly identical images, challenging you to spot subtle differences between them.

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Tap the spot where you find a discrepancy, complete the level, and voila! Cash rewards are yours to claim, or so they say!

And the best part? It’s completely free to play! 

But to withdraw your funds, you must pass through five levels and wait for the 10-hour countdown. 

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How Does Fun Difference Work? 


Fun Difference can be easily installed from the Play Store and doesn’t require registration. 

Once downloaded, you are greeted with a quick tutorial to help you conquer level 1 in no time. 

The gameplay is simple: just tap on the image where you spot a difference, and the level is completed once you find them all. 

But here’s where things get interesting. Upon completing the level, you’re awarded a PayPal bonus worth $1 to $5. Nice, right? 

But wait, there’s more! Tap the button and watch a sponsored video to increase your bonus by 3. It seems like a dream come true! 

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And if you feel stuck, hey… what another commercial to reveal where should be your next move. 

What out for too many errors! If you tap on several wrong places, you will be prompted to watch the video or restart the game. 

Have you noticed the developers are using a clever strategy? Entice players with virtual cash rewards to keep them watching more adverts. 

The more videos you watch, the more profit app developers make. But if everyone is making money, who pays the price for this cash bonanza? 


How to Withdraw Your Funds? 

So, you’ve played Fun Difference and accumulated a small fortune in virtual cash.

But how do you withdraw your funds? Well, that’s where things get a bit more complicated! 

Within the 10-hour countdown, players must complete a series of tasks to be able to cash out. 

The first task requires you to complete five levels and earn a 10% bonus. Easy peasy! 

The next one requires that you find 30 differences to approve the order and snag a 20% bonus.

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There are additional requirements lurking in the shadows, each designed to keep you playing and jumping through hoops.

Players become more skeptical with every new task. Are these withdrawal requirements just a clever way to expose players to a perpetual cycle of get-rich-quick adverts? 

That’s what we will find out in the next section! 


Is Fun Difference Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! So before you fall for the hypnotic temptation of virtual cash rewards, here is the red pill:

The app is designed to make players jump through hoops only to flood them with sponsored videos. 

As the countdown gets closer to zero, you might think you’re about to get your rewards.

But the truth is, they’ll keep adding new requirements until you realize the payout is a mirage! 

It might look like an excellent opportunity to make quick money, but it only works for the developer. 

He is the one who truly profits, raking in revenue from advertisers while players are stuck in a never-ending cycle of tasks. 

So, don’t waste your precious time on a game that only frustrates players! 


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Final Words

I hope my Fun Difference review was helpful to you. Please share your experience with the app in the comments section below, and let’s continue the discussion! 


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