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Flip to Win Review – It Will Make You Flipping Mad!

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Welcome to my Flip to Win review!

I came across an intriguing advert yesterday and couldn’t help but share it with you guys. 

It features a generous woman dressed in red, asking people on the street if they need money. 

Well, who doesn’t? But anyway…

She then advised a janitor to download Flip to Win, play once, and get a $300 cash bonus.

The guy looks at his phone with excitement and says he won $100 in just one minute of gameplay! 

It gives the impression that making money with Flip to Win is easier than stealing candy from a baby. 

Over 100k people have installed this application with hopes of making real cash. 

But does it actually pay? Is Flip to Win Legit or another trap designed to waste your time? Let’s find out! 

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Flip to Win Review 


  • Name: Flip to Win
  • Developer: Rebuild Go
  • Membership Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free 
  • Overall Rating:0/5


best money app

What is Flip to Win? 


Flip to Win is a simple game where you flip the bottle over the obstacles and collect cash rewards.

It’s operated by Rebuild Go, the same developer behind Crazy Balls, Water Puzzle Captain, and other money games. Check out my Crazy Balls review! 

In this easy-to-play game, you must tap the screen to shoot the bottle and avoid it from falling on the floor. 

The goal is to hit the finish line while collecting banknotes, amazon cards, and puzzle pieces along the way. 

And of course, just like all money games, you will be enticed to watch lots of adverts. 

As you advance, you will be offered cash incentives that can be withdrawn after meeting the cashout requirement. 

If you collect enough puzzle pieces, you can also claim incredible gifts, such as iPhone 13 and MacBook Pro. 


 How Does Flip to Win Work? 


You can install Flip to Win on your Android device via the Google Play Store. 

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The game involves flipping the bottle and collecting rewards until it hits the finish line.

Every time to tap the screen, the bottle will flip in the air and travel a short distance before landing on tables, sofas, and other surfaces. 

flip to win gameplay

Therefore, you will have to tap twice to achieve a larger distance and prevent the bottle from falling on the ground. 

If it does, you can start over or watch a commercial and revive where you stopped. 

You will collect virtual dollars, Amazon cards, and puzzle pieces as you flip the object. 

You will also get a generous reward after you hit the finish line. In that case, you will be enticed to click the button and watch the sponsored video. 

Giving virtual cash incentives is a smart tactic developers use to maximize their own revenue. 


Withdrawing Funds

To cash out from Flip to Win, you must have reached the minimum payout requirement of $400 or collected 1000 Amazon cards.

Download Freecash App 3

Then, go to the cash-out page and choose your preferred payment method. Six options are available: PayPal, Amazon, AliPay, Worldpay, and more! 

Finally, select the amount your wish to withdraw and submit your account email or number. 


Is Flip to Win Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! Flip to Win doesn’t reward players for flipping bottles, so their cash prizes are totally fake! 

I want to emphasize that only the developer benefits from the game, as he gets paid for video views. 

The developer is collecting all the money from advertisements and giving you “bananas”!

Well, if only real bananas were the prize, it would be much better than nothing. 

However, you will be left empty-handed despite your commitment to collecting virtual cash in this game. 

But it gets even worse! After trying to cash out $400, a pop-up window appears requesting approval. 

To approve the order, you must pass 12 levels in 7 days. 

It takes little time to complete those levels and realize you are now on a waiting list behind thousands of players. 

You must wait your turn before you can receive the money. But, again, this is nothing but a lame excuse to keep you in the illusion of making easy money. 




Despite its simple graphics and mechanics, I found Flip to Win an enjoyable game to kill time. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that virtual cash incentives are not real by any means. 

Instead, they are only used in the game to lure players into watching countless adverts with big smiles on their faces. 

So, if you are playing with the expectation to cash out, now is the time to uninstall Flip to Win. 

That’s why I would rename the game to “Flip to Help the Developer Win”! 


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Flip to Win review. I hope it was helpful! 

 If you have played the game, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.  


best money app
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